zondag, november 01, 2009

Dog Soldiers - the free wargame

Dog Soldiers is a free supplement for Chain Reaction 3.0 from Two Hour Wargames.
CR 3.0 is a free, complete game that can be found on the website:

You must have the Chain Reaction 3.0 rules to play Dog Soldiers.

For those of you that may not have seen the movie:

"Any questions," Cooper asked.
"Just the one, Coop," Joe replied. "Exactly what is it we're fighting against?"
"Megan, do you want to run it past the boys?"
"Lycanthrope." she said matter of factly.
"You what?" asked Joe.
"That's werewolves to you and me." Cooper replied.
©2002 Dog Soldiers

NOTE: This is a scenario based on the movie Dog Soldiers. This is done solely to display the versatility of the THW gaming system, and is not intended for commercial gain or to infringe upon their body of work. It's more a homage to a great horror film. Buy the film, you won't regret it!