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Atlantica Online - Cross-Server PvP Battles via Titan server

NDOORS Unveils New Titan Server for Atlantica Online Enabling Cross-Server PvP Battles
Atlantians Compete in Grand Championship Tournaments Between Servers

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. - April 24, 2009 NDOORS Interactive, creator of the strategic turn-based MMORPG Atlantica Online, today announced that the Titan Server, Atlantica’s first cross-server PvP battle area, is now open along with a few other updates. The independent game server will enable interaction between all players from all Atlantica servers, creating the first true test of who is the best of the best. Players can now board a designated Titan ship and journey to and from the Titan Server to access new content, chat with other players, and compete against each other in massive PvP tournaments.

Later this year, the Titan cross-server will feature an entirely new continent, unlike any current game location, where players will have the chance to compete against each other for control over regions in this new and unexplored territory. Before the Titan Server, players could only communicate with users on their same server, but more updates coming later this year will allow Atlantians to interact regardless of their server, enabling players to meet more friends (and enemies) in Atlantica Online.

The developers wanted to create an all-inclusive server that would give users from the separate servers a chance to finally meet and battle against one another, to determine who the best of the best really is,” said Peter Kang, NDOORS Interactive, CEO. “The Titan Server encourages additional community interaction and player participation, and will continue to do so as new features are added in the future.”

Additionally, the Titan Server will offer a “Grand Championship Tournament” where players can battle it out for glorious rewards, beginning each Sunday at 3am and 3pm PDT. Players will earn Gold Coins just for participating – more if they are the winner of the first battle, and participants who win more than one battle will receive EXP for their main character and mercenaries. The top 30 players will receive 4 Platinum Coins, Observation Rewards and 200 Fame/Battle points, but the overall winner of this tournament will reign supreme, receiving the Barbarian Lord’s Black Tiger, Platinum Coins, Observation Rewards and 1,000 Fame/Battle Points. The Grand Championship Tournament winners will be the very best of the best, earning rewards and bragging rights galore.

Upon traveling to the Titan Server, initials of the players’ original server will be added to their character names to prevent any conflicts. Currently, only basic user information will be copied over to the Titan Server, but in the coming updates all player details, including communities, friends and guild members will be available on the Titan Server. Cross-server trade, chat and whisper features will also be implemented in the near future.

Recognized as one of the best MMORPGs of 2008, Atlantica Online has received critical acclaim for its quality, accessibility, and entertainment value. The Titan Server is only one of many exciting content updates scheduled for Atlantica in April 2009. With new massive features already in development, the implementation of the Titan Server promises exciting things to the world of Atlantis. Preparation for in-game events is already underway, so players should check back often to participate in the cross-server excitement.

For more information on Atlantica Online, please visit: www.playatlantica.com.

Source: NDoors press release

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Features Brand New 'Dark Athena' Campaign, Thrilling Online Multiplayer and High-Definition Remake of Classic 'Escape from Butcher Bay'

Xbox LIVE and PLAYSTATION®3 Demos Available Now

LYON, FRANCE – 24 April 2009 – Atari, one of the world’s most recognized video game publishers, announced today that the latest chapter in the Riddick franchise, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, is available now at retailers across Europe and the PAL regions.

