vrijdag, augustus 31, 2007

AT-43 - The Karman species

In about two months, AT-43 range will welcome the last army announced in the rulebook: the Karmans. While we are all awaiting the first miniatures and the Army book, here is an extract from the history of this species!

At the origin of everything, before which the Karmans believe nothing can be envisaged, is the creation of their species: the Elevation, the time their creators granted them a state of consciousness. The Karmans know they are born from the will of another species, the Therians. Before that nothing else existed other than the Karmic causes that led to their creation. The Elevation took place in BT-100 056. The forerunner species of the Karmans, the gorilla beringei beringei of Sol III, had disappeared many thousands of years before, but its genetic code had been saved in the EMI grid. As part of one of their plans, the Therians gave birth to the Karmans based on this species. With subtle alterations to their genome the Karmans were taller, stronger and were able to develop into an advanced civilization. The Therians left the Karmans on Karma and gave them a language, an embryonic society and the knowledge required to create tools. The Therians steered the development of their creatures by providing the Karmans with information and technology to build an industrial society. In less than three centuries, the Karmans plowed through their civilization's Prehistory and Antiquity, supported both by the Therians and by their own intelligence and curiosity, which are both highly developed. In under four centuries, the Karmans reached the industrial age. This is when a historic event led to the emancipation of the Karmans.

From elevation to war, Army Book: Karmans

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donderdag, augustus 30, 2007

Song of gold and darkness

Song of Gold and Darkness is the first expansion for the popular Song of Blades and Heroes fantasy skirmish rules. It includes complete rules for dungeon adventuring such as: Rules clarifications and expansions; 11 new Terrain types; 18 new Special rules for your models; four new warband advances; Necromancers, Sorcerers and Summoners; rules for treasure, climbing, bashing down doors, lock picking, traps, light and darkness, movement and combat; potions, magic clothes, magic weapons and jewelry; four dungeon scenarios; guidelines for solo dungeons; rosters for 156 new monsters and warriors, including Dark Dwarves, Dark Elves, Hobgoblins, Snakemen, Giants, Angels, Demons, Were Creatures, and classic dungeon dwellers such as Brain Devourers, Eye Monsters and Gargoyles.
PDF available for $8.00 USD.
Printed book available

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zondag, augustus 26, 2007

Maxim op Gencon

Toegegeven, GenCon Indianapolis (VS) is zowat de belangrijkste beurs/conventie voor (non-video)gamers. Aztek-TV reviewer Dirk is één vn de 35000 bezoekers, dus het loont echt de moeite. Maar dat zelfs herenmagazine Maxim er een filmcrew heen stuurt om de verzamelde gamegekken op de interviewrooster te leggen, mag gerust een unicum genoemd worden.

Wie niet tegen een stevige korrel sarcasme & (zelf)spot kan, slaat de onderstaande video's beter over...

Harry Potter (ja-ja, niet op GenCon, maar minstens even "diepgravend")

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zondag, augustus 19, 2007


New Star Wars PocketModel Booster Pack to Add Ground Units, Including AT-AT and Spider Droid

August 16, 2007 (Bellevue, WA) — WizKids Inc., a subsidiary of Topps and the creator of runaway hit games such as HeroClix and Pirates of the Spanish Main, today announced it will be releasing this fall the next installment of its Star Wars PocketModel Trading Card Game (TCG) – Ground Assault. This new Star Wars booster pack enhances Star Wars PocketModels game play by adding new ground and space PocketModel units from the Star Wars movies, and a host of new playing cards. The original Star Wars PocketModel game sets were released in mid-June, and already hundreds of thousands of game packs have been sold worldwide.

With the Ground Assault booster pack, players can now build their Star Wars fleet with all-ground units, all-space units, or a mix of the two types. Each pack features up to eight new PocketModels of both ground units and new space units, as well as six all-new game cards. The premier ground unit of the set is the AT-AT, the elite imperial fighting unit featured in the Empire Strikes Back movie. The Ground Assault set also features a heavy battle droid theme, with the Spider droid and Tank droid units included in the selection. The set's new playing cards include a number of new characters, including several featuring one of the galaxies most elite fighting forces, the Ewoks, as well as new versions of favorites like Darth Vader, Yoda, and Obi-Wan.

Star Wars PocketModel TCG revolutionized the collectible trading card genre by bringing card games into the third dimension. The Star Wars PocketModel TCG lets Star Wars fans enjoy a complete Star Wars experience as they are able to collect and build Star Wars vehicles that are played in entertaining ways with cards featuring favorite characters, vehicles and scenes from the entire Star Wars saga. Players use the cards to control their fleets of PocketModel ships as they attempt to destroy each other's objectives.

Like the first in the series, the Star Wars PocketModels Ground Assault boosters packs are a great value with a price tag of $4.99 USD. In each pack, players receive between four-to-eight PocketModels vehicles to punch out, build, collect and play; six random game cards; 2 micro-dice; complete rules and assembly instructions. This fun, easy-to-learn game is simple enough for 8-year-old kids, but features enough depth of strategy to appeal to adults, making it possible for fans of all generations to share and enjoy battling for control of the galaxy! More info can be found at

(Source: Wizkids press release)

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vrijdag, augustus 17, 2007

aKumabito Cosplay Day Out Fotosessies

Ziezo, er zijn 3 van de 4 aKumabito cosplayfotosessies afgewerkt (kijk maar in de galerijen van Aztek-TV!).
23 Verschillende cosplays passeerden reeds de revue, stuk voor stuk pareltjes van Belgisch & Nederlands kunnen. Onze cosplayers uit de Lage Landen moeten in geen enkel opzicht onderdoen voor de cosplayers uit de "gevestigde waarden" dat hebben de foto's nu voorgoed bewezen.
Op 1 september gaat de laatste fotosessie door in Wilrijk (Antwerpen). Alle plaatsen zijn volzet, dus nu geduldig afwachten wat voor moois er weer getoond zal worden...

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Gyro Raiders

We hadden het wat lager reeds gehad over de Pulp Miniaturen... toen we deze nieuwe set zagen, moesten we hem gewoonweg tonen. Het is té sweet!

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vrijdag, augustus 03, 2007

Metropolis Phase 4-miniaturen

Urban Mammoth heeft weer enkele zalige mini's voor Metropolis phase 4 uitgebracht...

Hier zijn er alvast 2 van de 18 nieuwkomers.

De Veteran Marine Sniper en de Amazonia Decurion.

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