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Housemarque Releases Self-Funded Dead Nation DLC Road of Devastation

Housemarque Releases Self-Funded Dead Nation DLC Road of Devastation

Independent Finnish developer Housemarque, the critically acclaimed studio behind Super Stardust HD, Outland, Dead Nation and the upcoming Furmins, have today released the first DLC for 'PlayStation® Network exclusive smash hit Dead Nation in North America. The “Road of Devastation” DLC offers gamers new gameplay content and challenges both in single player and co-op modes. The DLC will be released on September 28th in Europe and other available regions.

"Road of Devastation” DLC was continuously in the development since the launch of the original game for over eight months. This represent as the single biggest development effort on DLC Housemarque has done to further support a game after the release.

“After the initial release of the game, we talked with Sony and made a unique arrangement to bring the DLC to the market. We funded the development and Sony published the additional content," says Housemarque CEO Ilari Kuittinen. “We certainly hope that our fans will appreciate our efforts as we think ‘Road of Devastation’ DLC offers hours of fun for both veteran and novice Dead Nation players.”

Dead Nation DLC "Road Of Devastation" will present you with a variety of new tools and equipment to dispose of your enemies, while introducing new enemies and obstacles encountered in unique new environments. Since the launch of the game, Dead Nation has been a top selling PSN title having fans all around the globe. After being included in the Welcome Pack offering, the game has reached over 3.8 million downloads.

The DLC is priced at $3.99 and pricing for other territories can be found in the local PlayStation stores. The DLC contains both single and co-op modes (offline and online) and add new Trophies as well. Further news and details on “Road of Devastation” DLC can be found on our facebook page
www.facebook.com/DeadNation and our website www.housemarque.com.

The Witcher 2 version 2.0 arrives tomorrow

The Witcher 2, version 2.0 changelog
CD Projekt RED just revealed the full list of changes coming to The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings in the release of the new and improved version 2.0. Keeping its promise to deliver new content to fans and players with ease, comfort and no strings attached, 2.0 adds major improvements to the game free for all new and existing users! It will become available on 29.09.2011 via automatic update for everyone. Version 2.0 introduces the usual plethora of technical fixes and enhancements you've come to expect from a Witcher 2 update, but, it also offers three totally new game modes to increase ease of play, replayability and extra challenge.

Arena - a new gameplay mode that is separate from the main adventure and narrative of The Witcher 2. In this mode, Geralt of Rivia duels a variety of foes to the death in a gladiatorial arena located in an unnamed town somewhere in the Northern Kingdoms. In addition to winning gold and valuable items, players also receive points for their wins. They can then post their point totals on-line to compare their achievements against those of other blood sport enthusiasts around the world. Geralt can encounter both foes and allies in the arena. He can recruit the latter for a fee to assist him during his most challenging clashes.

Tutorial - the game tutorial takes the form of a brief adventure during which players learn how to use a range of game mechanics and functionalities. Assuming the role of game protagonist Geralt of Rivia, players save a wounded knight named Bolton of Ironford while learning game controls as well as the basics of combat and alchemy. This transpires step by step as the tutorial guides players through a series of minor missions. Upon completion, based on demonstrated abilities, the tutorial recommends the difficulty level which the player should choose in embarking on the main adventure of The Witcher.

Dark Mode - The ‘Dark’ difficulty setting is the most demanding difficulty level in gameplay terms. Under this setting, each and every foe represents a significant challenge. In addition to raising the difficulty bar, the module includes several new sets of equipment/items that are linked through a dark legend detailed in the Journal. Once all their components have been collected and donned, the Blasphemer’s, Oathbreaker’s and Kinslayer’s outfits provide great advantages in combat. The swords included in the outfits strip opponents of Vitality while supplementing the witcher’s. However, given that they are cursed, the swords provide no benefit and harm Geralt by sapping him of Vitality as long as the outfits to which they belong remain incomplete.

