maandag, april 09, 2012

Iron Sky arcade shooter

Moon-Nazis attacking – Call-Up of brave heroes for a unique video game operation under an “Iron Sky”!

Attacking UFOs have been spotted all over the Globe! Eyewitnesses have given account of the unbelievable: The deadly flying saucers are steered by Nazis! There is no doubt: The Fourth Reich is invading our beloved Earth from the dark side of the moon. And there is only one pilot brave enough to defeat them all: YOU!

So, get ready! The Fourth Reich is here!

Help us and kick some Nazi arses! Join Up the battle: All you need is aniPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Then surf to this link to get your personal “Iron Sky: The Arcade Shooter”-App:

With it, you can dive right into the twisted universe of the movie blockbuster IRON SKY – a lot of dark humor and great dogfights included!

Board your space craft, load your ammo and go on your final mission to finish the German henchmen Klaus Adler and Wolfgang Kortzfleisch. But only withuber-awesome skills and sturdy cannon fire, you’ll be able to stand up to assault these Aryans and save mankind from the worst dystopia ever!

The earth needs your help! Fulfill your duty in the fight against thousands of Nazi UFO-squadrons, monstrous Nazi zeppelins or dangerous Nazi bells. You will rise above our burning cities into a hazardous air fight in the clouds, the towering inferno of shooting flying saucers all around you. Prevent the Nazis of laying our mother Earth in ashes and ban the Reichsmacht of becoming the uber-power of a very dark future! To accomplish this important mission, we have also equipped your space craft with an enthralling soundtrack by music legends LAIBACH to boost you on your way!

Only with an unheard flight performance and a fast trigger finger you’ll be able to break the Nazis to pieces and defeat their ultimate victory once and for all! The meteor blitzkrieg has begun. From now on, you’ll give laser shoots for laser shoots.

Iron Sky: The Arcade Shooter – Features

  • Action-packed Shoot’em Up
  • Officially licensed game in the universe of the movie blockbuster IRON SKY
  • With the original soundtrack by music icons LAIBACH (coming soon)
  • Intuitive navigation with a virtual joystick
  • Nazi flying saucers, Nazi zeppelins, Nazi bells – destroy all of them!
  • Elude savaging squadrons, destroy dangerous turrets and combat cruel endboss
  • Collect valuable power ups!
  • Rise above the city for even more terrifying dogfights!

SEE the movie IRON SKY 
on April 14th 2012 8PM 
at the BIFFF (Tour& Taxis, Brussels BE)