zondag, oktober 10, 2010

Benefit Evil... The Resident Evil Marathon

Benefit Evil Holds 3 Day Resident Evil Marathon to Benefit Child’s Play

From October 15th - 17th the Benefit Evil Team will be broadcasting a live, online marathon to raise money for the Child’s Play Charity. Child’s Play donates books, toys, and games to children’s hospitals around the world in an effort to make the patients lives more comfortable. For three days viewers will be able to tune in online at http://www.benefitevil.com/ and watch the team try their best to eliminate every zombie they can get their hands on in the Resident Evil Series of games. The team will encourage the viewer to make a donation using the secure donation box located on their website.

The webcast will feature a live, picture in picture stream for the duration of the event. In the larger picture the viewer will be able to watch the team as they battle the evil hoards from the comfort of their living room. Voyeurs delight! In the smaller picture the current live game footage will be displayed. There will be no emulators used during this event. All games will be streamed live from the consoles they will be played on.

The audience will also be able to participate by talking with the team themselves. They will be able to do this in several ways; a live chatroom is featured next to the video stream, they may email the team using the provided email, and they can also tweet the team.

Please join the Benefit Evil team as they do their best at what they enjoy to help improve the lives of those who are in need of simple entertainment in a children’s hospital facility. The team hopes to bring joy to as many lives as they can. Please donate and help make this a reality, and in the process have a great time saving the world from zombies!

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