woensdag, februari 23, 2011

Eden, the skirmish game

Four new fighters for the skirmish game Eden this month.

1.Earthquake ahead with Sabaka Heavy Foot, shaka of the Guardians Brotherhood. A new leader option for your Bamakas warband!

2.The Green Konchu, recon drone that, despite its clumsy look, will sneak with ease toward its target and paralyze it.

3.Erhard, just like a good old AD&D cleric, will heal his friends and 'convert' the others with blunt-weapon wisdom!

4.And at last, some deadly grace with Olya, the Joker's Gang acrobat.

All models painted by Mohand. Sculpture Olya and Erhard by Mohand; Sabaka by St├ęphane Simon and Konchu by St├ęphane N'Guyen.