maandag, maart 26, 2012

Japans spookschip in Canada

Meer na een jaar na de verwoestende aardbeving en tsunami in Japan is een toen vermist geraakte vissersboot opgedoken voor de kust van de Canadese provincie British Columbia. Ondanks een tocht van bijna 8000 kilometer over de Stille Oceaan is de sloep nog voldoende intact om te blijven ronddobberen. Dit werd bericht door de Vancouver Sun en CNN. Het schip werd ontdekt door verkenningsvliegtuigen van de Canadese luchtmacht, op iets meer dan 200 km voor de kust. 
Vraag is nu of het spookschip geborgen zal worden. De 45 meter lange boot heeft veel schade opgelopen en niemand wil volgens de reddingsdiensten nog iets te maken hebben met het schip omdat de sleepkosten veel te hoog zijn. Toch kan de boot nog een gevaar betekenen voor de scheepvaart en het milieu.
Voor de westkust van de Verenigde Staten drijft sinds enkele weken ook al een reusachtig tapijt van brokstukken, afkomstig van de tsunami in Japan op 11  maart 2011.

Bron: Metro

zondag, maart 25, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Collector's edition

NCsoft, the world’s premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), today reveals the Pre-Purchase programme for Guild Wars 2, the most anticipated online role-playing game scheduled for release in 2012. From 10th April, players who pre-purchase the Guild Wars 2 Collector’s, Digital Deluxe or Standard Editions will receive guaranteed entry into all beta weekend events and a three-day head start prior to launch, giving them the opportunity to be among the first to secure their character and guild names. As a bonus, players who pre-purchase any edition will also receive an exclusive Hero’s Band, which will provide their characters with a variety of stat enhancements as they venture into the world of Tyria in Guild Wars 2.

The Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition offers fans an unparalleled collection of physical content that goes beyond the game. The centrepiece of the Collector’s Edition is a detailed, hand-painted 25 centimetre statue of the bestial warrior Rytlock Brimstone wielding his signature flaming sword. Along with the Rytlock statue, players will receive a custom frame with five stunning Guild Wars 2 art prints from world-renowned artists, a 112-page Making of Guild Wars 2 hardback book, a Best of Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack CD by award-winning composer Jeremy Soule and five in-game items, including a Mistfire Wolf that will fight alongside players and a miniature Rytlock who will accompany them on their travels through Tyria.

The Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition retails at €149.99/£129.99 SRP, the Digital Deluxe at €74.99/£64.99 SRP and the Standard Edition at €54.99/£49.99 SRP. Players may also pre-order Guild Wars 2 at select retailers, allowing them to reserve their copy of the game at launch. Players who pre-order Guild Wars 2will receive a one-day head start prior to launch.

Minimum System Requirements*
Windows� XP Service Pack 2 or better
Intel� Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz, Core i3, AMD Athlon 64 X2 or better
NVIDIA� GeForce� 7800, ATI Radeon X1800, Intel HD 3000 or better (256MB of video RAM and shader model 3.0 or better)
25 GB available HDD space
Broadband Internet connection
Keyboard and mouse 

For additional information on the Pre-Purchase programme or Guild Wars 2, visit


Online Games Publisher to Sponsor Award in the Category of Artworks in App Format of the ZKM| Centre for Art and Media Technology

Gameforge, one of the world's leading online game providers, will be sponsoring the AppArtAward in the Game Art category of the ZKM | Centre for Art and Media Technology (Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe). After its successful launch last year, the internationally renowned research and exhibition institute will be awarding the international prize for artworks in app format for a second time on July 13, 2012. The award in the Game Art category rewards innovative, critical and subversive computer game applications for smartphones and tablet-PCs made by independent developers using the medium for artistic expression.
The Special Prize for Game Art, valued at €10,000, will be sponsored by Gameforge. With its commitment to the cause, the Karlsruhe based publisher is contributing to the creative, cultural and economical potential of mobile games. As a member of the panel of renowned judges, chaired by ZKM board member Peter Weibel, Gameforge Product Director Andre Potgeber will be taking an active part in the review and evaluation of submitted entries.

