vrijdag, februari 04, 2011

Iron Cow 2103AD & Firewall 2136AD

Iron Cow 2103AD and Firewall 2136AD, our two award-winning SF miniatures rules, have been released as PDFs via Wargame Vault. 

Iron Cow (winner, best new SF rules 2003 in the SFSFW awards) is a simple but challenging set of fun science-fiction wargames rules that are ideal for anyone looking to start wargaming using 6mm (SF vehicles and figures), or for more experienced wargamers who just want a quick, simple game that works, without needing to wade through pages and pages of tables, rules, sub-clauses, etc.

Firewall (winner, best new SF rules 2003 in SFSFW awards) is a set of science-fiction skirmish wargames rules designed to allow gamers to fight out battles in a cyberpunk-inspired future, using any of the wide ranges of excellent 28mm scale models available from a wide variety of manufacturers.

Both are available individually, or bundled together with a 25% overall saving.