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VIGAMUS - Videogame Museum Rome


The first real Videogame Museum, supported by the civic authority of Roma Capitale: works started


AIOMI, the Movement for Videogame Culture, announces the starting of the final works for the realization of the first real Videogame Museum, VIGAMUS - The Video Game Museum of Rome, which will open to the public on October 20th, 2012.

Supported by the civic authority of Roma Capitale and located in the centre of Rome, in a space of about 1,000 square meters, VIGAMUS is the first real Videogame Museum in Italy. VIGAMUS will offer a permanent exhibition which will tell the story of Videogames, promoting them as a form of art and culture thanks to seminars, conventions and thanks to the collaboration with the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. Moreover, to the interactive room, it will be possible to play again the old titles on console or PC, and have a look straight into the future with the new futuristic technologies of the videogames world.

The first Videogame Museum in Italy is finally coming”, says Raoul Carbone, CEO of VIGAMUS. “I believe that October 20th will be a very important day for all the Italian gamers”.

VIGAMUS will become an important center for the promotion of the Videogame culture”, added Marco Accordi Rickards and Eliana Bentivegna, Director and Scientific Responsible of VIGAMUS. “Thanks to the participation of EFGAMP, the European federation of museums, archives and projects for the preservation of videogames, the Museum will be part of an important European network”.  

Gamescom opens Hall 11 as exclusive entrance for private visitors with advance purchase tickets

Gamescom opens Hall 11 as exclusive entrance for private visitors with advance purchase tickets

  • Number of entrances for private visitors increased from three to four
  • Orders of tickets bought in advance can enter Koelnmesse halls more quickly 
  • Demand for tickets is great with numbers limited - especially for Saturday 
  • Admission tickets once again supplied with tickets for the Rhein-Sieg and Ruhr public transport network

"There's great demand for the gamescom 2012 tickets," said Tim Endres, gamescom's Project Manager, summarising advance sales of the tickets.
In order to organise the entry and admission of visitors to the world's largest trade fair and event for interactive entertainment in Cologne in the best way possible, Koelnmesse will be providing an additional entry point in the form of Hall 11. In addition to the usual three entrances - North, South and East - Hall 11 will be used for the first time as an exclusive entrance for private visitors with advance purchase tickets. From the Messe/Deutz railway station, Hall 11 is located to the right next to the established South entrance to the Koelnmesse. There will be no ticket sale counter in Hall 11. Advance purchase tickets are not only up to 25 per cent cheaper, but will also allow private visitors to exclusively enter the fair halls more quickly on any of the fair days.

The new entrance will have a positive effect on the admission process, particularly on the Saturday of the event, the day of the fair with the most visitors arriving Following the presale offer, the opening of the ticket shop on the website and the start of the advance ticket sales with partner Saturn, gamescom has currently sold four times as many admission tickets than it had on the same day (14 May) of the previous year. More than 100,000 access codes to the ticket shop were sent to registered fans alone as part of the presale offer. Tens of thousands of tickets have already been issued for each day of the fair. Ticket numbers are limited and highly sought after for Saturday in particular by visitors travelling from afar. 276,000 visitors experienced the 2011 gamescom in Cologne.

In addition to the considerable visitor interest, gamescom also continues to grow with respect to the number of exhibitors, the amount of exhibition space and its international direction. In addition to traditional PC and console gaming, the fair is also the only one in the world to cover all segments of the interactive entertainment market - from online and browser games to mobile and social gaming.
Tim Endres comments: "In light of the growth in exhibition space, the high number of exhibitors, presentations and spectacular worldwide and European premieres, we expect that visitor numbers will once again be very high this year. The numerous advantages of buying tickets in advance make it far easier and more convenient to visit Cologne."
The ticket shop - with advance sale discounts of up to 25 per cent - can be found here.

For the hall plan, see  here

London Games Conference 2012

London Games Conference returns on November 21st


The changing rules of digital games and marketing will be laid bare at November's London Games Conference on Wednesday, November 21st.

Returning for its fourth year, the popular conference and networking event will once again examine emerging trends in the digital market, focusing on everything to do with discovery and distribution of online games, focusing on everything to do with digital discovery and distribution of games, covering both incumbent firms and the fast-growing new companies you've not yet heard of.

London Games Conference 2012 is run by Intent Media, publisher of leading games industry trade publications MCV and Develop.

The first 100 tickets are available from today at an early bird cost of £199. To attend, contact Hannah.Short@intentmedia.co.uk or call 01992 535 646.

The four-hour afternoon conference format returns, this time with extra presentation options during the after-event networking dinner for attending attendees.

For details on partner packages and sponsorship opportunities, contactLesley.Blumson@intentmedia.co.uk or call 01992 535 646.

A call for speakers has also opened today - contact Michael.French@intentmedia.co.uk for more details.

