zaterdag, april 17, 2010

Nippon Codes conference @ BIFFF

If you hear every day that globalization is a pandemic sweeping everything away in its path, you might think that the world is just a small village. As if we were just clones, ideologically programmed by an gigantic PR machine that makes us believe that we might be thousands of miles apart, but that we are all equal in our inability to be unique.

Well, forget all this crap ! Do you know just one Western country where you have to bend at thirty degrees to salute ? Where you shiver just thinking about sleeping with your head pointing towards the north ? Where the toilet bowl measures your blood pressure and where your blood type is necessary on your CV? Ha ! That’s way more exotic than the carnival in Rio, isn’t it? Therefore, dear gaijins, if you want to learn more about the codes of the land of the rising sun, torn between modernity and ancestral traditions, split between Shintoïsm and karaoke, seppuku and sushi, our “Nippon Codes” conference is just the thing for you !

DATE: Sunday April 18th - 19h45
LOCATION: Tour & Taxis, Brussels
EVENT: Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival

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