woensdag, april 30, 2008

Necromancers, familiars & hellhounds

Available now - Paul Muller brings you the insane workings of his mind in the form of a crazy Necromancer (which can be assembled with a raven familiar or a skull magic-focus item) summoning the Undead from their graves. Ideal for RPG or army use, he'll fit on a 20mm base and bring a touch of class to any unit in your army.

Also from Mr. Muller are these adorable and evil Demonic Familiars, available individually at varying prices or if you buy them from Heresy directly, you can save a couple of pounds and get them all in one deal. I love the toad, but my favourite has to be the Evil Cat. British readers of a certain age will understand why.

These have been massively popular so far with people looking for a more dog-like hellhound than, say, a big lizard might look... this is the first set of these, and I've gone for a mainly spiky look to start with. There are four body variants and six random heads (one per HellHound supplied). The alien/lurker head makes them a nifty shoe-in for science-fiction beasties! Next up for me to sculpt is a three-headed Cerberus to lead the pack!

The HellHounds fit on cavalry bases, and can be ranked up easily for army use.
They'll set you back £4.50 GBP each. If you order 2 to 4 hounds, they'll cost £4.00 GBP each; but if you buy 5 or more, you can get them for £3.50 GBP each! A bargain for big metal figures in this age of increasing metal prices!

Source: Heresy Miniatures press release

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maandag, april 28, 2008

Samurai Warriors 2 & Romance of the 3 Kingdoms XI

PC Invasion Is Next On The Warriors Battleplan

KOEI unveils plans to expand further into the PC market in 2008

KOEI today announced the release of Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI and Samurai Warriors 2 on PC. Following on from the release of Warriors Orochi on PC earlier this year KOEI continues to bolster its PC line up with some in depth strategy from the award winning Romance of the Three Kingdoms series and spectacular battlefield action from the multi-million selling Warriors series. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI will be available to buy on July 25, 2008, and Samurai Warriors 2 will be available to buy on June 27, 2008.

We’re constantly striving to bring our games to as wide an audience as possible and our move into the PC arena is a very important step for KOEI in Europe.” Said Will Curley, Sales Manager. “The PC is an integral part of the games industry and we look forward to entertaining PC gamers with our unique brand of action and strategy. Games like Romance of the Three Kingdoms are perfectly suited to the PC with its mouse control and an environment where deep tactical gaming is so fondly appreciated. Samurai Warriors 2 on the other hand gives PC gamers the chance to experience an incredible series that has been entertaining console gamers worldwide with sales of over 15 million to date.”


From legendary video game producer Kou Shibusawa comes his next historical simulation masterpiece! Rediscover an ancient civilization with an explosive history in this most stunning edition of Romance of the Three Kingdoms to date. Set during the end of the Han Dynasty and the 2nd and 3rd centuries A.D., RTK XI presents the most visually captivating evolution ever seen in the history of the series. Featuring an artistic style evocative of classical Chinese ink-paintings, and with debates and duels now rendered in real-time 3D animation, RTK XI pushes the boundaries and blurs the line between video games and art in this stunning recreation of the mood and feel of ancient China.

Players will need to dig deep within to prove themselves adept at both the military and political arts in order to bring China under one rule. Domestic affairs, diplomacy and warfare are all conducted on a single vast 3D relief map, dramatically bringing to life the epic scale of the adventure that lies before them.

As the ruler of a kingdom, each player will have complete control over their territories. More than 40 base commands give players the power to govern cities, manage their personnel, practice diplomacy, and much more. Complete freedom to develop markets, shipyards, outposts, forts and military units expand on the already substantial benchmarks established by previous editions of the series. Finally, players will watch the era come to life through the unique individual personalities of more than 780 officers and supporting characters that they will meet and interact with while engaged in one of RTK XI's eight gripping scenarios.

For improved control over each military campaign, RTK XI's turn-based game play allows the player to plan their movements without undue time constraints, and then execute their battle tactics when ready. RTK XI also introduces an entirely new system for researching military techniques, as well as an Advanced Tactics System that allows players to drive or lure enemies into devastating ambushes. Skilled players will be able to link together tactics for maximum damage.


For anyone who thought attacks couldn’t get much more devastating or more spectacular than the fully charged Musou think again! Samurai Warriors 2 now gives you the chance to max out your Musou gauge not once, not twice but three times. This adds an exciting new element of strategy as players can choose between saving up their Musou potential until the awesome power of a three bar attack has been reached or using what you have at the time to get yourself out of a sticky situation. It’s now up to the player whether they can resist the urge to unleash their Musou for a quick explosion of power and wait for the ultimate in devastating battlefield power and pyrotechnics.

