zaterdag, december 19, 2009

Hellion: Mystery of the Inquisition

Flying Fish Works presents new fighting scenes

Frankfurt, Germany, December 18th 2009 – Today Flying Fish Works officially presents new screenshots to their upcoming product “Hellion: Mystery of the Inquisition”. Presenting impressions form the actual game code the team is demonstrating the way of fighting and the power of the holy sword. “Hellion: Mystery of the inquisition” is in development for XBOX360, PS3 and PC and is targeted to hit the shelves in Q3 2010.

“Hellion: Mystery of the inquisition” is an extraordinary First-Person-Shooter set in the 13th century. As an armed man of the newborn Inquisition, the player will battle heretics, execute exorcisms, face demons and unintentionally become part of a political and religious intrigue. It is an epic journey through different medieval cultures full of real-life characters, wild animals, rough warriors, powerful Templar knights, deadly assassins and, ultimately, horrifying demons.

Find out more about “Hellion: Mystery of the inquisition” on the official website:

Source: FFW press release