donderdag, juli 12, 2012

Meso-Nai Reach Force

Khurasan Miniatures: We are very pleased to release the first 15mm codes of our fanatically xenophobic alien species, the Meso-Nai. These creatures, very slightly shorter than humans, vaguely resemble the salamanders of Old Earth, and indeed can live both above water and below. They wear heavy, bulky power armor, and are armed with lethal photon rifles.
The members of their society that have embraced technology, the Meso-Nai Reach Force, have spread out into their sector of the galaxy to take what their God, Urodela, has granted them – domination of a universe in which they are the sole sentient life form. When they do eventually find other sentients, the Meso-Nai do not process this information well… not well at all.
The first set  is a commander (with his helmet off so that one can see what lies beneath!) and a photon cannoneer, bearing a section heavy weapon much more powerful than the photon rifle. This set has two of each model.
Above is the second set, the section's troopers armed with photon rifles. This set has five unique poses.
Some Meso-Nai have not embraced technology, and continue to live in a state of savagery. There is no stigma to this in Meso-Nai society. Therefore, the line also includes the codes of our fantasy Salamen, for that is indeed what the Meso-Nai are – sci-fi Salamen who are slightly mental!
The Meso-Nai like their armored vehicles equally heavy and well protected. These are being cast now – the Grampus, an infantry carrier, and the Hellbender, a tank. Both will be available in tracked or anti-grav configuration.
The first codes are available now, at the link below. There's also lots more information about their history and culture. Happy gaming!