Extra spice has been added to the massed battles with the addition of a greater variety of enemy forces. Visually the troops will present a much more diverse spectacle so that different soldiers can be easily recognized and react with a multitude of additional animations. These more varied enemies will also offer greater diversity in attack with different squads preferring to attack in their own particular style making encounters far less predictable.

Levelling up has always been a big part of the Samurai Warriors experience but not until now have players been able to level up within a particular level. No longer will you have to wait until a mission has been completed to benefit from your characters newly acquired abilities. Now you can witness the benefits immediately and unleash your new abilities without any pause in the action.

However, it is not only through your combat abilities on the battlefield that you will be rewarded with an even stronger, more able warrior. You now have greater choice in just how you boost your character’s skills by also being able to level up by stealing from enemy officers under specific conditions and purchasing abilities with any gold you’ve managed to accumulate.

A brand new mode called Sugoroku is added to the usual array of play modes and challenges in the shape of a traditional board game. Except this board game isn’t just about rolling dice and moving pieces from square to square. Every single place on the board hides a specific challenge or battle that players will have to engage in in order to take control of that particular square. Up to four players can take part in this mode and it should provide a lengthy challenge as it combines elements of everything from within Samurai Warriors 2 all wrapped up within one totally unique board game experience.

Key Features

- 26 playable characters in all!

- 10 new warriors are ready for battle including the legendary Musashi Miyamoto, the unifier of Japan Ieyasu Tokugawa, and the enigmatic ninja Kotaro Fuma.
- Brand new fighting techniques for each warrior add much more depth to the battles.
- Set traps, summon ninja decoys, and more!
- For the first time players have the ability to power up their Musou gauge up to three times for some truly spectacular and awesomely powerful attacks!
- Now castle warfare blends seamlessly with field combat. Take control of castles on the battlefield to gain a significant morale advantage.
- Experience new tales in Story, Free, and Survival modes. Team up with friends for two-player Co-op play or compete with them at “Sugoroku,” a bonus party game for up to four players.
- Over 70 cinematic sequences supervised by Shinsuke Sato, director of the cult hit, “The Princess Blade” and new music from fusion artist Minoru Mukaiya.

Source: Koei press release

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Bunkers van papier

PaperTerrain continues to expand its range of fortifications. One of the most common types of gun positions on the Atlantic Wall was the 5cm gun bunker. This kit includes both the standard open bunker and the distinctive "Enfilade Bunker."

Two of each type of bunker comes in the kit, for a total of four bunkers. Each model includes the gun and mount (which can be made to rotate) and a crew.

The 10/12mm and 15mm kits cost $10.00 USD, the 20mm kit is $15.00 USD, and the 25/28mm kit is $20.00 USD.

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donderdag, april 24, 2008

Iron Sky - Opensource scifi movie

Openbronfilms kloppen aan Hollywood-deuren

Slechts een fractie van de mensen die ervan dromen om een volwaardige film te produceren, krijgt die kans in het professionele wereldje. Dankzij internet – en goedkopere filmapparatuur - creëren aspirant-filmmakers zelf hun kansen. Vanaf 5 mei kunnen we weer een resultaat van deze ontwikkeling bekijken.
Een preview van Iron Sky is vanaf die datum te downloaden. Iron Sky is een sciencefictionfilm, evenals zijn voorganger 'Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning'. Deze voor twintigduizend dollar opgenomen cultparodie is acht miljoen keer gedownload, sinds hij drie jaar geleden op internet verscheen. De makers hebben in Finland de filmstudio Star Wreck Studios opgericht en zijn de initiatiefnemers van de webdienst Wreck A Movie. Iron Sky komt hieruit voort.