In conjunction with Universal Pictures Digital Platforms Group, Tigon Studios and acclaimed developer Starbreeze Studios, Atari is bringing the franchise – featuring Vin Diesel reprising his role as anti-hero Riddick – to the new generation of consoles for the first time.Featuring the series’ signature blend of stealth, action and gripping narrative, all presented in glorious high- definition, the highly anticipated new chapter in the Riddick saga is available at retail in North America for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and Windows PC.
The Chronicles of Riddick Assault on Dark Athena contains a brand new full-length Riddick campaign in addition to a high-definition pixel-by-pixel remake of the universally acclaimed title Escape from Butcher Bay. In addition to the thrilling, visceral single player action, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena brings Riddick into the multiplayer arena for the first time, with six intense online multiplayer combat modes including the unique Pitch Black mode.
Reprising his role as Riddick, Vin Diesel brings his unique vocal talent to The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, creating a powerful anti-hero with a talent for chilling one-liners. Diesel is joined by a high calibre cast of actors including Lance Henriksen, Wade Williams, William Morgan Sheppard, and Michelle Forbes who brings depth and weary malevolence to Riddick’s chief adversary on the Dark Athena, Captain Revas. Starbreeze Studios’ proprietary ‘vo-cap’ technology ensures that every nuance of the actors’ vocal and physical performance ends up in the game, creating a uniquely absorbing experience.
In The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena the player takes the role of Riddick, as played by Diesel, using stealth and action to overcome the merciless crew of the predatory Merc-ship Dark Athena which awaits its prey in the dark reaches of space. Cheating death through a series of spectacular battles and events, Riddick will fight for his life amid a storm of malevolence and horror.
The Chronicles of Riddick series of games takes the player deeper into the universe of Universal Pictures’ films The Chronicles of Riddick and cult classic Pitch Black, which first introduced Diesel as enigmatic anti-hero.
Playable demos of The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena for both Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION®3 system are currently available for download, showcasing the game’s evocative art style, exceptional production values, and the breadth and ferocity of gameplay.
For more information on The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, please visit the official website at http://atari.com/riddick/.

About The Chronicles of Riddick

The Chronicles of Riddick was released in 2004 by Universal Pictures, in association with Radar Pictures and One Race Films, Vin Diesel reprised his star-making Pitch Black role of enigmatic anti-hero Richard B. Riddick in this science fiction action-adventure epic,. The Chronicles of Riddick also starred Colm Feore, Alexa Davalos, Karl Urban, Linus Roache, Thandie Newton and Dame Judi Dench.
In the film’s storyline, Riddick has spent the last five years on the move among the forgotten worlds on the outskirts of the galaxy, eluding mercenaries bent on collecting the price on his head. Now, the fugitive finds himself on planet Helion, home to a progressive multicultural society that has been invaded by the Lord Marshal, a despot who targets humans for subjugation with his army of warriors known as Necromongers.
Exiled to a subterranean prison where extremes of temperature range from arctic nights to volcanic days, Riddick encounters Kyra, the lone survivor from an earlier chapter in his life. His efforts to free himself and Kyra lead him to the Necromonger command ship, where he is pitted against the Lord Marshal in an apocalyptic battle with possibly the fate of all beings-both living and dead-hanging in the balance.
Written and directed by David Twohy, The Chronicles of Riddick was produced by Scott Kroopf and Vin Diesel. Ted Field, George Zakk and David Womark served as executive producers.
Source: Atari Press release


maandag, april 20, 2009

Cleopatra's tomb

Cleopatra and Mark Antony were immortalised as two of history's greatest lovers, but their final resting place has always been a mystery. Now archaeologists in Egypt are about to start excavating a site that they believe could conceal their tombs. Zahi Hawass, director of Egypt's Superior Council for Antiquities, said yesterday that there was evidence to suggest that Cleopatra and Mark Antony were buried together in the complex tunnel system underlying the Tabusiris Magna temple, 17 miles from the city of Alexandria. The dig, which begins next week, could reveal answers to the many myths surrounding the pair -- including speculation about the Queen's reputed beauty and the couple's suicide. Teams from Egypt and the Dominican Republic will begin excavating three sites along the tunnels in the hope that one of the deep shafts will lead to a burial chamber. The sites were identified by a radar scan. Kathleen Martínez, an Egyptologist from the Dominican Republic who is working on the dig, said that the writing of Roman chroniclers indicated that the two were buried together. The discovery that ten mummies of nobles were buried at the site had strengthened evidence that Antony and Cleopatra could be close, she said. Last year archaeologists at the temple unearthed a bronze statue of the goddess Aphrodite, the alabaster head of a Queen Cleopatra statue and a mask believed to belong to Mark Antony. The expedition also found 22 coins bearing Cleopatra's image, which Dr Hawass said showed an attractive face -- debunking recent speculation on the queen's renowned beauty. "The finds from Tabusiris reflect a charm. . . and indicate that Cleopatra was in no way unattractive," Dr Hawass said in a statement. British scholars threw cold water on the celebrity of Cleopatra's beauty in 2007. Academics at the University of Newcastle argued that Cleopatra was a pointy-nosed, thin-lipped woman with a jutting jaw line -- an assessment based on a Roman coin. For most, Cleopatra will for ever be imagined as the stunning seductress portrayed by Elizabeth Taylor opposite Richard Burton in the 1963 Hollywood classic Cleopatra. Dr Hawass, who first suggested the temple as the possible burial site of the couple nearly three years ago, has called the possible discovery of Antony and Cleopatra's tomb "bigger than that of King Tutankhamun's tomb", which was discovered in 1922. Other experts are cautious, however. John Baines, Professor of Egyptology at the University of Oxford, doubted that Antony would be buried alongside Cleopatra. "It's unlikely Mark Antony would have a tomb that anyone would be able to discover because he was the enemy at the time he died," he told The Times last year.Dr Hawass remains defiant. "This is our theory. Others may disagree, but we are searching to see if we can prove it," he said. He would not be the first to lay claim to Cleopatra's remains. Most recently, a group of French archaeologists digging near Abu Qir Bay in Alexandria found the ruins of Cleopatra's Palace. They, too, suggested that they would find the queen's tomb, but nothing has been unearthed so far.

