vrijdag, november 18, 2011

Night Of The Glob!

Night Of The Glob! Scenario for No More Room in Hell

No one suspected any terror in the bright streaks across the deep blue canvas of the midnight sky as meteorites fell from the vault of space onto earth. In fact, many came out to see this cosmic display, unknowing what otherworldly horrors lay dormant in the space-born rocks. It wasn't until the first garbled telephone calls and hysterical radio broadcasts aired that the terror was discovered, a thing beyond earthly comprehension. This thing, this Glob, was devouring everything and anything as it oozed across the scarred landscape of humanity. The Glob came to earth and it came hungry, hungry for life, hungry for food! As hope dwindles against this seemingly invulnerable terror, desperate survivors struggle to escape its amorphous maul. Who can escape The Glob?!

Night of the Glob puts you, the Survivor, in a world of Science-Fiction Horror! Using the No More Room In Hell rules from Iron Ivan Games, players lead their rescue teams into Fenixburg to rescue Survivors and gain Military Intelligence. This 15-page, illustrated PDF includes four different U.S.M.C. teams, a custom Found Survivor chart, Hidden Encounter system, a complete study of the Glob, and a How To section for creating your own Globs for on your table. When you go in, will you get out?! Beware the Glob!

Available now as a PDF download from Iron Ivan Games for $5.00 USD.