zondag, maart 03, 2013

Free Download: Old Prison Floorplan

Publisher: DramaScape

DramaScape Free Volume 11

The Old Prison is a full-color, 48" x 30" floorplan of an old prison, with hex, square and 'no' overlay.
This product includes the VTT files for online play.

Includes a 360° view of the map.
Game Masters need quality maps for their miniatures. DramaScape is committed to bringing Game Masters the maps they need.
This module includes a single map of a grass field with dirt paths leading to an old prison. This product includes a 360 panoramic view from the middle of the hexagonal prison courtyard.
This product is intended for use in fantasy games. It can also be a site that needs investigated in a Horror game, possibly with ghosts of the wrongfully imprisoned haunting the area.
The old prison has long been abandoned. An underground-dwelling creature entered the prison from below and slaughtered many of the prisoners before being sealed in below the grate by the prison guards. The prison guards left with the surviving prisoners, and they were transferred to another prison location.
The souls of those prisoners sealed in with the monster are said to still haunt the area. The local mayor has offered a reward to anyone who can stopthe wailing of the dead in this area, perhaps by entering the old prison, opening the grate, and removing the corpses of the dead beneath for a proper burial. Some complications could be a cult that worships the creature beneath the old prison and offer it sacrifices which have kept it alive.

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