Author: Sheera Frenkel

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zondag, april 05, 2009

Dynasty Warriors - Strikeforce free demo (PSP)

DYNASTY WARRIORS: STRIKEFORCE demo is now available to download from PlayStation Network.

KOEI today announced the release of the DYNASTY WARRIORS: STRIKEFORCE demo for the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system. This radical departure for the series, which sees teams of up to four players joining forces to battle against some of the most cunning foes ever to feature in a Warriors game, is now available to download and play with your friends from the PlayStation®Network.

DYNASTY WARRIORS: STRIKEFORCE will be available to buy across Europe from May 1st 2009.

Being designed exclusively for the PSP has enabled the development team to focus on the strengths of this format and implement a multitude of new ideas and features that really make the most of this hardware.” Said Will Curley, Vice President Sales & Marketing KOEI Ltd “Combine this with the ability to develop your character in so many areas and then team up with your friends and DYNASTY WARRIORS STRIKEFORCE is already well equipped to capture the imagination of RPG fans and action gamers alike.”
For more information please visit http://dynastywarriorsstrikeforce.co.uk/
The multi-million selling DYNASTY WARRIORS series has long been renowned for pitting a lone warrior against an army of thousands. Now for the first time up to four players can team up to create a strikeforce of legendary warriors and head into battle against cunning enemies and massive bosses.
End of level bosses await intrepid heroes with a multitude of guises and deadly attacks whilst the enemies spread throughout each level now possess much greater levels of intelligence and more powerful attacks. So now more than ever it’s imperative that players work together as a team and find ways to overcome the challenges and obstacles that stand between them and victory. Only through co-ordinated attacks can the team conquer the massive fortresses and huge beasts that populate each deadly level.
Unleashing your character’s FURY transformation now bestows the player with a range of attacks and abilities far more powerful and spectacular looking than a standard attack. For the first time ever players can take to the skies and face off against their foes in spectacular aerial combat. By cleverly utilizing the numerous new powers ups and abilities players can benefit from a tantalizing variety of new moves and attacks including the ability to fly, lightning fast speed and greater healing powers.
With a multitude of ways to improve your character’s ability, specialise in particular areas, buy items in the towns and share items among friends, DYNASTY WARRIORS: STRIKEFORCE gives players the opportunity to shape their character in whatever way they so desire.
For the first time ever in a Warriors game the player can now select a secondary weapon for any character before they go into battle. Truly formidable combinations of legendary warrior and mighty weapons are now a reality.
Source: Koei press release

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donderdag, april 02, 2009

Diamon Jones - Eye of the Dragon (PC)

Prime adventure in China from GFI

In this new adventure from GFI, Russia, Diamon Jones will travel to China to find a mystic trophy of the Celestial Empire, Eye of the Dragon.

Only ingenious and sharp person will be a successful hunter for artifacts!


• Logical and real life-like puzzles; you won't need to smudge a statue with a mustard to open a secret passage (remember LucasArts adventures)!

