donderdag, oktober 06, 2011

Banned screening 'Ferozz Wild Riding Hood' at RAINDANCE‏

Wild Riding Hood’s Puppy Love too horrid to show for Westminster City Council
Cuban film Ferozz Wild Riding Hood has proven too shocking for the Raindance Film Festival screening tonight at the Apollo Cinema, in Piccadilly.due to screen at 21.00 as UK Premiere and part of the Raindance Official Selection.
Ferozz Riding Hood a twisted re telling of the Little Red Riding Hood Classic folk tale set in rural Cuba focuses on a dysfunctional family lead by cruel and perverted grandmother and the sexual awakenings of a young adolescent.
Playing out as an excessive grotesque pantomime where sexual perversion is stylized, and black magic and gruesome violence are set off against notions of sin and chastity, Ferozz Riding Hood is also and set off by lush photography of the Cuban forests.
Director Jorge Molina has gained cult status in his native Cuba due to an extensive body of work, regularly appraised by the critic for his unique cinematic vision driven by a resolute uncompromising talent. Jorge Molina is a professor at the acclaimed International Cinema School in Cuba.
According to Elliot Grove, Founder of Raindance Film Festival and the British Independent Film Awards, the Councils decision is regrettable, but that we have been forced to accept this censorship, Ferozz Wild Riding Hood is a powerful film which the Festival feels, deserves to be seen by adults living in the Uk.”
To One Eyed Films the sales representative of the film, the censorship decision seem “ as despotic and as ‘nanny state as the cruel grandmother in the film, after all the film has been shown to European audiences at different festivals around the film, and it seems far too puritanical to ban the screening”.
Asked whether he would edit out a particular scene, to avoid the withdrawal of the film from the Festival, and which was of particular objection of the Council, a scene where Miranda, the ‘’little Red Riding is seen playfully masturbating with a puppy, the Director blankly refused ‘’on the grounds that the scene portrays a sexual innocence which is a universal experience
Raindance Film Festival is offering industry only screenings today closed to the public.
Screenings at Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus
19 Lower Regent Street