maandag, november 23, 2009

Sad Panda

Jim Ludwig of Dark Sword Miniatures Inc. wrote:

I wanted to let you all know that we have released a really fun, limited-edition miniature, in conjunction with our fellow miniature enthusiasts over at Cool Mini Or Not.
It is Sad Panda, and he has been shipping out all week to people around the world from both CMON and from Dark Sword. He is limited to just 399 copies made available for sale. CMON has 198 copies, and Dark Sword the other 201 copies. Like our other two limited-edition miniatures (now long sold out), Sad Panda is not going to be available in general distribution.

The idea for Sad Panda was born at Gen Con Indy 2009. Dave from CMON and I were tossing ideas around for something fun, and Sad Panda came out of this. He was "supposed" to be modeled off of one of my local friends who was at Gen Con with us, as he has many panda-like features (according to Dave at CMON). But as it turned out, we opted to not have him pose naked with a bamboo stick slung over his shoulder for Jason Wiebe. We cut the very talented Jason loose on Sad Panda, and the results are too cute for words. This is why we have pictures.

The very talented Miss Marike Reimer did the honors on painting up Sad Panda, as she painted up our other two limited-edition miniatures that have both sold out. Plus Sad Panda is essentially nekkid, so it was Marike's chance to finally paint up a nekkid Dark Sword male miniature. So you ladies that have emailed me about doing a nekkid male miniature to go along with some of our scantily clad female miniatures have your chance to even the score with Sad Panda. This is why he is sad, as he is being exploited for his dead-sexy body and not his charming personality. And no, I did not model for Sad Panda.

We also have released our 2009 Halloween miniature (she was released eleven days after Halloween, but who is keeping score?). Mr. Jeff Grace did a most excellent job on this fun Halloween piece. She comes with two sets of arms, so you can either have her summoning a Dark Sword or summoning a little imp while reading from her spellbook. Marike Reimer once again did the painting honors.

Both new miniatures are in stock, and ready for shipping out.

Our past two limited-edition miniatures sold our pretty quickly, so snap up a Sad Panda or two for you and a friend for the holiday season.

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