vrijdag, november 27, 2009

Manga at the British Museum

Manga: Professor Munakata's British Museum adventure
The Asahi Shimbun Displays
5 November 2009 - 3 January 2010
Room 3
Admission free

Japan's leading manga artist Hoshino Yukinobu creates a new exclusive manga inspired by the British Museum's world collections.
Manga is a Japanese comic book art form which has become an international phenomenon in recent years. Cheap to produce, Manga is an appealing and flexible medium that engages the viewer-reader in stories in a uniquely affecting manner. Originating in Japan, manga are now being published worldwide. Many different audiences read manga, and there are manga for both children and adults.
Hoshino Yukinobu (b. 1954) is a leading Japanese manga artist. One of his most popular characters is Professor Munakata, who investigates history and folklore in his manga adventures. Hoshino has been inspired by his engagement with the British Museum and its collections to create a new manga in which his popular character Professor Munakata, a professor of folklore at the fictional T?a Bunka University, embarks on adventures in the Museum galleries.
Hoshino Yukinobu first created Professor Munakata in 1990. Now, every two weeks, millions of readers in Japan eagerly follow the professor's latest adventures in the manga magazine Big Comic. In October, Hoshino Yukinobu made his first visit to the British Museum. While here he created three ink drawings showing Professor Munakata's most recent encounters with treasures of the ancient past.
Room 3 will feature scenes of past adventures which introduce visitors to the world of Professor Munakata whilst new drawings will highlight his most recent encounters with iconic treasures at the British Museum. Visitors will also be able to browse Japanese manga books in a setting which evokes a 'manga coffee shop', or manga kissa, in the corner of the room - a perfect way to discover more about the art of manga.
Hoshino plans to return next year to create a series of new episodes based on Professor Munakata's adventures at the British Museum. They will feature his encounters with more of the Museum's most iconic objects, as he delves into their mysteries. Mr Hoshino plans to publish the full series of British Museum adventures in both Japanese and English translation.
The British Museum is building representative collections to chart the phenomenon of manga from its origins in the Edo period (1600-1868) until the present. Small selections, including original manga artworks, are always included in the displays about modern Japan in the Mitsubishi Corporation Japanese Galleries.

Asahi Shimbun Displays
The Asahi Shimbun Displays are a series of regularly changing displays which look at objects in new or different ways. These displays have been made possible by the generous sponsorship of The Asahi Shimbun Company, who are long standing supporters of the British Museum, and have a century long tradition of staging exhibitions in Japan of art, culture and history from around the world.

Accompanying events:

There will be a series of free gallery talks at 13.15 in Room 3, starting with an introduction to the works of Manga master Hoshino Yukinobu by Paul Gravett, author and Director of Comica, on Tuesday 10 November 2009.
Further speakers include manga artist Inko, author and manga expert Helen McCarthy, manga author and artist Chie Kutsuwada, and ILYA, British cartoonist, author, editor, tutor and illustrator of Manga Shakespeare's King Lear.
Manga and animé expert and author Helen McCarthy selects her favourite episodes of the televised adaptation of Astroboy based on the manga series by Osama Tezuka. Astroboy was the first Japanese television series to embody the aesthetic that later became known as anime. Saturday 21 November, 14.30, Stevenson Lecture Theatre, Free, booking advised
A family event: Manga create a comic workshop is scheduled for Saturday 12 December, 12.30, 14.00 & 15.30, Room 3. Discover the dazzling world of Japanese comic book art (manga) with an exhibition tour and digital workshop. Sessions last about 75 minutes. Free, booking advised

Related exhibition, displays and gallery:

Room 91: The power of dogu: ceramic figures from ancient Japan This exhibition highlights the beauty and power of remarkable ceramic figures known as dog?, mysterious masterpieces that were produced in great numbers in prehistoric Japan. This free exhibition is on display from 10 September - 22 November 2009.
Room 94: Excerpts from a recent work by Hoshino Yukinobu (b. 1954) will be on display in Room 94. The imaginative work brings the world of dog?and the J?mon period to life.
The Mitsubishi Corporation Japanese Galleries Rooms 92-94: For more Japanese objects in the Museum's collection, visit Rooms 92-94 where Japanese history and culture is explored from prehistory to the present, or explore the collection online.

Hoshino Yukinobu
Sh?gakukan Inc.
Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures Acknowledgment
Additional support provided by Japan Airlines


Source: BM press release


donderdag, november 26, 2009

Made in Asia 2010 - Revenge of the sushi

Op 13 en 14 maart eerstkomende zal de prestigieuze Tentoonstellingspaleizen van Brussel voor de 2de keer de tweetalige beurs verwelkomen die toegewijd is aan de Aziatische cultuur en vrijetijdsbesteding: Made In Asia. De eerste editie was in vele opzichten succesvol.

