zaterdag, februari 20, 2010

Kingdom Death Twilight Knight Pin-Up

The Twilight Knight Pin-Up miniature is a brand-new sculpt, based on voluptuously re-imagined artwork of the Twilight Knight character class.
Artwork by Lokman Lam, whom is pretty much a god when it comes to his sexy ladies!

The miniature was sculpted in 3D by Jon-Troy Nickel. (He also sculpted the White Speaker.)

The Twilight Knights stand on the edge of the known world, their dreams sacrificed for strength to fight the darkness.
The Kingdom Death Pin-Up Collection is a series of playfully re-imagined sculpts of the Kingdom Death character classes.

Priced at $25 USD, the Twilight Knight Pin-Up includes:

•High quality resin miniature, 37mm to the eyes
•Kingdom Death base
•6" x 4" matte print on cardstock
•Bonus! 11" x 17" poster of the beautiful pin-up artwork (while supplies last)