Meanwhile you can have a look at the full list of changes from the upcoming update:

Corrections and improvements to combat:

• Numerous improvements have been made in the targeting system.
• Parrying is now unlimited (even when Vigor is completely depleted), though parries no longer cancel all damage (maximum 50% reduction once the relevant ability has been acquired).
• Responsiveness of game controls has been improved. This includes but is not limited to casting Signs, parrying, and attacking immediately after evading an opponent’s assault.
• Geralt’s attacks are no longer interrupted by attacking opponents. Attacks are now contiguous and foes cannot interrupt Geralt’s attacks by landing a blow.
• Assorted fixes now prevent opponents from incessantly attacking Geralt after he has been knocked down. Geralt can no longer be knocked down repeatedly in quick succession. Also, he rises quickly while evading subsequent attacks.
• Geralt no longer attacks opponents located behind other opponents positioned nearer to him.
• The target locking system has been improved. Preference is now given to previously highlighted targets.
• Target selection has been improved. Priority is now given to foes affected by a critical effect facilitating the completion of a finishing move.
• The additional two steps Geralt took after mounting an attack with the W, S, A or D key depressed have been eliminated.
• Attacks can now be continued even when a key controlling Geralt’s movement (e.g. W, S, A, D) is depressed.
• Attacks can now be continued if the attack key is depressed immediately after the final strike of an attack animation sequence.
• Geralt can now pivot 180 degrees immediately after completing an attack.
• Assorted problems with key responsiveness have been resolved. Keys no longer need to be depressed twice or more to trigger a given action.
• A distance attack problem has been resolved. Geralt now mounts distance attacks (lunge with sword in hand in the Fast style) when opponents were located at a suitable distance from him.

Other corrections and amendments:

• Casting several bombs no longer blocks further inputs.
• An option has been added to the configuration tool enabling aspect ratio to be set independently of resolution.
• The amount of disk space required for game patching has been reduced.
• The loading of selected Witcher 1 game saves no longer causes the game to crash.
• A greater number of monsters now appear in the cave leading to Loc Muinne.
• Improvements have been made in the manner in which monsters are spawned in the mist in Chapter 2.
• The visual effect accompanying Adrenaline use no longer disappears prematurely.
• Archers now draw their swords more quickly when Geralt approaches.
• Mages no longer automatically cast shield spells when Geralt casts daggers at them.
• The game is now paused when Geralt executes a finishing move in combat.
• The troll in Chapter 2 has been corrected. Previously, in some circumstances he could not be attacked.
• Physics on cast daggers have been improved.
• The site for aiming daggers is now more visible.
• Geralt’s animation when he dies while casting the Axii Sign has been corrected.
• An exploit in the fight against Letho has been eliminated. Previously, this foe could be killed by casting bombs in quick succession.
• An exploit related to the ‘Insane’ difficulty setting has been eliminated. Previously, game saves could be loaded with difficulty set to this level, which was contrary to design intentions.
• Camera positioning/operation has been corrected during the boss fight against the kayran.
• Camera control via gamepads has been improved.
• Assorted adjustments have been made in mutagen statistics.
• The ‘Junk’ filter in the Inventory has been adjusted to provide for correct item filtering.
• In the Inventory, the dialogue window warning of prohibited actions has been corrected.
• Assorted corrections have been introduced to the mini-map in Chapter 1.
• Audio balance throughout the game has been adjusted.
• Erratic character teleportation in mini–games has been eliminated.
• Assorted adjustments have been made in animations applying to nekkers.
• A minor bug in the “Scent of Incense” quest has been resolved.
• Numerous minor fixes have been introduced in character lip-sync throughout the game.

All of the fixes from previous patches are included in the version 2.0, along with all the DLCs released before.

World Cyber Games sponsored by Samsung – UK tournament winners announced

Following FIFA 11 and Tekken 6 finals held at Eurogamer Expo, 8 finalists have won their way through to European and World events

London, UK, September 28th, 2011 – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd having recently announced its sponsorship of the World Cyber Games (WCG), is pleased to announce the UK winners of the FIFA 11 PC gaming tournament and Tekken 6 console gaming tournament of the WCG. Samsung invited all gamers to take part in the WCG UK tournaments at Eurogamer Expo, 22nd-25th September at Earls Court, London.

