vrijdag, maart 25, 2011

Heroes of Lost Saga

In Lost Saga, players can control powerful Heroes from a range of different cultures and use their abilities to defeat enemies. More than 20 Heroes will be available at the launch of the European version of the game on the 25th of March, and dozens more added in the weeks and months following. For now, let us introduce 4 of them :


The Musketeer may appear to lay low at the rear of the battleground, but he is in fact using the long range of his rifle to take out his enemies from a distance. His sharpshooter skills allow him to deal an enormous amount of damage using a single shot in the head, but he can also defend himself with his sword when attacked at close range.

Justice Defender

Justice Defender is always at the forefront of the battle, using his shield to protect him. He can use his abilities at their best when backed by teammates using ranged attacks, and while tights might be cliché, he always saves the day!

Iron Knight

Equipped with a mighty sword and heavy armor, Iron Knight is another frontline fighter, using his Triple Slash and Headbutt skills to disorient the enemy, then rushing his teammates to finish them with his Haste Aura. These combinations make the Iron Knight a strong opponent difficult to overcome.
Robin Hood
Robin Hood is one of the fastest and most agile Heroes available, always tumbling through the air shooting deadly arrows. He needs to be able to move around to be at his best, but can also knock down multiple foes at once with his Multi-Shot skill when threatened.

These are just a few examples of Heroes in Lost Saga, and many more will be available at launch on the 24th of March, including the Viking Raider, Crazy Sapper and the Space Trooper! Lost Saga will be available for free on http://lostsaga.ogplanet.com/eu/, so don’t forget to register and secure your headstart for the launch of the game!

About Lost Saga

Lost Saga is an action-packed online fighting game featuring a huge collection of Heroes inspired by fantasy, science-fiction and history, all coming to life in an all-out brawl for the ages! Up to 16 players can battle it out with their friends and foes across multiple maps, various game modes, guild battles and more. With 28 customizable Heroes to choose from and over 100 new Heroes planned, Lost Saga will always have something new and exciting to offer players. More information is available on the official website at http://lostsaga.ogplanet.com/eu/ .