zaterdag, oktober 01, 2011

SCI-FI-LONDON’s Oktoberfest

SCI-FI-LONDON’s notorious Animé Allnight screening has a fantastic line-up with the best Japanese animation, as you’d expect!

The screening is part of SCI-FI-LONDON’s Oktoberfest celebration in Camden Town and takes place Sat 8 Oct, 11.30pm until 08.00am Sun 9, at the Odeon Camden.

First off we screen the classic JIN ROH: The Wolf Brigade, acclaimed and multi-award winning classic, this was the last fully hand-drawn animated feature. This amazing film is the work of Mamoru Oshii and Hiroyuki Okikura, who are responsible for other massive anime titles like AKIRA and GHOST IN THE SHELL.

As well as this classic we are delighted to show the latest in super real 3D CGI with the London premiere of TEKKEN BLOOD VENGENCE – This is a 90 minute visual thunderstorm of one of the world’s favourite videogames. Beautifully created and thrilling, this will appeal to your inner child like no other film on the big screen!

Next up, we have TRIGUN BADLANDS RUMBLE the first Trigun movie for over 10 years! The movie has all the elements found in the original television series —comedy, suspense, action, and drama — it’s all there. This is an excellent return to the Trigun universe so many people love.

We also screen EDEN OF THE EAST, PARADISE LOST, the second movie from the popular TV series. This one wraps up many of the storylines and looks just as amazing as the previous incarnations – not to be missed!

Finally, we round the night off with WELCOME TO THE SPACESHOW. Five kids come together to spend their summer holidays at a camp. But their life changes dramatically when they come across what they believe to be a small dog, badly in need of help. The creature – known as Pochi – turns out not to be a dog at all but an alien on an important mission. It’s cute, funny, brilliant!

Everyone attending the allnighter will receive a bag of goodies and some freebie treats throughout the night – so booking early is advised.


Now in its tenth year, the UK’s leading science fiction and fantastic film festival, SCI-FI-LONDON, hosts film screenings, special events, workshops and celebrations across the capital.

The SCI-FI-LONDON Oktoberfest runs 7 – 9 October, 2011 at the Odeon Camden and Cyber Market, Camden High Street. Full details on