Competitors battled through the qualifying rounds on a packed Samsung stand at Eurogamer Expo. In the PC final of FIFA 11, played on the Samsung TA950 computer monitor, Adam Winster from Preston was victorious in the final playing as Inter. Cristina Wong took the Tekken 6 console tournament title in true girl power style using character, Julia Chang’s, Kung-Fu moves to full effect. Both scooped a Galaxy S II and will be heading to the European event held in Warsaw, Poland from 6th–9th October. Team UK will then go on to the World Finals held in Korea in December to battle it out for the WCG 2011 Champions title.

The winners at Eurogamer Expo join the winners of the PC tournaments held at the Insomnia 43 Gaming Festival, which ran from 26th-29th August at the International Centre, Telford. The full WCG UK team is:

Mark Dennett, Ben Farrimond, Joseph Hill, Scott Musgrove, Iain Sully - League of Legends Champion

Samayan Kay - StarCraft® II: Wings of Liberty™ Champion

Adam Winster - FIFA 11 Champion

Cristina Wong - Tekken 6 Champion

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3éme Festival de la Bière Fantastique 2011

3éme Festival de la Bière Fantastique 2011

24 et 25 septembre

L'étrange Musée d'Art Fantastique de Bruxelles a le plaisir de vous annoncer la troisième édition du Festival de la Bière Fantastique qui se déroulera en ses murs ces 24 et 25 septembre !

Cet événement offre à ses visiteurs l'occasion d'entreprendre une surprenante expédition familiale au pays des monstres et des bestioles tout en dégustant de savoureux breuvages aux connotations fantastiques.
Au menu: découverte de dix bières belges aux étiquettes ou aux noms inquiétants pour les grands monstres, et, dégustation d'étranges potions à base de jus de fruits pour les vieilles mamies. Vos papilles régalées, vos autres sens ne seront pas délaissés. Les amateurs d'art et les fans de fantastique seront ivres de bonheur lors de leur visite du plus atypique des musées bruxellois. Les petits diables se régaleront de leur promenade sur Dumbo-Robot et tous s'esclafferont devant les projections de vidéos cocasses... Fantastique, non ?
La sélection des bières est faite en fonction d'un nom, d'une appellation, ou d'une connotation pouvant les relier au thème du fantastique; et non sur base du caractère de la boisson. Nous tenons toutefois à rester dans le cadre des bières de proximité (bières belges).

Informations pratiques

Où ?

Musée d'Art Fantastique de Bruxelles Rue Américaine, 7 1060 Bruxelles – Belgique

Quand ?

Samedi 24 septembre de 14h00 à 23h00 et le dimanche 25 septembre de 14h00 à 20h00

nb : le festival de la Bière Fantastique aura toujours lieu le dernier week-end du mois de septembre

Prix d'accès ?

Adulte : 6€ (avec un ticket dégustation pour une bière ou un jus de fruits)

-16ans : 4,50€ (avec un ticket dégustation jus de fruits)

Etudiant (min.16 ans), pensionné, carte jeune : 5€

Préventes :

Des préventes seront disponibles à partir du 1er septembre 2010 via notre site internet .

Ces préventes coûtent 10 euros et comprennent un carnet de huit dégustations et une entrée gratuite au Festival, visite du musée comprise.

Grand tournoi de Mijole dans le cadre du Festival de la Bière Fantastique au MAF

Le jeu de la mijole est un jeu d'adresse ouvert à tout le monde. Il se pratiquait dans les cafés du centre de Bruxelles; et, c'est depuis plusieurs années que la famille Carpentier, (dessinateur du célèbre Poje), nous la remet au jour.

