vrijdag, januari 30, 2009

WATCHMEN (Mobile game)

Become a masked vigilante to fight crime in WATCHMEN: The Mobile Game...
the mobile version of the game of the movie of the graphic novel...

Play as the stealthy Nite Owl, battling enemies in the gritty streets of New York City, or as brawling anti-hero The Comedian in the sweltering jungles of Vietnam. Use their unique arsenal of weapons and vigilante attacks and follow an original storyline straight from Rorschach’s journal! The clock is ticking and only the Watchmen can save us. But who is watching the Watchmen?

• Beat ‘Em Up Action
– Play as the Comedian and Nite Owl, each with a unique repertoire of attacks, weapons and special moves.

• Gameplay Variety
–Fight your way through 17 levels, including sky missions in Nite Owl’s high-tech aircraft

• Original Storyline
– All new Watchmen experience can be appreciated by newcomers and diehard fans of the graphic novel

• Classic Characters
– Cameos from classic heroes and villains from the Watchmen universe, including Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan and more!

• Multiple Environments
– Non-stop action in Vietnam and the streets and skies over NYC


Psi heroine Yatrae

This is a little preview of the green of Yatrae, the Psi faction heroine from the French Consortium Universe.

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zaterdag, januari 24, 2009

Dungeon Party

While Dungeon Party's currently closed Beta is moving forward and will soon open to everyone, Cyanide and Focus Home Interactive are pleased to share these new images of their free team-based game to celebrate the opening of the official English website.
Dungeon Party is a free PC online game developed by Cyanide and based on team play.
Plunge into a wild heroic-fantasy universe and play against each other in teams of heroes across dungeons filled with deadly traps and monsters to try and collect the treasures they hold.
In Dungeon Party you can create and customize your character with different costumes and objects. A holiday-making sorcerer, a thief straight out of a night club, or a gothic hangman…all styles are possible! Each player can equip his character with different objects and weapons before the battle against opponent teams starts.
You'll have to develop your character through the matches and carefully choose which spells and skills could help the best your team. In order to spice up the game, deadly traps and hunted creatures are scattered throughout the dungeons. These creatures won't make any difference between the teams and protect their treasures with a lot of zeal. Kill monsters will give you more experience points which allow you to buy faster new spells. Bosses and mini-bosses will be harder to beat but will also give you a greater amount of points and, most of all, will help you to seduce the Chest.


dinsdag, januari 20, 2009

Painting Crusade & Golden Spur & IPMS

Mogen we de volgende 4 weken officieel uitroepen tot de Belgische Maand van de Minuscule Kunstwerken?

Op 25 januari heeft IPMS Willebroek haar opendeurdag, met de bekende tentoonstelling van modelbouwkits en bijbehorende wedstrijd.
Reportage 2008

Op 1 februari organiseert de Leopoldsburgse wargameclub De Witte Ridder haar jaarlijkse wargamesternooi Full Tilt. Voor het eerst laten zij hun miniaturenschilderwedstrijd Golden Spur met Fult Tilt samenvallen ipv met hun Crusade toernooi.
Reportage 2007

Het weekend daarop is het 7&8 februari... een weekend waar alle miniaturenschilderfanaten halsreikend naar uitkijken. De Belgian Dogs of War zijn al aan het VIe Opus van hun Painting Crusade toe. De gastenlijst ziet er alvast indrukwekkend uit & uit ervaring weten we dat de voorziene activiteiten uiterst vermakelijk & kleurrijk zijn. Kom gewapend met je penseel naar Brussel.
Reportage 2008

Wie niet genoeg krijgt van miniaturen & modelbouw moet daarna slechts enkele weken geduld oefenen want op 7 maart is er in Hoboken het Flanders' modelling festival van IPMS Antwerpen...

