zaterdag, mei 28, 2011

Martian Fighting Machine

Eureka Miniatures are pleased to welcome a new range from our associates at Ozbattler - who are entering the world of miniature gaming with their first range of models. Victorian Science Fiction is a weird and wonderful mix of 19th century Victorian history and strange science, where steam-powered flying machines and landships battle with evil invaders from another world. Ozbattler's first release is their iconic Martian Fighting Machine. This is a huge resin-and-metal model kit that, when completed, stands around 440mm/16 inches high - towering over the battlefield, dealing death and destruction with its heat ray, or smashing man, beast, and steam-tank with its whip-like tentacles.
 Customers should note that, like many resin-and-white-metal composite models, this kit requires some drilling and pinning, and surface finishing. It is therefore only recommended for experienced modellers. (It is not recommended for children - unless assisted by an experienced adult.) To see what is required in the construction, you can check out and download the Building the Martian Fighting Machine instructions PDF for free from the Ideas section of the Eureka website. The PDF also includes painting ideas and some suggested stats for using the Fighting Machine under the popular G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. miniature game rules.
Ozbattler also offer a model of the Martian creatures who pilot the Fighting Machines: repulsive, multi-tentacle cephalopod creatures, soon to come slithering into your worst Victorian nightmares! So now is the time to man the barricades across the High Street or join the freedom fighters in the sewers. The Martian Fighting Machines are coming, and their unearthly war cries are echoing around your once peaceful towns and villages. "Uuuuullllllaaaaaa!!!!"
Here are the catalog details for the new miniatures in the current release:

NEW Martian Fighting Machine (for 28mm figures) & Martian

Designed and sculpted by Neil Hughes of Ozbattler

100SCI01 - Martian Fighting Machine (stands c.400mm tall)
100SCI02 - Martian Cephalopod (multi-part resin model)