maandag, oktober 05, 2009

FACTS 2009 - overview

With only 2 more weeks to go, it's time for an update:
1. Actors
* Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Xena, Andromeda, Meet the Spartans,...) ONLY ON SATURDAY!
* Christopher Judge (Stargate's Teal'c, Magneto's voice in X-Men Evolution,...)
* Marc Singer (Beastmaster, V, Dragonquest, Lancelot guardian of time,...)
* Leah Cairns (Battlestar Galactica, Supernatural, Sanctuary,...)
* Jimmy Jean-Louis (Heroes, Tears of the sun, The shield, Emmanuelle,...)
* Lou Ferringo (Hulk,...) cancelled
2. Artists
Arthur Suydam, Linsner, Eva Hopkins, Glenn Fabry, Philippe Briones, Simon Bisley, Andy Brown, Fabrice Angleraud, Jorg de Vos, Minck Oosterveer, Romano Molenaar, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Cebulski - Lectrr - Mauricet - Chantal Snackey - Mario Boon (Pulp Deluxe) - Kristof Spaey - Mauro Padovani - Sedat - Mangafique - Windmill Comics - Aardappel Comics

EK cosplay competition:
The winner of the FACTS-cosplay competition in the category individual, anime/manga/videogame will represent Belgium in the European Cosplay Competition 2010 in London (During MCM Expo October).
Travel & hotel will be payed by FACTS.
Hopefully many more European countries will follow & make this EK a true European competition.
Aztek-TV photobooth:
As last year Aztek-TV will have a discrete photobooth. We will make your picture for FREE & afterwards you can find them online.
As a bonus we will bring a photo-print-tower-machine-thingie. If you wish to, you can take a real photo of your cosplay/costume home with you. (Size: 15x21cm, price: 3€)
And remember: FACTS has moved to Flander's Expo near Gent... so don't go stand in line at the ICC!