vrijdag, januari 08, 2010

Mantis Stalkers

Khurasan Miniatures is pleased to release the Mantis Stalkers, mantis-men who are the latest unit in their 15mm science-fiction line.

When the aquatics of the Pelagic Dominate invade a terrestrial planet, they will often first bombard it with thousands of drop pods filled with mindless entomalian predators to sow confusion in the defender's ranks. They care not if these terrestrial beasts are wiped out; they are only so much airsucking fodder for the undersea empire.

Mantis Stalkers are the weapon of choice for broken ground or cities, or for night bombardments. Incredibly patient and stealthy, changing colour to match the environment, these animals will often stalk the same creature for days, unseen, until finally springing on it and grasping it in its vice-like claws, as the razor-sharp mandibles immediately set to work severing its spinal cord.

We've had them painted in a light olive colour for display of the sculpts, but mantids come in an amazing variety of pattern and shades, and these will be fun to paint as well as game with.

Available now in the Pelagic Dominate line.
Sculpted by Ben Siens, painted by Chris Yaro