Previous speakers have included influential executives from the global games business including Mike Mauler (GameStop), Heiko Hubertz (BigPoint), David DeMartini (EA), John Clark (Sega), plus representatives of trend-setting digital games firms like PopCap, Jagex, Ngmoco and Miniclip.

Last year's popular audience-voting mechanic will also be part of proceedings.

"London Games Conference has established itself as the most incisive event looking at the changing digital games business," said Michael French, editor-in-chief of MCV and Develop.

"This year the event will focus on distribution platforms shaping the games industry such as Steam and iTunes, plus how games brands use social media, with best practice advice for Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

"We will also explore the marketing mysteries behind breakout hits like Minecraft and look at what the next step is for the console industry plus the challenges facing Nintendo, Sony and Xbox online."

Find out more at www.londongamesconference.com  

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Cyberathlete Summit Paris

Cyberathlete Summit

Shootmania Storm Trophy Presentation

The first Cyberathlete Summit, organized Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 by Oxent at the Espace Pierre Cardin in the Champs Elysées in Paris, will be dedicated to the next title from the studio Nadeo, the online multiplayers FPS "Shootmania Storm" for PC.

The concept is to bring together talented French and international players for a day, for an exhibition tournament played entirely on stage in front of a guest audience, and entirely broadcast on the Internet, with the support of jeuxvideo.com.

The format for the Trophy is the Shootmania’s Elite Mode, opposing 2 teams of 3 players in successive series of 1-versus-3 attack/defense, demonstrating the technical prowess and individual skill of the attacker and the strategic unity and coordination of the defense.

Le Trophy will oppose  3 French pro-gaming teams to  3 world-class pro-gaming teams, during 2 sessions:

Afternoon Session:  Saturday 23, from 2.pm to 6.pm
6 matches in Elite Mode, to rank the 3 French teams and the 3 international teams:
  • France  A vs France  C
  • Inter  A vs Inter   C
  • France  B vs France  C
  • Inter  B vs Inter  C
  • France  A vs France  B
  • Inter  A vs Inter  B
Night Session:  Saturday 23, from 8.pm to 11.pm
3 finals in Elite Mode:
  • France  #3 vs Inter  #3
  • France  #2 vs Inter  #2
  • France  #1 vs Inter  #1
The format will allow the French audience to cheer on their representatives, the major electronic sport groups to begin recruiting their champions, and players to show off both their individual talent and their team spirit.  The participation request form is now available so each team can announce itself, as part of a selection process that will close June 3rd. Each of the selected teams and players will be given access to the game by June 3rd at the latest, and their participation expenses in the Cyberathlete Summit paid for by the organization, with every player able to bear their sponsors during the event.

vrijdag, mei 04, 2012

Aliens: Colonial Marines Deploy at London Comic-Con

UK First Playable! Aliens: Colonial Marines Deploy at London Comic-Con

They come out at night, mostly... Visitors to this month's MCM London Comic Con will enjoy an exclusive UK first playable of the Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer, the highly-anticipated first-person shooter from SEGA and Gearbox.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will pit PS3, Xbox 360 and PC gamers against the universe’s ultimate alien killing machines, the Xenomorphs, in claustrophobic environments guaranteed to produce the blood-curdling thrills that the movie is renowned for. The game provides an exhilarating and engaging new chapter in the Aliens universe, featuring authentic environments such as the surface of LV-426 and Hadley’s Hope and weapons inspired by the movie franchise.

Aliens: Colonial Marines begins with an ostensibly abandoned ship, the U.S.S. Sulaco, recovered in orbit around LV-426. Players lead a group of highly-trained United States Colonial Marines as they board the deserted craft to uncover the fate of the crew. They will have to fight to survive unspeakable horrors and their own anxieties as they chase down the truth behind a galaxy-spanning deception that places humanity at the mercy of the most murderous and deadly species in the universe.

In addition to SEGA's Aliens: Colonial Marines, London Comic Con will play host to titles from top publishers such as Nintendo, Capcom, Tecmo Koei and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, as well as Gamespot UK's dedicated games stage.

To buy tickets to the MCM London Comic Con at Excel London on 25-27 May, please visit: https://www.mcmexpostore.com/store/

You can find more about London Comic Con at www.londonexpo.com ; on Twitter at www.twitter.com/mcmexpo ; on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mcmexpo  and on YouTube at www.youtube.com/mcmexpo 

Blood Vestals

Mireille Frenette of Raging Heroes announces: 
Our offices have just been invaded by countless hysterical warriors: the Blood Vestals (troops and command group) have arrived!

