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PSP Warriors Orochi 2 ships today


WARRIORS OROCHI®2 for PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system ships to North American retailers

Burlingame, CA, August 26, 2009 - KOEI, recognized worldwide as the premier brand of strategy and action games, today announced that WARRIORS OROCHI 2 for PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system has shipped to North American retailers.With WARRIORS OROCHI 2, KOEI reunites its two biggest franchises, DYNASTY WARRIORS® and SAMURAI WARRIORS® for the sequel to its hit Tactical Action game. Jam-packed with 96 playable characters, WARRIORS OROCHI 2 transports gamers to Imperial China and to Feudal Japan where they will do battle against a venomous overlord and his menacing legions.

WARRIORS OROCHI 2 comes with exclusive content for PSP® system including: new playable characters, new scenarios, and even a Japanese voice option.

Learn more about WARRIORS OROCHI 2 for PSP system on the official product minisite at koei.com/wo2psp. Also visit “Warriors Orochi 2 Dedicated” at koei.com/wo2dedicated to download music tracks and over a dozen specially-modified high-resolution movie clips to create your own WARRIORS OROCHI 2 fan video.For the latest updates, follow @KOEIcorp on twitter. KOEI is also on facebook at koei.com/facebook.Gamers can order the game now from Amazon, Best Buy, Game Crazy, GameFly, and GameStop.


Shattering time and space, the venomous Serpent King Orochi kidnapped history’s greatest warriors in a scheme to test his might. The heroes eventually defeated Orochi and his menacing army. Now the slain Orochi lies in the netherworld, and a mysterious alliance is hatching a plan to resurrect Orochi.

With four different storylines featuring characters from SAMURAI WARRIORS® and DYNASTY WARRIORS®, WARRIORS OROCHI 2 includes three new game modes: Dream, VS and Survival, as well as “Tag Team”-style matches that pit fighters in head-to-head arena combat.

A star-studded lineup boasts 96 playable characters including the massive boar-like Gyuki and the faceless Dodomeki. New playable characters exclusive to the PSP system include the graceful San Zang and the warrior-monk Benkei.

New features exclusive to the PSP system also include: 2-Player VS mode plus Co-op play in Story, Free and Dream modes, 12 new scenarios in Dream mode, and a Japanese and English voice option.

WARRIORS OROCHI 2 for the PSP system is developed by KOEI Canada and based on an original work by Omega Force.

Play is for 1 to 2 players. Multi-player play is via ad-hoc wireless only.
This game is rated “T” (Teen – Mild Suggestive Themes, Violence) by the ESRB.

Source: Koei press release

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