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maandag, januari 19, 2009

Tsunacon (25/01 NL)

In een land met een overschot aan ongeorganiseerde-laat-ons-in-cosplay-door-de-straten-zwerven-tot-in-een-random-park-en-een-fastfoodkeet-meetings is eindelijk nog eens een echte nieuwe conventie die haar kans waagt. Het nieuwe bloed heet Tsunacon en de hoop bestaat dat zij zich eerder zullen inspireren op de openheid van de verschillende Nederlandse fantasyevents of van cosplayconventies uit de hen omringende landen dan op de vastberaden kleinschaligheid die zo eigen lijkt aan 's Ne'erlands cosplayconventies.
Ze hebben alvast geopteerd voor een centrale ligging (nabij Rotterdam) die ook voor niet-Nederlanders bereikbaar is, voor een locatie die 3x meer bezoekers aankan dan waar de organisatie voor een eerste editie op hoopt en voor een systeem waarbij ook aan de kassa inkomkaarten gekocht kunnen worden.
Qua activiteiten is er gekozen voor een zo breed mogelijk aanbod. Animevertoningen, verkoopsstanden (inclusief bring & buy), doujinshicircles, een mangabibliotheek, workshops, videogames (zowel free play als competities) met als topper DDR, kaart- en bordspellen, karaoke, plus een AMV- en cosplaywedstrijd zouden iedereen zonder al te uitzichtsloze wachtrijen moeten bezighouden.
Adres: Zalencentrum / Theater De Lockhorst Sportlaan 13364 AT Sliedrecht
Datum: zaterdag 25 januai 2009, van 10u tot 18u

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Nostalge: Global MMORPG

Firesale Event Has Been Extended to January 26, And a New Scavenger Hunt Starts Tomorrow for Nostale: Global Players
Redwood City, Calif. - January 19, 2009 - Uforia, Inc., a new online game publisher specializing in massively multiplayer online games, today announced that they will extend its firesale event on UFOs to celebrate the launch of its first MMORPG title, Nostale : Global through next Monday (11:59pm PST), January 26, 2009. The promotion provides gamers up to 50% off, using the game's currency in Uforia's Item Mall. Additionally, Uforia confirmed today that a second event featuring a scavenger hunt has just been added and will begin at 4 p.m. PST tomorrow, Tuesday, January 20.
"Due to the great response we have received on our launch, we have decided to extend the firesale event through this week to ensure our whole community gets a chance to take part," said Mike Min, Game Operations Producer of Nostale: Global. "And, as another thank you to our new community, we also thought it would be a great time to add a scavenger hunt for the chance to win prizes, have fun and explore the world of Nostale."
Nostale: Global is a unique MMORPG with easy-to-access events which allow players to interact with other players in PvP and survival objectives. Gamers in North America can play Nostale: Global by going to Uforia's website at nostale.uforia.com. While the game is free to play, the firesale event on UFOs offers players who want to purchase and maximize their character the opportunity to do so. For example, players who spend $9 will get $10 worth of UFOs at an 11% bonus from Uforia, while $25 will give players $30 worth of UFOs, and $50 will net gamers with $75 worth of UFOs at a 50% bonus!
Continuing to build upon a strong Nostale community, the second event for players is the scavenger hunt taking place tomorrow, Tuesday, January 20th at 4 p.m. (PST). Designed for Uforia users, the hunt will take place at Noscamp where the GM will meet up with players over at the Time Circle. There, the GM will provide players a clue regarding what he wants the players to go out and hunt for. The players who can figure out what the GM is asking for and can bring him five of those items before 10 minutes has passed will receive 10,000 UFOs!
About Nostale: Global
Nostale takes gamers through seventy exciting levels of the wonderful world of East Mile. Gamers can choose from one of four character classes, each with unique powers and features. The ultimate goal is to fight Dark Horn and his legion of demons in the land of death. On their way to the top, players have the choice of completing a variety of raids and acquiring a large selection of specialty cards which transform your character into one of over twenty specialty classes.The game has its own unique sense of ownership. Each player has their own Mini-Land with a virtual player housing area where they can build their house, decorate their homes and environments to match their personality, store their pets and items and invite friends over to take a break and visit.
Nostale features a unique character progression system where characters progress to one of three classes and then are allowed to progress to specialized classes through class cards.The game also includes an attractive set of comic-style characters that range from cute to fearsome. Players can capture monsters to fight alongside them as well as make friends with NPCs that will follow you around and be your ally in battle.
source: Uforia press release

