woensdag, april 27, 2011

Northlands sourcebook for Pathfinder

The Open Design sourcebook for adventures in the icy north is causing impressionable youths to wear furry hats and quaff from horns.
Okay, so maybe it's not having that strong an effect. But we're seeing some great reviews for Northlands:
An innovative treatment of the Northlands for Midgard inspired by Norse and Viking myth flavoured with steppe Russian, Finnish and Inuit culture. Being a bit of a Norse snob, this was a joy to read and as usual if you can't use it all, then you can certainly plunder the choice bits of this hoard.
- Fame and Fortune
Northlands is an excellent example of Open Design at its finest. Whether you like to personally craft your campaign world, or use completely pre-packaged settings, you will find plenty of value in this publication.
- Review on the Paizo Store
If you ever want to include a viking culture in your game, you need this product. Brilliant, brilliant stuff. My highest possible rating.
- Review on the Paizo Store
Northlands does for the North what Oriental Adventures did for the East.
- Mordicai Caeli
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