maandag, oktober 11, 2010

Bogbrush the Barbarian

Howard Whitehouse (AKA Mexican Jack Squint ) presents his latest addition to the corpus of Great Literature of the World. It's aimed at 8-12-year-olds, so most of you will probably like it.

Bogbrush the Barbarian is a hugely silly fantasy romp about a muscle-bound barbarian hero so stupid that all the other barbarians notice. It's a lot of fun, with a fake "educational" aspect where I throw in ludicrous quizzes, "Did You Know?" bits, and life advice that any halfway-bright ten-year-old will immediately disregard.

Here's what the official blurb says:

Bogbrush, the grandson of the fabled Bumrash, is a mighty warrior from the frozen north. He is a giant of a lad, with rippling muscles and a powerful sword-arm. He wears chain-mail underwear and a helmet with really big horns. Unfortunately, he's also very stupid. Mistaking-the-family-cow-for-a-monster kind of stupid. With his new-found friends, Sneaky and Diptheria, by his side, Bogbrush is determined to seek his fortune and become the one true king of Scrofula, a city in the south. Along the way, our hero must try to outsmart tricksters, bandits, magicians and tiny ape-men... none of which is easy to do when you're three buckets short of a cartload!

Ask for it at your local bookstore or check your favourite online dealer.

$17.95 USD, American or Canadian money. A handful of silver pieces in the Marketplace of Scrofula.