dinsdag, september 01, 2009

Lady Lucretia Braganza

Ian Newbold said:

"We've just released The Lady Lucretia Braganza as our latest special-edition 48mm miniature. She was sculpted by Bob Naismith, and costs £6.00 GBP unpainted. We've brought our display copy along for you to see, and she was painted for us by Natalya Melnik.

The latest heroic 28mm sculpts to arrive on Newbold World are some new recruits for the Malone Spacefaring Crew. We've brought Carnage O'Brien along to meet you, but there are four in total so far and more to come. They were sculpted for us by Martin Baker.
We now publish three quite small and eccentric internet maglets on our website each month:
The Middle of the Road magazine is meant to provide gentle, all-round family entertainment, including artwork, humour, painted miniatures, puzzles and stories.
On the Darkside presents slightly darker and edgier material than our normal all-round family entertainment. There's nothing at all extreme, but it is all in one place and therefore easily avoidable by anyone who prefers to do so!
And finally, our Sunshine magazine displays material that the parents of very young children might like to share with their children.
You can follow up on any of these items by visiting our
News Desk and clicking on the hotlinks you'll find embedded in the text there."

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