Na de uitstekende bezoekcijfers (8000 bezoekers) van de eerste editie zullen we het tentoonstellingsoppervlakte vergroten om dit jaar meer dan 8000 m² te bereiken. Onze wil: Vele gratis activiteiten voorstellen aan nieuwsgierigen en aan gepassioneerde mannen en vrouwen van de Aziatische cultuur zoals tentoonstellingen, projecties, wedstrijden en concerten. Ook de exposanten, winkels, signeersessies en de onmisbare Cosplay mogen we niet vergeten.

Dit jaar op het programma :
Een groter oppervlakte om alle bezoekers in betere omstandigheden en zonder beperkingen te verwelkomen, waarvan 1500 m² exclusief wordt gewijd aan 1 van de pioniers van Aziatische vrijetijdsbesteding en zelfs wereldwijd: de videogame!

Het toevoegen van talrijke culturele activiteiten en sport voor alle leeftijden en alle hobby's zoals kalligrafie, Kendo, Sumi-e, modeshows en om niet te vergeten, instrumentale initiaties van Samulnori en kookles om sushi te leren maken (en om mee te nemen).

Geen tijd om zich te vervelen want er zullen nog meer toernooien gehouden worden, meer wedstrijden, nieuwe originele activiteiten, Europese wedstrijden en vele prijzen te winnen zoals, 2 heen- en terugreizen naar Bangkok en 2 heen- en terugreizen naar Tokyo.

Tenslotte stellen we u voor om op vrijdag 12 maart van 19u00 tot 21u00 gratis deel te nemen aan de opening van de beurs om alle activiteiten van het weekend te ontdekken. En voor deze uitzonderlijke avond zullen de exposanten u een korting van 5 tot 10 % toestaan op al hun artikelen.

De voorbereidingen zijn in volle gang en we verzekeren u binnenkort fris nieuws over de aanwezige exposanten, nieuwe activiteiten, de uurrooster, exclusieve films vertoont in de Kinepolis, auteurs en hun signeersessies, de nieuwe website, de tickets in voorverkoop en nog vele, vele, vele andere verrassingen !

Alle informatie op: www.madeinasia.be

Bron: MiA nieuwsbericht


maandag, november 23, 2009

Sad Panda

Jim Ludwig of Dark Sword Miniatures Inc. wrote:

I wanted to let you all know that we have released a really fun, limited-edition miniature, in conjunction with our fellow miniature enthusiasts over at Cool Mini Or Not.
It is Sad Panda, and he has been shipping out all week to people around the world from both CMON and from Dark Sword. He is limited to just 399 copies made available for sale. CMON has 198 copies, and Dark Sword the other 201 copies. Like our other two limited-edition miniatures (now long sold out), Sad Panda is not going to be available in general distribution.

The idea for Sad Panda was born at Gen Con Indy 2009. Dave from CMON and I were tossing ideas around for something fun, and Sad Panda came out of this. He was "supposed" to be modeled off of one of my local friends who was at Gen Con with us, as he has many panda-like features (according to Dave at CMON). But as it turned out, we opted to not have him pose naked with a bamboo stick slung over his shoulder for Jason Wiebe. We cut the very talented Jason loose on Sad Panda, and the results are too cute for words. This is why we have pictures.

The very talented Miss Marike Reimer did the honors on painting up Sad Panda, as she painted up our other two limited-edition miniatures that have both sold out. Plus Sad Panda is essentially nekkid, so it was Marike's chance to finally paint up a nekkid Dark Sword male miniature. So you ladies that have emailed me about doing a nekkid male miniature to go along with some of our scantily clad female miniatures have your chance to even the score with Sad Panda. This is why he is sad, as he is being exploited for his dead-sexy body and not his charming personality. And no, I did not model for Sad Panda.

We also have released our 2009 Halloween miniature (she was released eleven days after Halloween, but who is keeping score?). Mr. Jeff Grace did a most excellent job on this fun Halloween piece. She comes with two sets of arms, so you can either have her summoning a Dark Sword or summoning a little imp while reading from her spellbook. Marike Reimer once again did the painting honors.

Both new miniatures are in stock, and ready for shipping out.

Our past two limited-edition miniatures sold our pretty quickly, so snap up a Sad Panda or two for you and a friend for the holiday season.