"By sponsoring the Game Art category of the ZKM AppArtAward, we aim to support and promote independent developers of creative gaming apps," said Alexander Rösner, CEO of Gameforge, regarding the company's involvement.
The ZKM's call for entries is aimed at participants from all over the world. Developers interested in applying can send their submissions to the ZKM starting March 12, 2012, with the deadline for entries being May 11, 2012. Alongside the Prize for Game Art, the AppArtAward will be awarding prizes in two other new categories with respect to current developments within new media. The Prize for Artistic Innovation encompasses all innovative app developments that take advantage of the artistic freedom of the medium. The Special Prize for Cloud Art addresses all developers that implement the possibilities of cloud computing technology in a creative and artistic manner.   

More information about the ZKM AppArtAward is available at

Dark Fantasy browser game Juggernaut gets Amazons

Leading publisher Mail.Ru Games announced the launch of a new content update for their successful Dark Fantasy browser game Juggernaut. New ingame features like female companions, capturing mines as resources for clans and improved balancing bonuses on the PvP battleground Maritime Front enhance the already popular world of Haradan. Additionally players now have the opportunity to profit from premium accounts with several convenient extras.

Walk on the wild side with Ariana, the Amazon
With the new content update, players can look forward to support in battle from several new female companions. The first one is Ariana, the Amazon – a woman as deadly as she is beautiful. In order to gain her trust and friendship, players must undergo a gripping quest line and prove their worth. Like player characters, companions gain experience points through battle which can be applied to new support skills like healing, while special armaments can be acquired to improve stats and attacks for Ariana and her kind.

New resources for clans 
Expanding clan buildings costs a lot of wood, stone and other resources. How great would it be to have access to larger quantities of them? From now on clans battle each other for the supremacy over resource mines – and if there is no matching clan online, NPCs can fill up the opposing team. Victors gain hourly supplies for one week.

The popular battleground Maritime Front receives a new feature: a new status screen which offers key information on the current battle. In addition, special bonuses now prevent unfair mismatches; for instance, if one faction has fewer players than the other, the inferior side gain additional health and strength while the stronger one takes in more gold.

More convenience with premium accounts
From today Mail.Ru Games now offers optional premium accounts. Starting from level eight, players gain access to bonus features like more inventory space, revival at a location of their choice and increased stats. Furthermore, premium account holders obtain special loot from beaten enemies via the new passive skill “Archaeologist”.

To set up an account and play Juggernaut, visit

Nuklear Winter 68

Nuklear Winter 68 is in our house and now shipping. Don't miss your chance to get in on a unique platoon-level board game, set in a unique alternate history. 

The former German territory, transformed into a wasteland by the war-ending nuclear holocaust of 1946, is the setting for this three-way battle for supremacy. Fight as the resurgent Drittes Reich with their powerful E-100 tanks and reworked Stukas. Assume command of NATO, with Patton M60s and Russian T-62s, or lead the mysterious Black Hand, mutant warriors who are masters of beast and machine.

vrijdag, maart 16, 2012

Free and HD Video Streaming of EVE Fanfest 2012

Free and HD Video Streaming of EVE Fanfest 2012

March 22-24 including every big announcement

Today we announced that EVE TV will be bringing live streaming of EVE Fanfest 2012 and the Party at the Top of the World to you, live and for free, over the internet all the way from Reykjavik, Iceland.
Fanfest 2012 is easily the biggest Fanfest ever, guaranteed to match EVE Online's 8th straight year of subscriber growth, the looming addition of the AAA PlayStation3 FREE TO PLAY first person shooter DUST 514 to the EVE universe and a few more surprising things in store for hundreds of attendees and thousands of internet viewers.
In addition to releasing massive amounts of information on EVE's summer expansion, EVE Online: Inferno, we'll be having the first hands-on demo of DUST 514, tournaments, panels, presentations, tech demos, interviews and more.
What can viewers expect of the stream?
  • Full live feed from Fanfest 2012, covering all 3 days' worth of events
  • An estimated 32+ hours of content broadcast live from the new venue
  • Major presentations streamed as they happen with regularly updated highlights of concurrent events
  • CCP devs guiding you through the whole thing
  • Party at the Top of the world featuring live acts.
And it's also available in HD for those wishing to purchase it, including virtual swag.
More information about the free and HD streaming options of Fanfest can be found here.
YouTube videos from last year's awesome-but-lesser-than-2012-Fanfest can be found in this playlist, including Chessboxing.
I can honestly say it will be the most unique three days in gaming ever, especially as we pull back the curtain on DUST 514 and lay out some amazing future plans for EVE Online.

