zaterdag, juni 09, 2012


Aztek-TV has been suspended after the interwebswatchdogs found a link towards the bittorrent for "Parasite Eve" in one of the folders on the server. They're on their way to arrest us now. 
We'll be back IF we survive 2 jolts of the electric chair.

Till then:

zondag, juni 03, 2012

Airship "The Raven"

Publisher: DramaScape

DramaScape Fantasy Volume 04

Game Masters need quality maps for their miniatures. DramaScape is committed to bringing Game Masters the maps they need.
This product includes a sky pier, two upper airship decks, and two lower airship decks.
The sky pier can be attached as an add-on to a mountain or a tower, depending upon where the airship's base is located at.
The two above-deck versions are one with four cannons and one ballista, and another one with three ballistae.
The two lower-airship decks have passenger/crew bedrooms with space for cargo, and passenger/crew bedrooms with the cargo space changed to a slave-pen area. This allows the Game Master to print out the two upper decks and lower decks. You can then mix and match the pieces to makeThe Raven.

Besides the standard airship-to-airship skirmish battle, there are a ton of other adventure possibilities. One is that the group is hired to protect The Raven carrying cargo between two sky docks. Perhaps pirates, air elementals, flying creatures, or even Dragons attack them in the air as they travel. Or maybe the pirates wait till they land at the sky dock to make their move and attack them while they are moving cargo from the ship to the dock. You could also have the player characters hired to infiltrate a sky dock and sneak on board The Raven and "liberate" the cargo. Maybe the player characters are even shocked to find out that their "cargo" was actually slaves. Of course, there could always be a twist. Perhaps these aren't slaves, but are instead criminals, criminals that the player characters have just released, and now need to recapture in order to clear their names and their consciences.

This module makes a great addition to any high-magic fantasy setting where airships are in use.
You can either print it out with our easy-to-print instructions or use in any VTT software.
This map product is a full-color, 48 x 30 inch, airship.
The ZIP file includes VTT images for your online gaming needs. All the section are in png format for individual placement.

Price: $3.99 USD

Star Wars 1313

LucasArts Drops Gamers into the Criminal Underworld with New Mature Themed Videogame Franchise,  Star Wars 1313TM

LucasArts, a Lucasfilm Ltd. company, announced a new internally developed videogame franchise,  Star Wars 1313™
The game will make its formal debut at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles June 5-7. As players take control of a lethal bounty hunter in a never-before-seen dark and mature world,  Star Wars 1313 introduces an integrated development approach by bringing together great artists across the Lucasfilm organization, including LucasArts, Industrial Light & Magic, Lucasfilm Animation Ltd. and Skywalker Sound. A third person cinematic action adventure game,  Star Wars 1313 will bring to life the Coruscant underworld, the most dangerous place in the  Star Wars™ galaxy.

Named for Level 1313, a ruthless criminal underground deep below the surface of the planet of Coruscant, the game puts players in control of a deadly bounty hunter as he uses an arsenal of exotic weaponry to hunt down his marks and uncover the truth surrounding a criminal conspiracy.  Star Wars 1313 emphasizes epic set pieces and fast-paced combat with a hero who uses human skills and gadgets, rather than supernatural Force powers, to make his way through this dangerous world.

"We're excited to share one of the projects LucasArts has been hard at work developing," said Paul Meegan, President, LucasArts. "Star Wars 1313 dives into a part of the Star Wars mythos that we've always known existed, but never had a chance to visit. We are committed to bringing the best gameplay experience and visual fidelity to life and I truly believe the work we are showcasing at E3 will speak for itself."
More details about  Star Wars 1313 will surface in the coming months.

Visit: for the latest updates.

Atomic Super Humans Deluxe

Publisher: Radioactive Press

Atomic Super Humans just got bigger and better with an all new 140-page deluxe-edition rulebook! This updated and expanded rulebook features new classes, new powers, and enough optional rules to help simulate nearly any superpowered battle.
Atomic Super Humans is a turn-based combat game for two or more players, set in a world where superpowered humans must decide if their gifts should be used for the good of mankind or for their own personal gain. Atomic Super Humans gives players complete control over the creation of their character. Players can create an existing character from popular media or one from their own imagination. The possibilities are endless. The object of the game is to stop the opposing superhumans before they stop you.
Atomic Super Humans is a stand-alone game that can also be used as an expansion for any other Toy Battle System game.

Price: $9.99 USD