vrijdag, mei 04, 2012


The Realm of Managore had started to change in the last month and this was noticeable to its inhabitants. The changes were gradual, but were important and this made the folk even more aware of them. With every passing day the curiosity of the people, as to what will happen, grew. The fear of the unknown had started to turn in to curiosity and expectation for the unexpected.

It all began one late afternoon, when even the last to rise inhabitant of the realm had heard the chilling news. The time was near when brave warriors would leave for the dragon’s cave in a hunt for his head. After a few days of preparation all the guilds entered the adventure. Nine keepers stood in the way between the warriors and the dragon. Natural selection took its course and only one guild continued on the road to greatness.

The cave was no longer guarded and one after the other all entered – Orcs, then Elves, then Undead. All other guilds were gathering around in wait for the outcome of the battle. All were hoping that the land will finally be free from the tyranny of Managore. After days and nights of fighting and many turns of events, finally the first of the victors started leaving the cave. They had freed the realm and had the dragon’s head to prove it. It suddenly became clear to everyone that life will be better from now on. Managore has always been the rules of this land and it was inevitable that a new one will rise to power. This end set a new begging for a land where things will never be the same again.

And so welcome to a new Managore realm – where fantasy can become reality, where there are evil adversaries and good friends, where nothing is the same.
The Guilds now have their own levels and specialties that affect the development of each member.

Donating resources to the Guild has become one of the main ways actively contribute to the community.

The new arena duels gives more possibilities, more assets and most importantly – more fun.

Now you will have a new option available – to compete for weekly rankings as well as round rankings. And there are six of them, ranging from “most battle points gained as attacker” to “most resources spent on buildings”.

Of course, this is only a small part of what is waiting for you in the realm of Managore. Join now and be a part of the magic!