Ce samedi 24 et dimanche 25 septembre: dans le cadre de la troisième édition du festival de la bière; vous pourrez venir vous entraîner, et vous qualifier à notre grand concours. Il vous sera aussi loisible de visiter notre exposition permanente du musée d'art fantastique; et, pour vous mettre dans l'ambiance du concours, voici un petit historique et le règlement :

Règlement de la Mijole. Du moins, c'était celui auquel on se référait dans le bistrot "Le millénaire", où on jouait à la mijole sur la place du samedi, à côté de la grand place de Bruxelles, il y a 25 ans...

D'après ce qu'on m'a raconté, (mais que je n'ai pu vérifier). Ce jeu était joué par les maraîchers bruxellois, dans les bacs qui leurs servaient à couper les épinards, début du siècle passé.

Les joueurs sont placés derrière une ligne située à 2,5 mètre de la ligne coupant le trou de la "mijole" .La partie se joue en 6 lancés de 6 jetons par joueur.

Après le lancé des 6 jetons, chaque jeton qui est dans le trou est comptabilisé à 3 points. Ceux qui touchent la ligne transversale 2 points. Ceux qui sont dans le bac,1 point; et, ceux qui sont hors du bac, moins 1 point.

Soit pour 1 lancé: de -6 à +18 points.Le vainqueur est celui qui totalise le plus de points après 6 lancés.

Samedi 24 entraînement de 14 à 23h Dimanche 25 septembre Qualification à partir de 14 h.Finale vers 18 h.


Musée d'Art Fantastique de Bruxelles
ouvert de mai à septembre | les samedis et dimanches de 14 à 17h
 7, Rue Américaine - 1060 Bruxelles - Belgique
 +32 (0) 475.41.29.18


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Anima: Call for entries

Anima 2012, Brussels:
It is time to subscribe...

Anima 2012, the International Animation Film Festival, will take place in Brussels,
Belgium, from February 17 to 26, 2012. This 31st edition will present the international
production of animated films, within the international competition for commercials,
music video, short and long feature animation films, as well as retrospectives, exhibitions,
lectures, a series of "pro" encounters (Futuranima) and workshops.
Every year the festival is attracting more than 35.000 people, professionals, journalists,
students as well as a large local audience of children and adults.
Deadlines : Entry Forms + DVD for previewing your production(s) = October 15, 2011Film print (in case of selection) = January 27, 2012
Entering the productions is free of charge!

Visit our website for downloadable entries for Anima 2012, the rules and general
information over the festival:



Preview Code & New Screens Now Available

Can’t wait to grab your trusty sword and hack the Dark Forces to pieces? No problem, as preview code is now available for Grotesque Tactics 2: Dungeons & Donuts for PC. By simply replying to this email, we’ll set you up with the code so you can be one of the first to revisit and tell your readers about the new adventure with protagonist Drake and his rag-tag bunch of unlikely heroes, as they battle to bring down the elusive Dark Forces. 

Grotesque Tactics 2: Dungeons & Donuts will be available this fall via digital download on Steam and other channels. For more information, please visit

About Grotesque Tactics 2: Dungeons & Donuts
The story of Grotesque Tactics 2: Dungeons & Donuts begins as the citizens of the Kingdom of Glory celebrate their victory over the Dark Church. While in the catacombs of their former enemies, their revelry is disturbed by a sudden all-encompassing fog. Those that remain alive after the strange attack, barricade themselves in the depths of the catacombs. As time passes, food becomes scarce and the people of the Kingdom of Glory begin to realize that they might all meet their demise. The ‘heroic’ Knights of Glory, shady mercenaries and the arrogant high elves band together into guilds in order to survive and escape the dank catacombs. Unfortunately, the guilds are far too concerned with their distaste for each other, thus allowing for an awakening of dark forces in the dungeons below.

Hunchback APC

The Agency Hunchback APC is now available in store.
Priced at £21.49 GBP, this 28mm 'scale' vehicle is ideal as a sci-fi APC for most 28mm figures.
It comes with two alternate turrets and multiple options for those turrets (2x quad missile tubes and light cannons, 1x light AT gun, 2 x missile pods).
Designed by Jed, with thanks to Nick Constantine for the original inspirational concept art.


