dinsdag, november 08, 2011

GNGWC 2011 Grand Final to be held in G-star, Bexco

GNGWC 2011 Grand Final to be held in G-star, Bexco

The Grand final of the 6th GNGWC 2011(Game & Game World Championship 2011) is finally coming out.

On November 13th , total 54 global gamers elected through Germany, U.S, Thailand and others, will be participated in the Grand Final of GNGWC 2011, held in Busan BEXCO.

Especially, the 19 countries that participate in this year, recorded the largest participating nation ever. France, Germany, U.S., Spain, Japan, Russia etc.

54 global gamers from 19 each countries will have a big match on honor of world champion with 27,000 dollars. In case of, ‘Shot online’ that has always chosen as regular game for 6 years will have a big match between last champion and this champion. ‘War rock’ and ‘Ace online’ chosen as regular game are expected to present a special interest itself.

In addition, a variety of promotion will be there during G-star period including 13th in the game convention center. ‘Ace online’ , ‘War rock’ and ‘Shot online’ will have a promotion in order form on November 10th to 12th.

Meanwhile, various recreations with the celebration performance of ‘Sunny hill’ sang the O.S.T ‘The best love’ drama will be prepared on the game day. In addition, prize lottery is scheduled, and the winner of draw will receive ‘iPhone’, ’iPod touch’, ‘luxurious head phone’ and others.  

The 6th GNGWC is world's leading game event held by Korea Creative Content Agency (herein 'KOCCA') as one of global promotion and marketing tools for Korean online game which has been serviced overseas. This event has produced many world champions through Grand Final at the 'G-Star,' the Asia's largest game show after distinguishing local winners which were separated via local qualifiers in various places such as North America, South America, Europe and East-south Asia, etc.

Official Games of last GNGWC were 3 games such as ShotOnline (OnNet), Atlantica (NDOORS), Silk Road Online (Joy Max) and the qualifiers held in USA, Brazil, Taiwan, Germany and Korea. About 65,000 gamers had participated and it's enough to show the huge interest of game fans on Korean online game.

This year's games are also 3 including Ace Online (MASANG SOFT), War Rock (Dream Execution), and ShotOnline (OnNet). Gamers can join the online qualifier through each game developer's global servers.

Ace Online, an online full 3D fly shooting MMORPG selected as Official Game of GNGWC 2011 for the first time this year is based on the battle of flying shooting game and the new type of fusion MMORPG absorbed advantages of flying shooting game and RPG properly with the RPG's growth system, role sharing, and quest depending on scenario.

The tournament was held at the existing arena map (for PVP) and it lasted for 15 minutes with 1:1 match using the participant's own characters and skills.