donderdag, september 23, 2010

The werewolf-mummy from the Black Lagoon

The Werewolf-Mummy from the Black Lagoon is the first viable monster to come from the Mark II Monstermixer, successfully melding the strengths and mitigating the weaknesses of component creatures. The WMftBL combines great agility with invulnerability to most conventional weapons, good resistance to fire, rotenone, wolfsbane and both gypsy and early dynastic period Egyptian curses, reads hieroglyphics fluently, and can breathe underwater. In his spare time, he enjoys preparing gourmet sushi, yodeling, and collecting canopic jars. One distressing peculiarity is an irrepressible impulse to abduct nubile females after which he becomes hopelessly befuddled, unable to decide whether to drag them off to a crypt, a submarine cavern, or just into the nearest stand of spooky woods.

The WMftBL serves in the renown 'Almost Invisible Silent Scary Guys' commando as executive officer.

It should be available in November from
Thunderbolt Mountain.

A word about Noraland army organization:
Magical Ballerina Fairy Princesses are organized into 'Cliques' (regiments/squadrons) of at least three and rarely mustering as many as 20, with the average being about six. The commander, 'Most Popular Magical Ballerina Fairy Princess' or MPMBFP, her executive officer 'Bestest Bestest Friend' (BBF) and a number of Lieutenants 'Best Friends' (BFs). Regiments are distinguished by the color and to some degree the cut of their outfits, though there is individual variation. Famous old Cliques such as the 'Twyla Tharp's Own Interpretative Border Rievers' have long histories and traditions. Commanding officers are generally distinguished by a feather boa and rhinestone-encrusted sunglasses.