Length ~ 140mm
Width ~ 63mm
Height ~ 48mm (without turret/weapons)

Resin body
Resin wheels
Resin turret
White-metal weapons


Demonworld's elfs

We are pleased to announce the first release of Elves for Demonworld. Releases include Wood Elf archers, spearmen and skirmishers, High Elf infantry and Dragon Rider, Unicorn and Pegasus cavalry.

4301   Wood Elf Archers (32)                £13.00 GBP4301A  Wood Elf Archers (10)                £4.50 GBP4302   Wood Elf Spearmen (32)               £13.00 GBP4302A  Wood Elf Spearmen (10)               £4.50 GBP4303   Wood Elf Skirmishers (24)            £10.00 GBP4303A  Wood Elf Skirmishers (10)            £4.50 GBP4304   Wood Elf Heavy Infantry (24)         £10.00 GBP4304A  Wood Elf Heavy Infantry (10)         £4.50 GBP4305   Wood Elf Hunters (24)                £10.00 GBP4305A  Wood Elf Hunters (10)                £4.50 GBP4307   Wood Elf Female Unicorn Riders (12)  £14.00 GBP4307A  Wood Elf Unicorn Riders (5)          £6.00 GBP4312   Wood Elf Pegasus Riders (6)          £15.00 GBP4312A  Wood Elf Pegasus Rider               £2.50 GBP4314   High Elf Heavy Infantry (30)         £14.00 GBP4314A  High Elf Heavy Infantry (10)         £5.00 GBP4317   High Elf Dragon Rider                £15.00 GBP4318   High Elf Avandril Bellir (12)        £6.00 GBP4319   High Elf Galorea (12)                £6.00 GBP4320   High Elf Til Dolandor (12)           £6.00 GBP


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Max Payne 3

Rockstar Games, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., is proud to announce that Max Payne 3 is expected to launch on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and PC in March 2012 in North America and Europe.

Max Payne 3 gave us an amazing creative opportunity to evolve one of our most iconic characters,” said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games. “We’re excited to show fans a modern version of Max that pulls them back into his dark and twisted story.”

Max Payne 3 continues the tale of former New York City detective, Max Payne. Still haunted by the memories of his traumatic past, Max begins a new life working private security protecting a wealthy industrialist and his family in Sao Paulo, Brazil. When gangs target the family under his protection, Max is forced to fight to save his clients and clear his name, in a bid to, once and for all, rid himself of the demons that have tortured him for far too long.

Picking up where the release of Max Payne 2 from series creator Remedy Entertainment left off, Max Payne 3 is a true cross-studio collaboration between Rockstar Games’ global development teams. The game utilizes cutting edge technology for a seamless, cinematic action experience, incorporating the latest advances in Natural Motion physics and a brand new iteration of Rockstar’s own Rockstar Advanced Game Engine. The result offers highly-refined gameplay, with an extensive range of realistic weaponry, an intelligent cover system and sophisticated Bullet-Time mechanics.

In addition to an expansive single-player campaign, Max Payne 3 will be the first title in the series to introduce an addictive multiplayer experience. Max Payne 3’s multiplayer aims to deliver a compelling experience that dynamically alters maps and mode progression for all players in a match. Along with traditional multiplayer modes, Max Payne 3 will also include a deep reward and leveling system, persistent clans and multiple strategic load-out options.

For fans looking for a new way to enjoy the classic Max Payne, Rockstar Games is happy to announce that Max Payne will receive the full HD treatment for mobile devices. Available for the first time on mobile, Max Payne will have connectivity to the Rockstar Games Social Club and boast the same features as its PC counterparts - including HD graphics and high-resolution textures that take advantage of the latest mobile technologies, including incredibly customizable controls and support for wired controllers.

Max Payne 3 promises to delivers a dark, gritty action experience that is sure to satisfy newcomers and fans to the historic franchise.

For more information, log onto

Weird War 2

WWE, what is it?