Vriendelijke dictators
Op Wreck A Movie kunnen internetters samenwerken aan films. Het concept is hetzelfde als dat van het openbronfilmproject A Swarm of Angels, waarover ZDNet eerder schreef: de kracht van internetgemeenschappen gebruiken om op een betaalbare manier het Hollywood-model te omzeilen. Waar A Swarm of Angels echter in verre mate democratisch te werk gaat, werkt Wreck A Movie met 'vriendelijke dictators' (de productieleiders) om het tempo erin te houden.
Wreck a Movie zit nog in een alfafase. Er kan daarom momenteel alleen worden gesleuteld aan Iron Sky en het platform zelf. Deelnemers kunnen aan films bijdragen met ideeën en commentaar, en fouten in de webdienst zelf verbeteren. Zodra het project in een publieke bètafase belandt, mogen gebruikers ook hun eigen producties (zoals korte en lange films, videoclips en documentaires) gaan uploaden.
Door: Janneke Schepers
bron: ZDnet

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Final Fantasy IV (Nintendo DS)



London (24th April 2008)

Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of Square Enix® interactive entertainment products in Europe and other PAL territories, today announces that FINAL FANTASY® IV will be released across PAL territories in Summer 2008 exclusively on the Nintendo DS™ system.

FINAL FANTASY IV, one of the highest rated adventure games of all time, makes an impressive return on Nintendo DS. With improved 3D graphics, fully-voiced dramatic cut-scenes, an inspiring remixed score and additional content never before seen, there has never been a better time to immerse yourself in this masterpiece of interactive storytelling.

The game that broke the RPG moulds with its innovative Active Time Battle (ATB) system has been revamped, whilst keeping all the charm of the original release. The gameplay benefits from all the Nintendo DS capabilities and allows for a deeper and richer experience of a tale of exceptional heroes, inevitable betrayal, unforeseen redemption, endless love and colossal magic.

John Yamamoto, president and chief executive officer of Square Enix Ltd. comments, "FINAL FANTASY IV is a benchmark in RPG history. This improved version of FINAL FANTASY IV is a great opportunity for fans, old and new alike, to experience one of the definitive titles in the FINAL FANTASY series in an exciting and innovative new way".



Four elemental Crystals, each possessing the awesome power, lie scattered throughout the realm. However, men are quick to covet things which offer strength, and easily corrupted by the might which they possess…

Seduced by the promised power of the Crystals, the kingdom of Baron begins employing unprovoked force to seize them from peaceful nations. The dark night Cecil – Lord Captain of Baron's elite force, the Red Wings – is ordered by his king to obtain the Crystals, but soon begins to question the monarch's motives. Stricken with grief at his own actions, yet burdened by his loyalty to his country and his personal sense of honour, Cecil at last decided to turn from the path of darkness and destruction.

Enraged, he king accuses him of disloyalty, strips Cecil of his command, and sends him off to slay a mysterious beast that lurks in the nearby Valley of Mist. Cecil embarks on a fateful journey that will bring trials, betrayals, friendship, loss and self-discovery. Can Cecil open his eyes and become the man of honour that he must be?


One of the most loved FINAL FANTASY games ever made, returns with a full remake for Nintendo DS.

- A classic, superbly written adventure with heroes, betrayal, redemption, love and magic are awaiting you.

- Beautiful 3D graphics with a stunning hand-painted style and fully arranged audio immerse you into the world of FINAL FANTASY IV like never before.

- Superb gameplay now with all-round additions including Touch Screen control, enhanced Dual Screen usage, arranged boss battles, a dungeon mapping system and also the facility for characters to learn abilities from their friends.

- Fully-voiced cut-scenes, with high quality 3D characters maximise use of the hardware to set a new standard in Nintendo DS storytelling.

- New additional episodes let you explore the unseen lives of the main characters.

- Event Theatre bonus mode lets you replay any scenes that have already been viewed.

- Special new mini-game lets you nurture your own summon monster and battle a friend via DS Wireless Communications!

Source: Square Enix press release

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dinsdag, april 22, 2008


Seattle, Washington - Privateer Press has launched a special preview site for its Monsterpocalypse CMG, which will feature updates, artwork, coverage of playtesting sessions, and preview images of figures and game components. The site - monsterpocalypsegame.com - will also issue news regarding events and organized play, as well as product release information.
Coverage will be an ongoing countdown to the launch of Monsterpocalypse, set to release this fall, along with a comic mini series.
Monsterpocalypse is an action-packed strategy game of collectible miniatures for two players ages 10 and up, and features high-quality pre-painted plastic monsters, vehicles, and interactive city structures that impact and shape game play. The Monsterpocalypse CMG will launch with over 60 figures in the initial set, sold in randomized starter sets and booster boxes. Special figures will be available at events and through other promotions throughout 2008. Retailers can visit
here to sign up for an Advance Retailer Kit.

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THEY (fps)

THEY - Q&A April 2008

Question - THEY claims to be a “mystery first-person shooter” for PC, Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3. How do you create this feeling and what sort of techniques are used to provoke this sense of mystery?

