donderdag, april 22, 2010

Doomsday 1949

Check out the first pre-release from an extensive alternative history, mech-inspired, pulp-adventure range from Doomsday 1949, part of th increasingely popular Secrets of the Third Reich game.

These new releases are available now to pre-order on the West Wind website - - and will be released on the 10th May.

"If you are planning on being at Salute, you can pick them up early as we will have some pre-release stock on the stand, so call over early to pick up your goodies."

R-DOOM01 Nayk Spider Mech (1) RRP £40.00
GBPG-DOOM01 Wolverine (1) RRP £15.00
GBPUS-DOOM01 U.S. Jet Rangers (5) RRP £15.00 G
BPUS-DOOM01 Crash Dixon U.S. Character (1) RRP £5.00
GBPB-DOOM01 Clive Goddard British Character RRP £5.00 GBP