woensdag, oktober 20, 2010

The Disinterred Reich

As it's nearly Hallowe'en, and many of us here in the Warlord Games office are really just big kids (read: pathologically immature), we've combined our plastic Bolt Action German Infantry with Mantic Games' new zombies to create... well... Nazi Zombies. And we thought others might like to do the same.

This set provides you with three Mantic zombie sprues, two Warlord Games German infantry sprues, and a Warlord Games German weapon sprue. Coming from different manufacturers, you'll need to use your brains, braaaaiiiinnnss, delicious, juicy, brains to make sure they go together. As you can see from the pictures, the results are, in the boss's words, horrifying.

You can choose to add a copy of Osprey Publishing's Hunters Guide To Zombies for an extra £10.00 GBP, which contains everything you ever needed to know (and some things that are clearly made up) on the subject of the walking dead.

This set will only be available until the end of the month, so get a lurch on and order soon.