The story-telling in THEY doesn’t influence the fast paced action of a FPS game – it has dynamic battles, a living environment and those bad creatures you have to kill. But the story has some issues common with plots of mystery movies! After some analyses we figured out that one key element, which transports mystery is the so-called dualism and this is what we will show in THEY. On the one hand you have a real environment, which everybody knows (London) – on the other hand some mysterious phantoms and you don’t know what they are. Another way is to build up characters’ credibility during the storyline, you feel positive with them, you trust them – and suddenly something happens, which topples your big picture! This is what the essence of mystery is and it’ll take some time to get an overall picture. For players this means, they have been aware of several surprises and nothing seems to be like it is in the beginning…

Furthermore you label THEY as a “Next Gen Title”, can you give examples what special technologies you refer to when speaking of next generation?

Next Gen Title is something more than just visuals. It's about the whole feeling, atmosphere, gameplay – it's a new level of immersion of the player into the game. It takes many technologies combined together to achieve such effect. From pure rendering techniques, through impressive physics, believable AI to comprehensive animation subsystems: They all make a game world more real than even before, and this is what we call “Next Gen” feeling.

You unveiled an interesting new FPS feature, which is called „Pimp my weapon“ or „Weapon tuning system“, what does that mean in detail?

What's so cool about FPS games? Weapons! In the history of games the numbers of weapons have raised from a few smaller weapons in the beginning and more in the past, up to a minor opportunity to edit weapons with an alternative firemodes or so. Now we just put another step forward, as we give players the possibility to create their own unique weapons for example at the beginning of each level. First of all it's NOT just about one gun you have. You can save - based on your weapons memory and the central generator your weapon owns - different setups of a gun where you have access to at any time. Never change what the player is expecting! Each configuration has two different barrels, the already introduced generator and what we call a gadget slot (for scopes and stuff). One barrel can be used as an Ak47, MP5, shotgun etc. while the second barrel is a launcher, plasma beam and so on just to give an example. So players can customize different weapon setups based on their choice or skill, while they collect the upgrade items for their weapon as they progress into the game!

The real important thing is that players have never been given so much freedom in creation before. They can build their own weapons and their imagination is the only limit, because the variety of customization is huge! You're even able to paint it in a way you like by using even external brushes like your picture or whatever you like. In THEY players are not only the audience of the game, they are also co-creators. By creating weapons a player becomes one of the game creators. It's a real game 2.0 feeling. Additional if someone doesn’t like to have fun with the customization ability, he/she will be given a typical set of guns by using auto-tuning. In this case the game does the customization itself in predefined directions like power or shooting speed. Being an FPS games fan, ask yourself a question: how cool would it be to create your own unique weapons? In THEY you can do this. And the interface is very simple and intuitive – everyone who sees it, gets the idea immediately.

How did you get this idea of your weapon tuning system?

Well the FPS genre didn’t change so much in the past, and as we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, we just wanted to enhance it a bit with some fresh ideas. Why not adding a feature, which is common in racing games and pure fun for almost every player? So the idea developed from players desire to be able to have the weapon of their dreams, and not just another weapon a developer is offering them grateful and that is not so much different from other games. So it is fresh, it is unique and it is fun! It is some way of Game 2.0 feature with user generated content.

THEY is playing in good old England. Why did you choose the UK?

It is in the London area, because this is the landscape, which is known to most people in the world. No other city has so many landmarks and known buildings. Everybody in each part of the world knows Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge, Subway system and many other things, while Berlin, Paris or New York have not so many different known landmarks to offer. Beside that everybody, who visited London really likes the city – so why not play and act there in the future as a real hero?

Where the hell do these evil robots come from?

This is one of the main questions the player will face in the single player campaign of THEY, and it is one of the most surprising answers when you will play and continue the solo player mode. But if you like mystery series like Lost or Heroes – would you like to know the end of the overall series before even seeing the first episode? So we will not say where THEY come from, what THEY want…we only want to mention, that we NEVER said in the past, that THEY are aliens …

Will the main character fight alone, or will he receive reinforcements from time to time? If he will be accompanied, what he’ll have to do in the squad? Follow or maybe issue orders?

THEY is a first person shooter – not an always alone person shooter – expect here and there some story based events - but hey, it's Mystery FPS! You'll find out while playing the game and we don’t want to tell you all the fun upfront.

Beside the stunning single player campaign you will find a long lasting and highly motivating multiplayer part, where new game modes will be introduced beside the usual death match, team death match, capture the flag and so on.

