donderdag, april 08, 2010

Arena Games - gladiatorial combat

Publisher: Arena Games
You stand in the dark. You have your sword ready. You can hear the faint murmur of the crowd in the background. Ah yes, the crowd. That blood thirsty collection of pathetic excuses for human beings. Hard to believe that your life may hang in the balance. The decision of whether you live or die may lie with that crowd. Suddenly, trumpets blast. The gate is raised, and you walk out into the sunlight. As you do the crowds murmur turns into a roar beyond description! This is it. All your training will be tested today. You can feel your adrenaline begin to pump. You can't wait to get the first blow in. Suddenly, it all becomes clear and you decide that you will kill! Kill or die!

Arena Games, Gladiatorial Combat simulates Roman gladiator combat. Combat can be an individual one-on-one fight between two gladiators, a fight between two or more gladiators per side, or gladiators against wild beasts.

Price: $15.00 USD
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