maandag, december 24, 2012

Elsword: the Cornwell Knight

Latest update introduces new class for Elsword and begins the Christmas and New Year events
In celebration of the second anniversary of Elsword in Europe, Gameforge is releasing a new class for the game's namesake character. Further classes for the remaining heroes will also be released in the coming months. Additionally, the Christmas events, complete with attractive rewards for all players, start with immediate effect.

The Cornwell Knight – two raised swords in hallelujah

During his adventures, Elsword comes into possession of a magical item that gives him new strength. With this 'Cornwell', he is able to materialise a sword that does him great service in the battles against the overwhelming hordes of monsters. From level 15, Elsword has two swords at his disposal with the Cornwell Knight class. Powerful new skills help him to defend against monsters as well as human opponents.

Sword Fall causes swords to rain down from the sky and deal a hefty blow to enemies. The passive skill Sagacious Counterattack it is even easier to deal crushing hits on opponents, as now there is the possibility of defending an attack with both swords at the same time and then following it up with a lightning-fast counter strike.

Images of the Cornwell Knight and his unique skills are available in a new trailer:

Elsword YouTube Channel

Rena, Aisha, Raven, Chung and Eve will all receive their new classes in further updates during the coming weeks. To celebrate the introduction of the new classes, there are plenty of events taking place which will reward all adventures with useful items.

Christmas party on Elios

Just in time for the festival of love, the Christmas tree has been decorated and adventures wait impatiently for the chance to open their presents. For the Christmas period and the new year there are events on Elios that will reward players with attractive and rare gifts. Additionally, Christmas party outfits, Santa hats as well as the pets 'Christmas Treeknight' and 'Treeknight (Santa Claus)' will all be available.

About Elsword
The MMO Elsword impresses with its unique mix of 2D side-scrolling and role-play in an anime style. This two gameplay traditions are fused together in Elsword to form a unique and dynamic gaming experience. The exciting story centres around the mythical Eldrit stone, from which the continent of Elios draws its energy. Eight masters protect it; creatures such as the machine-like Nasod even derive their life-force from it. One day, the stone shattered and the pieces were strewn across the entire world. Now the task of uniting the stone once more and ensuring the survival of Elios lies in the hands of the players. In over 35 dungeons, the players must fight their way through an exciting world full of action, magic and adventure. Elsword is already wowing European players in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Poland.