What goals do you have for the multiplayer?

The goals for multiplayer are strictly related to the weapon customization. What we aim for is to create new cool modes and we want to achieve it by using the strengths of the weapon customization. Imagine death match where players are equipped with their own special dedicated weapons or team death match with players having unique guns so they can use their own created tactics and it all thanks to the weapon customization. Clan members would be able to paint weapons in their own style recognizable for other clans. We are also thinking about modes based on collecting weapon parts.

As the game is using consoles, which can feature Full HD - are you targeting full 1080p or 720p like most recent releases?

It's too early to say this. At the current development stage we are more focused on implementing gameplay issues on consoles, but of course we are looking forward to achieve 1080p with a good frame rate to make THEY a real experience to the audience! But if the frame rate will not fit our (and the players) expectation, we will downgrade to 720p, as we are quite sure players out there are more interested in a full frame rate, than full HD. But we work hard to feature 1080p.

Why did you decide to program your own engine? What makes your in house technology superior to a technology, which can be licensed like Unreal Engine 3?

When using an external engine we are limited to some level. Having our own engine we have full control over every single feature. We can adjust it best for our game needs and fit the technology to desired gameplay, not vice-versa. Thus it is the decision to build up THEY with our own technology.Will the game feature physics that influence gameplay or are the physics just used to have even more eye candy?Of course we use it not only for eye candy. Movable and destructible objects may hurt enemies and the player as well i.e. when a destroyed wall falls down on an enemy. Paths through a level may vary from each other depending on what has been destroyed by the player; of course it must be limited to some reasonable level. Dynamic environment can be used by goal oriented AI. Naturally eye candy in terms of physics is also nice and it adds a realism element.

Actually the graphics system in THEY is created in a way that allows building up levels from A to Z from destructible objects. It means that you can destroy almost all you want, not only scripted objects, but we limited the system to some reasonable levels because what would gameplay look like if you would be able to crush all environment around you? Destroy all and walk to exit? That's why buildings can be damaged, but their “frame” will stay – mostly ;)

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vrijdag, april 18, 2008

Skeletal Demon / Boney Balrog

Skeletal Demon now up on Iron Wind Metals webstore.

Up to now, only available in their Direct Mail Order Catalogue. Product number DF-770. $6.00 USD each.
This mini will fit with most 25-30mm figures. Could also be used for a really big demon in 15mm.

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woensdag, april 16, 2008

Game opleiding voor ouders

Ouders krijgen smaak van gaming te pakken?
Op dinsdag 8 april 2008 ging de DreamLand ‘Academy for Parents’ van start met speedcursussen gaming voor ouders. Uit een onderzoek uitgevoerd door IPSOS in opdracht van DreamLand bleek immers datte weinig ouders interesse hadden in de leefwereld van hun kinderen: 3 op4 van ouders die niet gamen, verklaarden er niet in geïnteresseerd tezijn. Een gemiste kans om de leefwereld van hun kinderen te leren kennen.
Zodus startte DreamLand met enkele spoedcursussen. Een succes: de ouders ontdekken het plezier van social gaming en er gaat een nieuwe wereld voor hen open.
Bekijk de reacties van enkele ouders in dit filmpje van een spoedcursus.
Er zijn nog enkele vrije plaatsen voor de DreamLand ‘Academy for Parents’
De DreamLand Academy for Parents organiseert speedcursussen inverscheidene DreamLand-winkels over heel België, telkens van 19u30 tot21u30.
Voor meer informatie en inschrijving: www.dreamland.be
Locatie en data
DreamLand Groot-Bijgaarden: woensdag 16 april / donderdag 17 april
DreamLand Doornik: dinsdag 22 april
DreamLand Erpent: woensdag 23 april
Bron: persbericht Dreamland-groep


maandag, april 14, 2008

Dragonblood releases

Dit weekend is het in London weer Salute, de grootste & belangrijkste wargame/miniaturenconventie van Europa. Iedereen plant belangrijke releases in voor dit weekend... Maar wie naar London trekt en terugkomt zonder 1 van de miniaturen die The Lone Brushman AKA Eric Louchard maakte in zijn Dragonblood-line mag gerust het schaamrood op de wangen krijgen... ze zijn te vinden op de Artemis Black-stand.