• Point-n-click adventure

• Charismatic hero who always know what to say... or NOT to say.

• Over 60 playing areas and 15 mini-games including dungeon puzzle, Chinese chess, illegal lock-picking and Cthulhu fighting.

• Humorous dialogues, book texts and characters. Take your chance to meet great Japanese general Mykatana Verysharpi!

• Amazing mystic environment of China in the middle of the 20th century.

Source: GFI press release

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Telekinetic Prom Queen (28mm)

Law enforcement takes a supernatural turn when shy wallflower Shari Snow -no, not Carrie- finally lost her temper over the final humiliation. From this diminutive package blasts destructive telekinetic powers too mighty to resist, and she's not in a mood to listen to explanations.

Others created this monster, now Brutal Bill Shanahan must stop her - without being picked up by her mind and tossed off a cliff!
The Telekinetic Prom Queen is one piece, with pig gore sculpted right on and hair matted with blood. A 20mm slotted base is included. Certainly an interesting foe for your 70s crime-drama games! Would also make an amusing psyker for all sorts of 28mm games.
Sculpted by Mark Kay, painted by
Chris Yaro.
If you think this is bizarre, we have an even stranger 70s pulp crime Perp coming up in a day or two!

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Event 09

Op 8 en 9 april 2009 opent event 09, de grootste evenementenbeurs van de Benelux, opnieuw de deuren in Utrecht. Meer dan 200 standhouders zullen hun waren en diensten komen voorstellen in een indrukwekkende locatie met een inkomstkoepel van 30 meter doorsnee en 15 meter hoog. Er wordt geprojecteerd op 360 graden en in HD-kwaliteit en het totaalconcept is dan ook spectaculair te noemen.

Event 09 belooft alweer dé ‘place to be’ te worden voor al wie feesten, beurzen of andere evenementen wil organiseren. Zowat alle soorten zaken en diensten komen aan bod: actiemarketing, arrangementen, audiovisuele middelen, catering, entertainment, media, teambuilding en nog veel meer.

Een twintigtal Belgische bedrijven hebben nu de handen in elkaar geslagen om op event 09 een uniek totaalconcept te presenteren: Avenue Belge, een gemeenschappelijke stand die toelaat om met vereende krachten aan te tonen waartoe men in staat is als er een gedeelde visie wordt uitgedragen. Eentje van eenheid, samenhorigheid en samenwerking, van een multidisciplinaire aanpak die veel meer is dan enkel de som van de verschillende delen. Eentje, ook, waar het leuk toeven zal zijn, dankzij een mix van dans, muziek, cocktailmagie en andere entertainment.

Michael Vervroegen, met The Shake Company een van de drijvende krachten achter het concept, heeft in het verleden al bewezen dat je met doorzettingsvermogen en creativiteit enorm veel kunt bereiken. Zelf heeft hij al vroeg ontdekt dat werken plezierig kan – en misschien zelfs moet – zijn. Dankzij een gezonde dosis aan werklust, plezier, doorzettingsvermogen, creativiteit en verbeelding heeft hij het internationaal gerenommeerde The Shake Company® opgericht. Dezelfde kwaliteiten wil hij nu meebrengen naar Avenue Belge.

Ook iemand als Björn De Neef heeft zijn droom gevolgd. Ondanks negatief advies bouwde zijn bedrijf, Vip-Lounge, een hele bus om tot luxevoertuig, een heuse Vip Coach die zijn gelijke in ons land amper kent.

Tot slot heeft ook EventsFactory, een ‘fullservice’ evenementenbureau dat garant staat voor een professionele en originele aanpak van de meest uiteenlopende opdrachten, zijn schouders onder dit project geplaatst.


Lost Civilization of the Amazon Rainforest

The National Geographic Channel filmed a retracing of an ill-fated 1542 Spanish expedition, and the mysterious writings of their traveling priest which detail a thriving network of cities... Eldorado.

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Rocket Racing League

The WireFly X Prize Cup... launching a motor-sport for the 21st Century combining F1-style airtracks, fast & manoeuvrable jetplanes and the razist pilots on the planet. In the air near you... soon.

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