maandag, januari 30, 2012

Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land Launches

The Stars are Right as 'Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land' Launches!

After a year of intensive development, the small indie team of Red Wasp Design have announced that their anticipated title, Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land has launched on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The game is a turn-based strategy RPG inspired by the works of cult horror writer H.P. Lovecraft and developed in co-operation with Chaosium, the publishers of the cult horror role playing game, Call of Cthulhu.
The game is now out on iTunes and is a universal iOS app so the same game works for iPhone and iPod Touch both SD & HD and for iPad, and carries graphics optimised for each of those platforms. It is priced $4.99, £2.99 & €3.99 for the full universal app. The game's designer, Tomas Rawlings said, “We've put a vast amount of our time, energy and ideas into this game over the last year. It's been a long journey for us because we want to get it right. We're not a huge studio, but I hope that fellow gamers will appreciate what we've achieved with The Wasted Land.”
The game features nine 3D levels set in the trenches of World War One. The player controls a team of up to six investigators charged with uncovering a deadly inhuman conspiracy underlying the clash of empires of the Great War. Barbed wire, mustard gas and machines guns will prove to be the least dangerous thing that the investigators will encounter as they venture out into no-man's land to solve the mystery of the Wasted Land. As the game progresses, the player can build up the skills, weapons and equipment of the team to suit their playing style. As well as the physical danger, the investigators must guard their sanity against the myriad horrors that threaten to destroy it.
To stay in touch with the developers and get updates on the game, help and strategy guides and more you may want to connect to Red Wasp Design on Facebook, Twitter (@redwaspdesign) and on their site at

zondag, januari 29, 2012

Write now! (schrijfwedstrijd)

Write now! is de belangrijkste talentenwedstrijd voor jonge auteurs in het Nederlandse taalgebied. Iedereen die tussen  en jaar oud is, kan deelnemen door voor 1 april een tekst van maximaal 2000 woorden door te sturen. Je kiest zelf het genre: van proza, over poëzie en songteksten tot een theatermonoloog. De beste teksten nemen in het voorjaar deel aan de voorrondes, waarvan er 3 in Vlaanderen georganiseerd worden. De laureaten uit de voorrondes schrijven een nieuwe tekst voor de finale op 16 en 17 juni in Rotterdam. De winnaar van Write Now! krijgt een MacBook twv 1500€, een masterclass bij een gerenomeerde uitgeverij en optredens op ondermeer De Nachten in Antwerpen. De publieksfavoriet wordt gepubliceerd in dagblad Metro.
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Greek Myths Collection

Foundry  launched our exciting new gamebook, set in the world of Greek mythology: Tribes of Legend – Greek Gods, Myths, Magic and Monsters.

Foundry are releasing a massive range of new models to complement the game. The third collection includes: The Gods; Apollo, Hermes, Hestia, Dionysus & Aphrodite, Satyrs with Spears, Harpies, Underworld Shades, Cyclopes, Centaurs, Cerberus and Pegasi!

Federal Defence Force Exterminator infantry

Khurasan Miniatures is very pleased to follow up the very popular Federal Defence Force "Exterminator" infantry with two more sets for these xeno-stompers, a platoon support set and a robot machinegun. 
The platoon support set has six figures – a lieutenant, hopefully having combat missions under his belt as well as simulations; a sniper in a semi-ghillie suit and armed with a special rifle; two missile launchers; and two armor-piercing plasma rifles, to even the score with those big, tough xenos.

Nothing puts a chill down the spine of an Exterminator like pesky bugs coming around their flank or rear, and so the robotic machinegun (RMG) is the Exterminator's best friend. Folding up into a carry-crate easily handled by two Exterminators, the gun can be deployed to fire in one of two modes – either targeting anything that moves in a certain cone to the weapon's front, or employing its IFF setting which recognizes friends from foes, although this has a longer reaction time.