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dinsdag, april 08, 2008

Palmares BIFFF 2008

De winnaars van het 26e Brusselse Internationale Festival van de Fantastische Film zijn bekend.
De Golden Raven:
13 Beloved
Regie: Chookiat Sakveerakul (Thailand)

De Silver Ravens:
Regie: Stuart Gordon (USA)
Regie: Jaume Balaguero & Paco Plaza (Spain)

Een speciale vermelding ging naar:
De Pegasus Publieksprijs ging eveneens naar [REC]
De Zilveren Méliès voor beste Europese productie was voor: Frontière(s) (Regie: Xavier Gens, France)
Prijs van het 7e Spoor was voor: The Aerial ( Regie: Esteban Sapir Argentina)

De favorieten van Aztek-TV waren ondermeer: Doomsday, The Cottage en [oREC]
En geloof het of niet, maar aan een Amerikaanse remake van [REC] wordt al gewerkt...

Trailer [oREC]

Trailer Doomsday

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8e Elf Fantasy Fair - Celts & Creatures

Niet minder dan 25 000 bezoekers lokte de Elf Fantasy Fair vorig jaar naar Kasteel de Haar wat van deze conventie het grootste fantasyevenement van het Europa maakt.
Gedurende één weekend veranderen kasteel en landgoed in het magische land Elfië, vol orc's, tovenaars, draken, ridders, vampieren, elfen en eenoorns. Voor deze 8e editie werd de conventieoppervlakte met de helft vergroot om plaats te bieden aan geheimzinnige locaties met welluidende namen als: Celtic Woods, Field of Honour, Manga Square, Gothic Romance, Witches Circle, Classic Fantasy en Medieval Road.
"Het wordt spannender en groter dan ooit," meldt hoofdorganisator Stefan Struik opgewonden, "stel je voor: een elf op een eenhoorn naast een Keltische boudicca die een 120 man sterk leger aanoert tegen orken en monsters. Voor het eerst organiseren we een online verkiezing van de koning en koningin van Elfië. Ter ere van hen wordt er een Fantasy Parade gehouden met de 100 mooiste kostuums van het evenement."
Een echt internationaal allure krijgt de conventie dankzij hoog bezoek van kunstenaars, acteurs en schrijvers. Zo maken alvast de volgende namen hun opwachting: Ian Whyte ( "Aliens vs Predator"), Shane Rangi ( "Narnia", "LotR"), Robin Hobb ( "Farseer"), Peter Pracownik ( Dragon Art), Julie Bell en twee kunstenaars wiens namen we beter niet vermelden om te voorkomen dat onze fotograaf de ganse dag naast hen doorbrengt: Chris Achilleos en enige echte Boris Vallejo.
Een kort overzicht van activiteiten & bezienswaardigheden:
* Een werkende trebuchet (katapult die werd gebruikt tijdeens middeleeuwse belegeringen)
* Een Stone Circle van 3m50 hoog
* Toneelstuk uit Terry Pratchett's Dicworld-reeks genaamd: Maskerade
* Tentoonstelling & demonstratie van Aziatische krijgskunsten & wapens op de Manga Square
* Show met de dieren (roofvogels, honden,...) die door Anderwelt werden getrainded voor films
* De eenhoornmerrie Silver en de paardenfluisterende pixie geven interactieve optredens & lezingen
* Achter de kapel en bovenop de oude crypte is de begraafplaats van Gothic Romance te vinden
* Concerten in de stijl van middeleeuws, folk, keltisch en trad. Onder de vele muzikanten vinden we ondermeer de Bretoense harpiste Cécile Corbel, het Duitse Schelmisch en onze eigen Belgische balfolkgroep EmBRUN die net zoals hun Nederlandse tegenhangers van Lirio voor een weide vol dansenden zullen zorgen.
* Fantasy slavenmarkt... eens kijken wat we ons kunnen aanschaffen. Een paar redactie-elfjes zouden handig zijn.
* Kinderriddertoernooi met houden wapens en in een echt kasteel
* Kampementen van larp'ers & reënacters met demonstraties, initiaties en uiteraard shoppingmogelijkheden
* Voor de 3e keer wordt de grote larp veldslag georganiseerd. Dit jaar vechten Romeinen, Saksen, Picten en Kelten het onderling uit.
* Midden-Aarde-kampement door de Duitse groep Fellow-Ship. 13 tenten, alle rassen en verschillende personages uit de Lord of the Rings-boeken & -films.
* Plaats voor spiritualiteit dmv fora, lezingen en stands voor geïnteresseerden in Natuurreligie (Hekserij, Wicca, Paganisme, Druïden)
* Vele duizenden bezoekers in prachtige kostuums en cosplays.
Overload... critical overload...
het is inderdaad verschrikkelijk veel om te zien, horen, voelen, ruiken en beleven...
Open: 10u-19u
Locatie: Kasteel de Haar, Haarzuilens (Utrecht), Nederland
Dagtickets: 9€75 (kind 3-11 jaar), 19€50 (volwassene)
(kortingen bij voorverkoop)

