vrijdag, oktober 26, 2012

28mm WWII Japanese Zombies

Gears & Guts Announce World's 1st 28mm WWII Japanese Zombie Figures

As if snipers, jungle rot, and Banzai charges weren't enough, now a new menace shambles into the PTO, searching the jungles for new prey – beware the Zonbibanzai Kōgeki!!
Lurching from the jungles of the Pacific and SE Asia just in time for a Tropical Halloween, these 28mm WWII Japanese zombies serve their Emperor to the death... and beyond!!
Visit the Gears & Guts store at Company B to start building your Japanese zombie horde.

28mm WWII Japanese Zombies

Staggering from the jungles of the Pacific, these troops continuously prowl their former battlegrounds for fresh victims.
$18 USD metal Japanese zombie miniatures (4)

28mm Japanese Fighter Pilot & Zombie

Spared from the flaming wreckage of his Zero, he now struggles to survive in the Jungle against the Zombie hordes. Both human and zombie version in the two-figure pack
$12 USD resin Japanese zombie miniatures (2)

28mm Japanese Zombie Heads

Spare heads for your Japanese zombies. Create a unique horde with our current zombies, or use them to convert other miniatures into zombies!
$3 USD metal zombie heads (5)

Gears & Guts designs and produces high quality, 1:56th scale Weird War II Gear Krieg combat walkers and related figures under license fromDream Pod 9, as well as original, alternate, 28mm Weird War II figures and accessories, and Late War weapons and figures. Gear Krieg is the original genre-making Weird War II setting. Gears & Guts figures and kits are being produced through a partnership with Company B and South Bay Miniatures.
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