Weird War 2 - Start with the inherent weirdness of World War II, add the public fascination with the new science being unleashed around them, and top off with the popular pulps and comic books of the day - and you have set the stage for Weird War II. Welcome to the Weird War, a no-holds-barred clash of chaos in which Combat Walkers stride the battlefields, Yankee Rocketmen blaze through the skies, and rayguns reduce tanks to glowing scrap metal.

Here's what's included:

  • Some actual technology history
  • Fantastic technologies
  • Weird Science unit and vehicle lists
  • Special or expanded rules
  • General rules on creating your own Weird Science campaigns
  • Sample scenarios that may be fought head-to-head with players taking opposing sides, cooperatively against the game or solo as either side
PDF            $20 USDPrinted Copy*  $25 USD plus shipping
* Includes a PDF copy as well
NUTS! War Without End (WWE) is a supplement for the game NUTS! 2.0 by Two Hour Wargames. A copy of that ruleset, as well as gaming implements and miniatures, is required to play.

Filmfreak Anime september realeases

De Filmfreak Distributie heeft het genoegen de eerste anime-titels
voor september aan te kondigen.

19 september releases:

Akira (Geremasterde versie) van het label Dybex
Garden Of Sinners Film 6 van het label Kaze
Witch Hunter Robin Compl. Coll. van het label Beez

Het Filmfreak Team

19 september releases:

CAP: 19.95 euro

2019, Tokio is vernietigd in de Derde Wereldoorlog. Op de grondvesten
van de vernietigde stad verrijst Neo-Tokio, een duistere stad waar
rebellen en motorbendes de dienst uitmaken.

In het grootste geheim houdt de regering in een ondergronds complex
drie kinderen met bijzondere gaven vast. Wanneer een van hen weet te
ontsnappen, wordt ze aangereden door Tetsuo. Tetsuo wordt
gevangengenomen door de militairen die hem onderwerpen aan
wetenschappelijke experimenten waardoor hij bijzondere krachten
krijgt. Wanneer Tetsuo wraak wil nemen op degenen die hem onrecht
hebben aangedaan, dreigt de zaak uit de hand te lopen. Er is maar een
persoon die hem kan stoppen: de held Akira.

Het meesterwerk van Katsuhiro Otomo.
Akira is de film die anime-geschiedenis schreef.

Deze film is lange tijd (4 jaar) niet meer leverbaar geweest in
Nederland en Belgie. Maar dankzij Dybex is de meest bekende anime ter
wereld wederom leverbaar in een geremasterde versie.

Kijkwijzer: 16 jaar.

DVD details: Japan, 1988, 120 min, Japans 2.0 & 5.1, 16:9, Nederlands
en Frans ondertiteld.

Garden Of Sinners Film 6 (DVD + CD)
CAP: 29.95 euro

Zesde film van deze populaire reeks:Oblivion Recorder.

In The Garden of Sinners is Mikaya Kokuto geïntrigeerd door zowel de
schoonheid van Ryougi Shiki als de vreemde serie gewelddadige moorden
in zijn stad. Deze twee blijken op een supernatuurlijke manier met
elkaar verbonden te zijn. Ryougi Shiki heeft namelijk na een zwaar
auto-ongeluk en twee jaar coma, het vermogen gekregen om ‘de lijnen
van de dood’ te zien.

Een aanrader voor al wie van bovennatuurlijke anime houdt, met
animatie van een hoog niveau.

Extra: Originele soundtrack op aparte cd.

Kijkwijzer: 12 jaar.

DVD details: Japan, 2008, 57 min + 30 min soundtrack, Japans & Frans
2.0 & 5.1, 16:9, Nederlands en Frans ondertiteld.

Opgelet: Franse Inlay!!!

Witch Hunter Robin Complete Collection (6DVD)
CAP: 39.95 euro

Witch Hunter Robin vertelt het verhaal van het STN Japan (STN-J) team,
dat de bevolking moet beschermen tegen hedendaagse heksen. STN-J is
een subdivisie van een Europese organisatie genaamd Solomon, die op
basis van hun afkomst individuen met de vereiste genetische aanleg
voor hekserij volgt en waar nodig hun STN teams laat ingrijpen
alvorens de eventueel nog latente vermogens de gewone bevolking schade
kunnen berokkenen.