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Alone In The Dark 'Sinister Sightings' Photo Competition

Alone In The Dark 'Sinister Sightings' Photo Competition Now Live

Xbox 360 Console and Original CD Soundtracks Up for Grabs on Official Website

'The ‘Sinister Sightings’ photo competition is now live on the official Alone in the Dark website www.CentralDark.com and will run until 26 June. Open to visitors from Europe, US and Australia, the competition invites intrepid photographers to upload their original photos of creepy and bizarre scenes witnessed in parks onto the photo gallery for the chance to win soundtrack CD’s and ultimately an Xbox 360 console.

Online voting will determine the photo of the week, with each winner receiving an original Alone in the Dark soundtrack CD. Composed by Olivier Deriviere and featuring the Hungarian choir, The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices, the soundtrack to Alone in the Dark is a haunting and powerful score, the perfect soundtrack to an unsettling late night walk in the park.

The photo with the most votes by close of the ‘Sinister Sightings’ competition on 26 June will win the grand prize of an Xbox 360 console. To find inspiration and view, upload and vote for photos of scary sights, visit www.CentralDark.com.

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Dead Wake: Participate in Designing a Zombie Game

Participate in Designing a Zombie Game
Dead Wake (www.DeadWakeGame.com) zombie survival game's new version beta 3 version is released and available for download.
Jyvaskyla, Finland - April 8th, 2008
Dead Wake (www.DeadWakeGame.com) zombie survival game's latest beta version is now available for download. Beta 3 has a little taste of survival horror for zombie fans to try. Gamers are invited to give feedback and participate in the Dead Wake development process.
Dead Wake game has been developed in cooperation with the gamers. In each release, players have given ideas as to what needs to be improved, the development team had used the best advice to improve the game. After 3 beta releases the development team is ready to take the next step: finalising and polishing the Release version so that it is ready to hit the shelves in June 2008. Players can see a release date timer on the DeadWakeGame.com website.
Players are welcomed to vote and give their ideas on how the game should be improved at the Dead Wake community forums (www.DeadWakeGame.com/forums).
For additional information on Dead Wake game, visit www.DeadWakeGame.com
Source: Polycount Productions press release

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zaterdag, april 05, 2008

Mutants and Death Ray Guns

Mutants and Death Ray Guns is a fast-paced, skirmish-level, post-holocaust, science-fantasy miniature system for two or more players. Based on the popular Song of Blades and Heroes-mechanics, the rules are simple and, above all, fun.
After 200 years of war with nuclear and biochemical weapons, new races compete for supremacy over a scorched Earth. Pit your band of after-the-bomb desperadoes, mutant humanoids, sentient plants, robots, androids, hyper-evolved animals and zombie-like Wretched against the dangers of a wasted world. Face irradiated terrain, contagious diseases, aggressive life forms and malfunctioning equipment. Collect artifacts, find food, fight over scarce pools of uncontaminated water, and save your resources, because in the harsh post-apocalypse world every energy cell, every ration and every drop of water means the difference between life and death.
Have you got what it takes to survive?

Designed for fast-play, you can finish a battle in 30-45 minutes; play a mini-campaign in one evening!
Play with any single-based miniature, in any scale.
Inexpensive and Convenient: play with as little as four miniatures per player. The game requires little space - a 2'x2' table is enough!
Uses three sticks for easy measurement of movement and ranges!
Includes five factions: Humans, Androids, Mutants, Robots, Mutated Plants, Mutated Animals, and the disease-ridden Wretched!
40 pre-generated characters and six scenarios included.
Complete rules for physical and mental mutations along with rules for power armor, high-tech weapons and psionic powers!
Campaign Rules: your characters become better fighters, gain new mutations and equipment after every battle.
Also includes a list of manufacturers of suitable miniatures.

Note: This is a complete, stand-alone product. Purchase of Song of Blades and Heroes is not necessary.