And we've very proud to quote what our foundry said about them:
We cast minis for companies from all over the world, and we see a lot of minis, but the details and sharpness of your Vestals are so incredible that all the guys gathered around the bench to check them out!
So, here we are, engaged in a frantic "pack-a-thon" from hell, since we must prepare over 8,000 small metal warriors to meet the enormous flood of pre-orders we received.
In two days, we've already packed about 2,500 (500 boxes), and this first batch was put int the mail today. We anticipate sending all pre-orders by next Monday.
If you have not yet ordered yours, please know that they are now in stock. Starting May 8, Blood Vestal orders (troops and command group) will be dispatched within 24 hours.
Once again, thank you for this tidal wave of pre-orders and for all the feedback you gave on these minis' sculpts. It allowed us to refine our work until the last moment, and made the Vestals our biggest success to date!
Remember that we are preparing other bad girls, such as our Mantis Warriors whose sculpture is nearing completion, and a sci-fi version of the Blood Vestal.

Renaissance Heroes (16th century FPS)

Fast-paced Online FPS Set in 16th Century Brings Back Classic Multiplayer Action

ChangYou.com (US) Inc.,  a leading publisher of online interactive entertainment in North America, today announcedRenaissance Heroes, a brand new online multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS). The game is set in the beautifully re-imagined world of the 16th century Renaissance Europe, and is expected to launch its closed beta phase in summer 2012.
ChangYou is teaming up with Bridea, the creative minds behind Huxley, to bring Renaissance Heroes to FPS fans in North America. The game, previously known as "DaVinci Online," combines classic multiplayer action with unparalleled visual realism powered by the Unreal Engine 3 technology to deliver the fun of fast-action shooters to a new generation of gamers.Renaissance Heroes invites players of all skill levels to experience the adrenaline-pumping action coupled with easy accessibility in a completely free to play environment later this year.
"We're excited to be collaborating with Bridea on Renaissance Heroes," said Dirk Metzger, VP of Publishing at ChangYou.com (US), Inc. "The team understands what it takes to create an awesome online multiplayer action game, and Renaissance Heroes represents the kind of unique, quality free-to-play games ChangYou is committed to publishing in the North American market."
"Renaissance Heroes is all about old school, arena-styled FPS gameplay," said Michael Powers, Senior Producer at ChangYou.com (US), Inc. "Whether you're a long-time FPS player or just looking for a great, fun way to blow off steam, this game offers all the intense action of the classic shooters."
Renaissance Heroes takes place in an alternative history in which famed inventor Leonardo da Vinci has created a machine that could change the world. In the wake of his death, the plans for the mysterious invention have been scattered, and warring factions vie to claim them. Features of the game include:
  • The beautifully re-imagined world of the 16th century Renaissance period powered by the advanced Unreal Engine 3 technology with characters, weaponry and locales all elegantly designed to reflect the regal atmosphere of the time.
  • Competitive multiplayer environments of up to 12 players, including popular game modes such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. The game features a comprehensive ranking system as well as over 100 unlockable achievements!
  • A roster of playable heroes, each with their own unique visuals and abilities to suit different play styles.
  • An arsenal of over a dozen of Renaissance-inspired weaponry familiar to any FPS fan. Snipe opponents from a distance with the crossbow or crush them at close range with a battle hammer.
  • Enhanced A.I. bots, in-game currency and experience reward system provide challenges to level up your character.
For more information on Renaissance Heroes and to sign up for the upcoming closed beta test, please visit the official website atwww.RenaissanceHeroes.com.
The official trailer may be found at http://youtu.be/5dDj7ZTccNo   


The Realm of Managore had started to change in the last month and this was noticeable to its inhabitants. The changes were gradual, but were important and this made the folk even more aware of them. With every passing day the curiosity of the people, as to what will happen, grew. The fear of the unknown had started to turn in to curiosity and expectation for the unexpected.

It all began one late afternoon, when even the last to rise inhabitant of the realm had heard the chilling news. The time was near when brave warriors would leave for the dragon’s cave in a hunt for his head. After a few days of preparation all the guilds entered the adventure. Nine keepers stood in the way between the warriors and the dragon. Natural selection took its course and only one guild continued on the road to greatness.

The cave was no longer guarded and one after the other all entered – Orcs, then Elves, then Undead. All other guilds were gathering around in wait for the outcome of the battle. All were hoping that the land will finally be free from the tyranny of Managore. After days and nights of fighting and many turns of events, finally the first of the victors started leaving the cave. They had freed the realm and had the dragon’s head to prove it. It suddenly became clear to everyone that life will be better from now on. Managore has always been the rules of this land and it was inevitable that a new one will rise to power. This end set a new begging for a land where things will never be the same again.

And so welcome to a new Managore realm – where fantasy can become reality, where there are evil adversaries and good friends, where nothing is the same.
The Guilds now have their own levels and specialties that affect the development of each member.

Donating resources to the Guild has become one of the main ways actively contribute to the community.

The new arena duels gives more possibilities, more assets and most importantly – more fun.

Now you will have a new option available – to compete for weekly rankings as well as round rankings. And there are six of them, ranging from “most battle points gained as attacker” to “most resources spent on buildings”.

Of course, this is only a small part of what is waiting for you in the realm of Managore. Join now and be a part of the magic!