Koihime Musou / Battle Maidens


Sexy Strategy game Koihime†Musou to be the first of many titles!

Today, Gamania Digital Entertainment Europe announced that it will be entering the German marketspace with Koihime Battle Maidens, a one of a kind sexy browser strategy game. It will be the first of many games  to be launched on Gamania’s German beanfun! games portal that will launch in the second quarter of 2012. Other titles that are planned for release in Germany are client games such as Core Blaze and Langrisser Schwarz. The portal will also host a wide range of unannounced browser titles.

William Chen, COO at Gamania Digital Entertainment Europe said: “We are pleased to launch our first game in the German speaking market and I am confident that Koihime Battle Maidens will appeal to players who like the unique graphical style and strategy gameplay. Also we have some exciting titles coming up which eventually will make beanfun into a one-stop shopping channel for all your gaming needs!

Koihime is a popular Japanese IP loosely based on the classic Chinese tale,Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Originally a visual novel, the IP has since spawned many different iterations, including manga, games, and anime. Web Koihime Musou, the latest entry in the series, is a browser-based strategy game where players must join forces with cute, yet deadly female Warlords in a quest to unify the Three Kingdoms.

Key Features
  • An Exciting Battle to Unify the Three Kingdoms – There are two ways to unify the Three Kingdoms: by conquering Kingdom Castles or through an Imperial Castle Raid. To unify the Three Kingdoms by conquering Kingdom Castles, the player must conquer all other Kingdom Castles and Lords to bring them under their control. The Imperial Castle Raid event is only conducted during the Imperial Castle Raid period. During this time, Societies can attack the Imperial Castle and earn Imperial Castle Raid points. At the end of this period, the Society with the most points is declared the victor and their Kingdom will be declared the unifier of the Three Kingdoms.
  • Cute, Sexy Warlords – The Warlords in Web Koihime Musou are all cute girl versions of famous Romance of the Three Kingdoms characters. Players will have over 100 of these female Warlords to choose from as Lord of either the Gi, Go, or Shoku Kingdom.
  • No Download – Web Koihime Musou doesn't require a download or installation to play. All that’s needed is a game account and a compatible web browser – allowing for players to be in-game in just a few minutes.
  • The Perfect Game for Even the Busiest of Lifestyles – Players can have plenty of fun even if they’re too busy to devote a lot of time to playing. Web Koihime Musou allows gamers to prep their empire in short, five minute play-sessions, allowing it to grow even while they’re away.
To get ready for Web Koihime Musou’s upcoming summer release, interested parties can sign up for a US beanfun! account and learn more about the game at:

maandag, maart 05, 2012

5th Offscreen Film Festival

It's party time - the Offscreen Film Festival celebrates its fifth anniversary ! From March 7 to 25, 2012, the spotlight of this annual rendez-vous for enthusiasts of bizarre and cult cinema, is on independent filmmakers, cult classics and eccentric genres from all over the world. All shows take place on different locations in Brussels, and especially for this festive fifth edition, there's two film-related music concerts as well. So - yeah !


The program:



Suzan Pitt - Shorts
The Tenant
The Changeling

The Cat and the Canary
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Evil Dead 2
Straw Dogs
The Haunting
Next of Kin
Death Weekend
Elephants, Paper Movie & Varmints
The Exterminating Angel
Lady in a Cage
In a Glass Cage
La Chute de la Maison Usher
The Haunted Castle
The Innocents
Calibro 35: Live Soundtrack Milano Odia
Fight for your Life
The Dead Mountaineer Hotel
Shortscreen Selection
Demon Seed
Guilty of Romance
The B-Movie Orchestra
Toto Who Lived Twice
The Long Road Back from Hell
Cannibal Holocaust
The Entity
The Barbarians
The House on the Edge of the Park
The Haunted Castle
Live like a Cop, Die like a Man
The Uncle from Brooklyn
The Haunting
The Fall of the House of Usher
The Ghost and mrs Muir
Rome Armed to the Teeth
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Cult
A Quiet Place in the Country
The Room
Cannibal Ferox
David Wants to Fly
Paranoia (Orgasmo)
Nightmare City
The Shining