dinsdag, februari 21, 2012

Fetish Project 27

Like every beginning of the year, there are many changes! Fetish Project’s organizers separate, Bosk quits the organization of Fetish Project but don’t worry the parties will continue with Salem!
On this occasion, the next party scheduled on 3rd March 2012 will be Bosk’s farewell party.
Come in mass for this quite special first party of 2012!
We announce now the Fetish Project 27, which will take place on March 3rd
On this occasion we will expose Eric Bonzi
You can pencil in March 3rd in your agendas as of now!
The expo will be held from 18:00 to 21:00 in free access on the boat and will start back up with a part of party at 22H00.
The party will finish at 6H00.
There will be no presales available in the afternoon on the boat thought to buy places in our many partners(more infos are available on the webpage on the subject).
Attention!!! the strict dress code will be applied some exceptions are finished. To have a pre-sale does not exempt you from the respect for the dress code.
For more informations, consult the forum and other parts of our website.
For all Parisians,Book your « Thalys » as soon as possible for rates interressants!
No « Thalys Night » for Paris!!!!
For germans, don’t forget the Thalys from 19 Euro Köln-Bxl ou Aachen-BLX