All info:


zondag, november 15, 2009

Figuranten voor "Zone Stad"

De TV-serie "Zone Stad" zoekt Aziatisch uitziende figuranten voor opnames op donderdagnamiddag 19 november in de Antwerpse Van wezenbeekstraat (Chinese wijk tov Centraal station).
Het betreft een scène met een achtervolging waarin iemand klem raakt in een Chinese stoet.
Vergoeding is 12€50. Bel/mail naar Vera ( 0497 437 302 / vvl@studio-a.be) bij interesse.


dinsdag, november 10, 2009

"De Hel van Tanger", de 2e strip van Dominique Dewulf

Titel: De hel van Tanger
Auteur: Dominique Dewulf

Sectie : Literatuurspublicaties
Categorie : Literatuur & Fictie
Taal : Nederlands

Korte Inhoud
Marcel Vanloock werd voor een valse beschuldiging van drugssmokkel 5 jaar vastgehouden in Marokko.
Een film van Frank Van Mechelen, verstript door Dominique Dewulf.
Fragment lezen.

Biografie van de auteur
Als Dominique zichzelf voorstelt, dan begint hij altijd met de zin 'Ik ben een jongen met een verstandelijke beperking.' Dat is ook zo, Dominique is een persoon met een matig verstandelijke beperking. Maar samen met deze beperking heeft hij vooral vele mogelijkheden. Dominique is bovenal een echte kunstenaar. Hij is vooral gepassioneerd bezig met het maken van strips. Het was zijn grootste droom om één van zijn strips te publiceren.

Bindwijze : Zachte kaft
Formaat : A4
Aantal pagina's : 30
Kleur : Full Color
Prijs (incl. BTW) : EUR 12,14

Om deze strip de bestellen en Dominique te steunen
klik dan hier
Meer over de auteur:


Invasion Planet Earth: E.T.’S from the 80’s

De B tot Z vertoning zal uitzonderlijk plaatsvinden aanstaande vrijdag, de dertiende november, in plaats van de laatste vrijdag van de maand. De formule blijft ongewijzigd: twee films in een thematische double bill voor de prijs van één ticket. In samenwerking met vzw Marcel haalt Cinematek twee pareltjes uit de foute jaren ’80 van onder het stof.

Lijken sommige ruimtewezens uit het gouden tijdperk van de science fiction in het Amerika van de jaren 50 u knotsgek? Wat had u dan gedacht van de E.T.'s van de jaren 80, zoals de sigaren paffende en bier zuipende eend from outer space, Howard the Duck? Of de buitenaardse bloedzuigers uit Night of the Creeps? Typische slechte smaak uit de eighties? Vergis u niet! Deze kitsch is er door de jaren heen alleen maar beter op geworden! Howard the Duck was al een ouderwetse komedie bij zijn release en een schandvlek in de carrière van George Lucas, die de film produceerde. En nu is het een cultfilm! Night of the Creeps met zijn getormenteerde teenagers verwierf al snel een cult reputatie door zijn originele mix van horror, gore, komedie en zombies. Aan u om de metaforen in deze buitenaardse films te herkennen (tip: het gaat niet over het communisme!)...

Howard the Duck
Willard Huyck, USA, 1986, 111’, nl ond.

Night of the Creeps
Fred Dekker, USA, 1986, 87’, nl ond.

Baron Hortastraat 9
1000 Brussel
02 551 19 19


maandag, november 02, 2009

Ticketverkoop voor jubileumeditie Elf Fantasy Fair is gestart!

In 2010 bestaat de Elf Fantasy Fair alweer 10 jaar!

in 2001 begonnen als idee om een totaal evenement te organiseren voor fantasy liefhebbers in de breedste zin van het woord. En dan niet in een hal, maar op een passende buitenlocatie (Archeon). Via een tussenstop op kasteel Keukenhof is de EFF op kasteel de Haar uitgegroeid tot een evenement waar tienduizenden fantasy-, scifi-, manga-, medieval- en gothic fans halsreikend naar uitkijken.

Op 24 & 25 april 2010 zal de jubileum editie van de Elf Fantasy Fair wederom plaatsvinden en zal het programma op zaterdag doorgaan tot 22 uur 's avonds. De zaterdagavond beloofd een geweldige sfeervolle avond te worden, waar je zeker bij zal willen zijn. We verwachten dan ook dat de zaterdagtickets uitverkocht zullen raken.

De kaartverkoop voor dit evenement is nu begonnen. Er zijn ook voordelige weekendkaarten (pass-partouts) beschikbaar.

Mis het niet en
bestel hier je tickets


zondag, november 01, 2009

Vampire Hunters (PC)

Project Introduction

Vampire Hunters is a PC full 3D role-playing game with adventure-like elements that will charm the player with its dark atmosphere of old docks where a mysterious clan of vampires rages free.

For more information visit: www.vampirehunters.eu

Story introduction

The city lies down to sleep while somewhere in the middle of an old dockyard a man’s life fades away. The most skilled vampire hunter is dead. The night is damp and chilly as the investigation begins.

