dinsdag, januari 18, 2011

Post-apocalyptic Tintin

Steven Spielbergs' movie about Tintin (Kuifje) isn't in cinemas yet, so if you can't wait till then to get your hands upon some very speial Tintin-stuff, then try these 28mm wargame miniatures based upon Tintin (Kuifje), Milou (Bobby,) Professeur Tournesol (Professor Zonnebloem), Dupont & Dupond (Jansen & Janssen) and the one and only Capitaine Haddock (Kapitein Haddock).
Duizend bommen & granaten!

The pulp adventure postapocalyptic look (the bowler hat Dupond/ts even almost steampunk-look) of the team works great & we can only hope they will survive their expedition to mutant land.

Expedition to Mutant Land (6)
This pack contains six lead miniatures (28mm scale).
[PA-10] 16.95EUR
[incl. 19% Tax excl. Shipping]

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