De reeks start op het ogenblik dat Robin arriveert op het STN-J
hoofdkwartier om een teamlid te vervangen dat tijdens een opdracht om
het leven gekomen is. Ze is een jong meisje, 15 jaar oud, afkomstig
uit Italië en ze heeft het vermogen vuur op te roepen en te
manipuleren (Pyrokinese). Maar STN-J kent, zoals de meeste geheime
organisaties, ook zijn politieke spelletjes en achterdocht. Sommige
leden hebben hun eigen agenda en proberen die ten allen koste voor
Solomon verborgen te houden.

Deze box bevat de complete serie, 26 afleveringen.

Extra's: Concert video, interviews, Karaoke, karakter-files..

Kijkwijzer: 12 jaar.

DVD details: Japan, 2002, 750 min, Japans & Frans 2.0, 4:3,
Nederlands, Engels, Frans en Duits ondertiteld.


Arrietty - Cecile Corbel (CD)

Onlangs brachten we de Soundtrack-CD van de Ghibli film Arrietty uit.

Deze cd is enkel verkrijgbaar via Sonic-Rendezvous.
Meer info en bestelmogelijkheid vindt u via hun website:



Morgen wordt in De Grote Kerk in Breda de Marten Toonderprijs aan Peter Pontiac overhandigd. Jan Kruis, de winnaar van vorig jaar zal de oeuvreprijs van 25.000 euro uitreiken. Dit is meteen het startschot voor Stripfestival Breda dat Breda 3 dagen lang het middelpunt van het beeldverhaal zal zijn. Op maar liefst 8 verschillende locaties worden er tal van activiteiten georganiseerd.


Het hart van het festival is de stripbeurs in het Chassé Theater. Daar zijn de striptekenaars, uitgevers en standhouders te vinden. Ook vind je daar veel attracties voor het hele gezin, waaronder een springkussen, schminkstand, karikatuurtekenaars, workshop striptekenen, knutselhoek, stripveilingen, stripquiz, happy hour, presentaties en nog veel meer.


De lijst van stripmakers is oneindig lang. Een kleine greep uit de meer dan honderd tekenaars en schrijvers: Dick Matena, Martin Lodewijk, Eric Heuvel, Willem Ritstier, Jorg de Vos, Romano Molenaar, Carry Brugman, Mark van Herpen, Dick Heins, Gerben Valkema, Eric Hercules, Fred de Heij, Willem Ritstier, Danker Jan Oreel, René Uilenbroek, Uco Egmond, Pieter Hogenbirk, Marq van Broekhoven, Herman Roozen, Mars Gremmen, Gerard Leever, IJsbrand Oost, Ger Apeldoorn, Sytse Algera en Henk Kuijpers signeren in Breda.


Stormtroopers, Robots, Manga meisjes, Zombies, Monsters, Knuffeldieren en Marq van Broekhoven als Jodocus de barbaar, je kunt het zo gek niet verzinnen of je loopt ze wel tegen het lijf. In het Chassé Theater maar ook daarbuiten zorgen ze voor het spektakel dat bij Stripfestival Breda hoort.


Op vrijdag is de uitreiking van de Marten Toonderprijs in De Grote Kerk van Breda. Deze feestelijke gebeurtenis is echter alleen voor genodigden. Op zaterdag is de kerk wel voor het publiek geopend i.v.m. Open Monumentendag en dan is er ook een kleine tentoonstelling van werk van Peter Pontiac te bezichtigen.


In de Euretco Foyer in het Chassé Theater organiseert Henk Kuijpers een bijzondere Franka verkooptentoonstelling, waar het complete artwork van het album Het zilveren vuur te bewonderen is.

