zondag, mei 27, 2012

VIGAMUS - Videogame Museum Rome


The first real Videogame Museum, supported by the civic authority of Roma Capitale: works started


AIOMI, the Movement for Videogame Culture, announces the starting of the final works for the realization of the first real Videogame Museum, VIGAMUS - The Video Game Museum of Rome, which will open to the public on October 20th, 2012.

Supported by the civic authority of Roma Capitale and located in the centre of Rome, in a space of about 1,000 square meters, VIGAMUS is the first real Videogame Museum in Italy. VIGAMUS will offer a permanent exhibition which will tell the story of Videogames, promoting them as a form of art and culture thanks to seminars, conventions and thanks to the collaboration with the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. Moreover, to the interactive room, it will be possible to play again the old titles on console or PC, and have a look straight into the future with the new futuristic technologies of the videogames world.

The first Videogame Museum in Italy is finally coming”, says Raoul Carbone, CEO of VIGAMUS. “I believe that October 20th will be a very important day for all the Italian gamers”.

VIGAMUS will become an important center for the promotion of the Videogame culture”, added Marco Accordi Rickards and Eliana Bentivegna, Director and Scientific Responsible of VIGAMUS. “Thanks to the participation of EFGAMP, the European federation of museums, archives and projects for the preservation of videogames, the Museum will be part of an important European network”.