donderdag, februari 11, 2010

1$ Adventures - Night at the Expo

Publisher: Tabletop Armory, LLC
A famous explorer has returned to New York to host an expo of his findings from across the world. But neither he nor his discoveries are what they appear to be. Having to decide whether or not to trust a mysterious Indian spy, the party must prevent a traitor from delivering new weapons of mass destruction to Nazi agents before they are lost forever! The party of heroes must contend with friend and foe alike in this exciting and fast-paced pulp adventure.
Welcome to $1 USD Adventures!
$1 USD Adventures are a new, convenient, and affordable option for GMs to prepare their next session with as little preparation as possible. By providing an adventure set up, options for players, and rich backgrounds for deeper exploration of the plot, $1 USD Adventures leave only the choice of which gaming system to use.

Usable in any campaign or as a single session game, these adventures are perfect for any group that needs the freedom to operate outside the normal procedure of following a scripted tale. The events and story line inside $1 USD Adventures are guidelines to how the story might play out, and each point in the adventure can and should be played out, bypassed, visited later, or forgotten completely based on the flow and the actions of the players.

$1 USD Adventures give the GM the freedom to plan ahead easily, players the freedom to explore a world bigger than any scripted tale, and the group the freedom to experience the adventure using the game system of choice.

Roll up characters, break out the dice, and welcome to the world of "anything goes" adventuring

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