PETER PONTIAC - COMIX, HOTPIX & TRAGIXDe tentoonstelling Comix, Hotpix & Tragix in het Graphic Design Museum geeft een overzicht van het werk van striptekenaar Peter Pontiac. Hij is de tweede striptekenaar die de Marten Toonderprijs ontvangt. Deze oeuvreprijs voor strips is ingesteld door het Fonds voor beeldende kunsten, vormgeving en bouwkunst. Pontiac wordt internationaal geroemd. Hij heeft iets bijzonders aan de Nederlandse strip toegevoegd dat er nog niet was: een combinatie van schrijver- en kunstenaarschap. Muziek is één van zijn grootste inspiratiebronnen. Hij tekende als undergroundtekenaar zeer persoonlijke strips over liefde, leven, dood en drugs. In 2000 publiceerde hij Kraut, over het leven van zijn vader die Kriegsberichter was tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog en daarna roddeljournalist. Werk voor Kraut en vele andere originele tekeningen zijn te zien op deze overzichtstentoonstelling.


Op de KunstStripBeurs in het Graphic Design Museum verkopen striptekenaars zelf hun eigen werk: boeken, buttons, zeefdrukken, originele tekeningen, schilderijen, t-shirts en nog veel meer. Onder de 80 deelnemers o.a. Guido van Driel, Margreet de Heer, Erik de Graaf, Edith Kuyvenhoven, Nozzman en Gerrie Hondius. De KunstStripBeurs wordt georganiseerd in samenwerking met het Fonds BKVB.


Het artwork dat Fred de Heij voor Haas heeft gemaakt is te bezichtigen in Galerie Jan d'Art. De expositie omvat o.a. schetsen, lijntekeningen en olieverfschilderijen. Het artwork is tevens te koop.

WASCO TEKENTTekenaar Wasco is één van de best bewaarde geheimen van de Nederlandse stripwereld. Voortdurend is hij op zoek naar de grenzen van het medium. Hij publiceert zijn werk al jaren in eigen beheer. Zijn oeuvre is omvangrijk, want Wasco tekent dag in en dag uit. Ter gelegenheid van zijn tentoonstelling in het Graphic Design Museum tekent Wasco daar tijdens Stripfestival Breda op 10 en 11 september een paar keer per dag.


Strips maken vereist doorzettingsvermogen en je moet er ongelofelijk eigenwijs voor zijn, anders begin je er niet aan. Toch meldt zich een steeds grotere groep beginnende stripmakers. In deze groepstentoonstelling veertien jonge nieuwe talenten. Sommigen zijn vers van de academie, anderen hebben met steun van het Fonds BKVB net hun debuut uitgebracht of werken daar nog aan. In de tentoonstelling in het Centrum voor Beeldcultuur is een overzicht te zien van dit aanstormende talent.


In 2 weekenden (10/11 en 17/18 september) wordt in Electron een inspirerende ruimte opgebouwd met graphic novels, kunst, live painting, exposities, muziek, shop, poëtry, design, workshops, live printing AND more! Op 10 en 11 september staan de medewerkers van Electron live aan de drukpers en kun je samen met hen aan de slag. 's Avonds is er een stripfeest, wat een geweldige happening belooft te worden.


De entree voor de stripbeurs in het Chassé Theater is eur 8,50 voor volwassenen en eur 6,00 voor kinderen tot 12 jaar. Met de kortingsbon in deze Eppo krijg 1 euro korting op de entreeprijs.

De entree voor het Graphic Design Museum, De Grote Kerk (op zaterdag) en het Centrum voor beeldcultuur is gratis.

Openingstijden op beide dagen van 10.00 tot 17.00 uur

Voor meer informatie kijkt u op www.stripfestivalbreda.nl

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zaterdag, september 03, 2011

Fetish Project 26

Fetish Project 26, which will take place on september 3rd
On this occasion we will expose Manuele Da Cancaro and Cecilia Rowe
The expo will be held from 18:00 to 21:00 in free access on the boat and will start back up with a part of party at 22H00.
The party will finish at 6H00.
There will be no presales available in the afternoon on the boat thought to buy places in our many partners(more infos are available on the webpage on the subject).
Attention!!! the strict dress code will be applied some exceptions are finished. To have a pre-sale does not exempt you from the respect for the dress code.