dinsdag, september 01, 2009

Victorian SciFi writing-drawing-design contest

Terry Sofian announced:

"On my Yahoo! Group, I occasionally conduct contests, and would like to open my next contest up to a wider audience. The first contest was for a VSF invention, which Don won (garnering an excellent set of Steampunk goggles my wife made); the next for a scenario for a miniatures battle, which Alan won, and which will be part off The Sword and The Hive rulebook as the free scenario, since he was kind enough to allow publication (and since it was more than good enough to see publications!).
The contest:
Go to your bookshelves, a library, a book shop, or other place with lots of books. Randomly select three books from three widely separated areas (both physically separated and in terms of subject matter). Take core ideas events or characters from those three books and develop something related to VSF, Steampunk or Hive, Queen and Country in particular. This can be a character concept, a piece of artwork, a costume, an invention, a scenario, or a fictional story.
The Rules
Say what three books they were, and where you found them - all on this list are considered gentlemen and ladies, so there is a certainty that books will not be "cherry picked" to lead to a pre-identified idea. Say what three ideas you are using and which books they came from.
Entries must be in to me by October 15th. The winner will announced no later than December 1st.
Being a member of the Hive, Queen and Country list is not required, but will make it much easier.
Entries may be posted to the Yahoo! Group listed below or to my email (
No other rules.
We will post the entries on the Yahoo! Group and on the webpage, and will have a voter poll to determine the winner.

The Prize
A signed copy of The Sword and The Hive. I will assemble, paint and base a bike of hive creatures for your gaming pleasure. I will work to include the work in the next published HQC product in some fashion, with full credit given to the creator of the idea.
My webpage is
hivequeenandcountry.com and the Yahoo! Group is here."



At 10:42 p.m., Blogger Lid'l said...

*is going to give it a try* Awesomesauce.


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