maandag, oktober 11, 2010

Conquistadores of the New World

The Assault Group is delighted to say that today I've been able to add the first of our cavalry miniatures for the 16th Century range we are currently working on. These are the mounted Conquistadors for the New World.
Three new packs have been added to our shopping cart - two armed with separate lances, and the other with integral swords. One in three of the warriors is depicted with integral shields. The mounts for these new minis are sculpted with tassels and trimmings on their horse tack.
The full details are as follows;

REN338 Mounted Spanish/Conquistadors with lance down

REN339 Mounted Spanish/Conquistadors with swords

REN340 Mounted Spanish/Conquistadors with lance upright

HOR088 Conquistador horse 1

HOR089 Conquistador horse 2

HOR090 Conquistador horse 3

For those of you that like a little 'bulk discount' at the expense of choice, I've also added a Cavalry Unit Builder for these miniatures. Twelve mounted miniatures for £33.00 GBP represents a saving of about £5.80 GBP on the normally priced pack.

For more details and all the miniatures pictured, surf here.