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Hysteria project


Space vixens from Mars - book 6

‘Book Six’ is primarily a scenario volume for both spaceship and ground combat games. Over 80 scenarios are provided - most designed to be 'generic' and equally accessable to gamers who play other 'universe'. Some interface the two types - and there are some RPG-style developing 'campaigns' for players to enjoy! Some timeline 'blanks' and prequels up to the end of 'Book Five' were filled in A brand new adventure 'Episode 16.5 - Revelation Of The Space Vixens' was written, as well as relevant rule updates and new character and ship stats. The volume is additionally illustrated with stills from some of the show games as well as of new characters.
This publication appears in PDF form - sold on disk for only £4.00
Info & Online shop


Thaniras Elves fleet for Uncharted Seas

The British Spartan Games released both Thaniras Elves starter sets and starter ship blisters for the Elves fleet in the Uncharted Seas tabletop wargame.
After the sea monsters, the iron hulled Dwarven steam ironclads, the Imperial battlecruisers, the magical Dragon carriers, the grotesque Orc raiders and human gallions, these slender elves ships will now sail the oceans.

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dinsdag, januari 06, 2009

The Crocodile emperor

It is our great honor to announce the arrival of his esteemed highness, the Emperor of 3D Gaming, Emperor Augustus FitzPatricus. Easily displeased by acts of folly, failed "Rout Saves", and fumbled "To-hit" rolls, countless gladiator miniatures have been sent to their doom by the heartless waggle of his thumb.
This miniature was sculpted by Chris FitzPatrick way back in 2001, as a part of the first Visions in Putty sculpting project, hosted by the 1listsculpting forum. The theme was gladiators, as the movie bearing that same name had just been released in theaters and was fresh in everyone's minds. A few dozen sculptors, both amateur and professional, conspired to each sculpt a miniature on this theme and on the final date all the miniatures were revealed and the artists discussed the details of how they made their creation.
Chris FitzPatrick (being the ham that he is) sculpted his miniature as a self-portrait in the guise of the Emperor of Rome, declaring death for all other entries!

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Resident Evil 5 (PS3 / XB360)... de packshots

These are the final packshots... the content was already known


Eduardo the Samurai Toaster (Wii)

Colorado, USA - January 5th, 2009 – Indie developer Semnat Studios is excited to finally announce the upcoming Wii™ release of Eduardo the Samurai Toaster, an incredibly fast and frenetic sidescrolling, run‘n’gun 2D shooter. The game will be released exclusively for WiiWare™ this winter, developed and published by Semnat Studios.
With visuals drawn and scanned in from several different art mediums such as pen & ink, acrylic paint and charcoal, Eduardo sports an untraditional aesthetic design for a videogame. Jump, shoot, whip, drive, fly and throw your way through hordes of Peking Opera pastries, spear toting carrots, robotic mangos, and more.
Play with friends as you learn to cooperate effectively, or be annoying by throwing each other around the screen and attacking one another.
- Drop in co-op play for up to four players.
- Ride scooters equipped with laser-blasters and fly around in rocket packs in single player or co-op.
- Use 5 different pastry pickups to upgrade your firepower.
- Battle enemies through 13 unique levels.
- Several different difficulty options to choose from, allowing players to pick their desired level of challenge.


zaterdag, januari 03, 2009

Mummy Archers for Wargods

The holiday season has brought reinforcements for the Eaters of the Dead! Now available directly the Croc online store, a new unit of Mummy Archers sculpted by Ben Siens and Chris FitzPatrick.
The unit includes ten Mummy Archers, including a captain and nine randomly assorted warrior models.
Watch for new units for all the core WarGods races in the coming year - next to arrive, Asar slingers!

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Larger than Life preview

Larger Than Life - the Pulp Adventures ruleset from Two Hour Wargames - will be released later this month.
Here's a preview of what we call the People Lists [PDF format], covering the different folks you can expect to run into during your adventures.

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