zaterdag, oktober 01, 2011

When the Navy Walked - Airships and Skypirates

A premier miniatures game of steam-driven combat is available as a PDF, from our site or at your retailer! With the release of our miniature line coming right around the corner, we decided you deserved a shiny updated version to go with the shiny new miniatures, and we polished up the original Core rules using some of what we have learned as game designers. This new version is not a rules change, but it is a style-and-format change, and includes a step-by-step guide for the rules and for building units. This new version also includes scenarios set in Victorian Africa and features some amazing artwork by Scrying Eye Games.

Be sure to check out When the Navy Walked - Conflict on Mars (out now) and When the Navy Walked - Airships and Skypirates (coming in December)!