Buy the PDF (40 black-and-white pages and color covers) by sending a $8.00 USD PayPal payment to andreasfiligoi@gmail.com, or buy a printed copy on lulu.com/songofblades.
File is sent by email - make sure that your mailbox can take a 3.5 Mb attachment.

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vrijdag, april 04, 2008

BIFFF - Kortfilm "Les 2 soeurs" valt in de prijzen

Op de Belgian Film Day van het Brusselse Internationale Festival voor Fantasy Films viel de kortfilm "Les deux soeurs" van regisseur Emmanuel Jespers zowaar tweemaal in de prijzen.
Zowel de geldprijs van SACD/SCAM alsook de eer van de Prijs Michel Devillers gingen naar dezelfde inzending.
Regie : Emmanuel Jespers
Met: Emilie De Preissac, Pauline Burlet, Patrick Ridremont, Serge Swyssen, Anne Pascale Clairembourg, Helle Fink, Lars Fink, Dorian Jespers, Laurie Jespers, Gregory Cavinato, Cyril Briant, André Della Faille
Filminfo: 20 min. / 35mm / Fr. O.V. / 2007 /
Contact: Ezechiel 47-9 Films, rue du Conseil 15, 1050 Bruxelles
Korte inhoud: Twee zusters op zoek naar hun ouders, zijn verdwaald in het bos bij nacht. Met de angst laait ook de rivaliteit tussen de zussen in alle hevigheid op.

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woensdag, april 02, 2008

Link between online gaming and violence killed off by World of Warcraft

Embargo: 00.01hrs Wednesday 2 April 2008
Link between online gaming and violence killed off

People who play violent games online actually feel more relaxed and less angry after they have played.This is the finding of Miss Jane Barnett and her colleagues at Middlesex University. Their results will be presented at the British Psychological Society’s Annual Conference in Dublin today, Wednesday 2 April 2008.

The psychologists recruited 292 male and female online gamers, playing the game World of Warcraft. The players, aged between 12 and 83 years, were asked to complete a questionnaire on anger, aggression and personality and then played the game for two hours. After this time they were they were asked to complete the test again.

The psychologists found overall the gamers were more likely to feel calm or tired after playing – but there were differences depending on sex, age and personality.

Miss Barnett said: “There were actually higher levels of relaxation before and after playing the game as opposed to experiencing anger but this did very much depend on personality type.

This will help us to develop a emotion and gaming questionnaire to help distinguish the type of gamer who is likely to transfer their online aggression into everyday life.”

Source: press release The British Psychological Society

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dinsdag, april 01, 2008

Land Ironclads - Victorian SciFi ground combat

Land Ironclads - Wessex Games' game of Victorian Science Fiction ground combat - has gone to print.

A companion set to our popular Aeronef VSF flyer rules, Land Ironclads is not only a complete stand-alone game allowing gamers to fight games between armies including mighty landships, devilish mechanical contraptions and brave red-coated infantry, but is also fully compatible with Aeronef itself allowing combined air-land games to be played in a seamless fashion.
Inspired by the worlds of Griffiths, Le Queux, Robida, Wells and Verne, Land Ironclads comes complete with a detailed geo-political timeline from 1854 to 1901, a military overview (with unit organisation details) covering Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Austro-Hungary, Italy, Turkey, Spain and the Martian invader, statistics for over 200 different types of vehicle and troop types, a points system to allow you to create your own designs and five introductory scenarios set during the Great War of 1899-1901 and the Martian Invasion of 1901.

The rules, which can be used for straight C19th historical battles, also include rules for land ironclads, supply, ruses, ambushes, espionage, sabotage, flying craft, underground burrowers, chemical warfare and the dreaded Martian invader.
Brigade Models are producing a range of (rather superb) miniatures to support the game in the same scale as Aeronef models (2mm or 1/200th), but the rules can be played with any scale miniatures up to and including 15mm (in fact, with the standard 40mm unit frontage, you probably could well go larger).

Land Ironclads will be a 48-page (including full-colour cover) A4 rulebook.
We are hoping that Land Ironclads will be available to purchase at
Salute from the Brigade Models stand on 19th April.

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Aquila Decianus

Aquila Decianus is a Junkers Legionary Standard Bearer. Like all standard bearers, Decianus is an ex-convict who won his freedom through feats of outstanding bravery and dedication, and chose to re-enlist as a professional non-commissioned officer. Convict Legionaries and the like have great respect for this man, viewing him very much as one of their own.

Miniature is shown on a standard 30mm plastic base.
Please check their homepage for larger images: urbanmammoth.com

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