donderdag, maart 04, 2010

Clover: A Curious Tale

Clover: A Curious Tale – Now Available Completely Free!

Despite being available to purchase for the meagre sum of £5.99/€6.99/$9.99 through GamersGate, GetGames and (with more to be announced), players can now perform the equivalent of stealing a sleeping tramp’s shoes by downloading any one of the COMPLETELY FREE pirate copies of Binary Tweed’s Clover: A Curious Tale now floating around the internet.

A free demo of Clover: A Curious Tale (released yesterday) can be downloaded from, for those old-fashioned consumers who are still worried about both the abstract capitalist construct of money and the frankly ridiculous notion of intellectual property.

I thought having a free demo available at was pretty neat, but to find we’ve got all these extra distribution partners that we didn’t even know about helping to spread the game is just great,” commented Binary Tweed head honcho Deejay, adding “it’s touching to think that whilst these people could be saving the masses money by illegally distributing AAA full-price blockbusters, they’ve taken the time and care to rip off a budget indie title.”

Players hell-bent on handing over their meaningless tokens of value at a growing number of outlets can purchase the game right now from outlets including GamersGate, GetGames and, with at least four more partners in the pipeline.

Regardless of whether they pay or not, players can expect:
• Hours of puzzle-solving, the likes of which not seen since the Dizzy series
• An adventure taken at the player’s own pace – no lives, health bars or continues
• Over 175Mb of hand-crafted watercolour artwork
• 30+ minutes of original and re-arranged piano soundtrack
• Side quest leading to one of four playable epilogues
• Unlockable artwork gallery