zondag, januari 29, 2012

Federal Defence Force Exterminator infantry

Khurasan Miniatures is very pleased to follow up the very popular Federal Defence Force "Exterminator" infantry with two more sets for these xeno-stompers, a platoon support set and a robot machinegun. 
The platoon support set has six figures – a lieutenant, hopefully having combat missions under his belt as well as simulations; a sniper in a semi-ghillie suit and armed with a special rifle; two missile launchers; and two armor-piercing plasma rifles, to even the score with those big, tough xenos.

Nothing puts a chill down the spine of an Exterminator like pesky bugs coming around their flank or rear, and so the robotic machinegun (RMG) is the Exterminator's best friend. Folding up into a carry-crate easily handled by two Exterminators, the gun can be deployed to fire in one of two modes – either targeting anything that moves in a certain cone to the weapon's front, or employing its IFF setting which recognizes friends from foes, although this has a longer reaction time.