The main character in this tale is an adventurer who has been living in the company of the undead for years. The story starts to unfold as a mysterious murder, apparently without a motive, takes place on one of the dockyard’s piers. None of the Nosferatu clans claims responsibility for the attack and what are even worse, strange things start to happen.

Key Features

► Catchy storyline underlined by a thrilling dark atmosphere. The overall impression is augmented by an original game soundtrack creating a slightly horror mood.
► Advancement of the main character including level-ups, enhancements of skills and abilities.
► The possibility to create your own spells using the rune system
► ATBS (active time battle system, commonly used in many Asian RPG games including Final Fantasy series) adding dynamics to turn based combat as well as the possibility to use a lot of hits, blows, weapons and special combos
► A lot of adventure-like items and non-linear dialogue branching
► With a starting price of 16.99 USD the game offers an outstanding price / quality ratio

Game mechanics

• Basic view is a full 3D display with the camera placed behind the character.

• The player controls one character whose basic activities include: exploring the game world, collecting items, interacting with other characters, combat, character development and solving logical puzzles.

• Exploring the game world is mentioned among the basic activities not because of the game’s focus on this activity but because the diversity of the surroundings livens up the other activities and provides a fitting atmosphere.

• Collecting items and especially searching for clues delivers a popular “investigation” concept known from the very first adventure games. As popular as this concept might be, its use must be well-balanced. If the items are too easy to find, it spoils the enjoyment from searching. On the other hand if they are too well hidden, the search becomes “pixel hunting” and the player is frustrated and discouraged. This problem was central in the development of the Vampire Hunters script, resulting in an interesting and balanced adventure/RPG system.

• Dialogues with other characters were balanced as well. The aim was to create a communication model that would not be time-consuming but rather interesting, able to move the game’s storyline forward and to be mysterious at the same time. Dialogue branching is non-linear and the player can always chose from among numerous answers. According to these answers the game itself creates new branches of storyline.

• Combat is the key part of the game. Focus was placed especially on tactics and the diversity of options. The number of unique combat actions and combos increases in accordance with the character’s improvement of his skills. In this way, more options become available in the course of time. Another improvement is the use of inventory, adding to the complexity of options. The spell casting system consists of a custom-based rune system, allowing the player to create his own spells. Combat is technically based on a modernized semi-turn-based ATBS (Active Time Battle System) successfully implemented in many classic RPG games. The most frequent problem with the ATBS system on the PC is the inconvenient console-style game controls. Because of this, emphasis was placed on improving the quality of controls.

• Improving the main character is generally a favorite RPG activity. Vampire Hunters offers the basic abilities of: Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Intelligence and Perception and a variety of special skills divided into combat skills (unarmed combat, sharp weapons, blunt weapons, ranged weapons) and magical skills (elemental magic, blood magic, moon magic). Another form of character improvement is the buying and collecting of weapons, various parts of clothing and amulets.

• The solving of logical puzzles is more complex, consisting in the use of found items, searching for the right way to lead the investigation but also the need to think when choosing the correct answer during conversations.

The storyline of Vampire Hunters will take the player to ten different locations: Old Harbor, Loading platform, Fisherman guild district, Central part with Information department and Repairshop, Workers village, abandoned dockyard, lighthouse district, Wreckyard and guardtower, old factory and a merchant ship. The locations are entwined and together they create an integral complex. The player can therefore move smoothly in the environment without any distractions in the form of changing locations. The graphics is stylized in such a way that the player will be engulfed in a dark yet rich atmosphere.

System Requirements
PC with 1.3 GHz processor
Graphics card for modern games with 256 MB ram (preferably 512 MB ram)
1.7 GB of free hard drive space during installation
Microsoft Windows operating system (preferably Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP)

Project Web: www.vampirehunters.eu
source: Cmedia press release


Dog Soldiers - the free wargame

Dog Soldiers is a free supplement for Chain Reaction 3.0 from Two Hour Wargames.
CR 3.0 is a free, complete game that can be found on the website:

You must have the Chain Reaction 3.0 rules to play Dog Soldiers.

For those of you that may not have seen the movie:

"Any questions," Cooper asked.
"Just the one, Coop," Joe replied. "Exactly what is it we're fighting against?"
"Megan, do you want to run it past the boys?"
"Lycanthrope." she said matter of factly.
"You what?" asked Joe.
"That's werewolves to you and me." Cooper replied.
©2002 Dog Soldiers

NOTE: This is a scenario based on the movie Dog Soldiers. This is done solely to display the versatility of the THW gaming system, and is not intended for commercial gain or to infringe upon their body of work. It's more a homage to a great horror film. Buy the film, you won't regret it!