dinsdag, november 30, 2010

Blimp: The Flying Adventures (PS3)

Blimp: The Flying Adventures” release date and goodies

Prague, 30th November, Grip Games and Craneballs Studios announce that their long-awaited platformer game Blimp: The Flying Adventures is going to be released for PlayStation®3 system and PSP® system via the PlayStation®Store on December 7th in the North America and December 8th in Europe.

To get the players ready for this winter’s biggest adventure, everyone can now enjoy Blimp goodies that are free for download from Grip Games’ Facebook pages.

Blimp PS3® and PSP® wallpapers are there to download together with Blimp’s massive original soundtrack.

Originally released for iPhone, Blimp: The Flying Adventures puts the player in the shoes of a war veteran Zed Pelin, who has to once more get his hands dirty when a malevolent empire attacks a small, independent planet.
The player must help the resistance movement by transporting passengers and goods, placing bombs, protecting valuable targets and, of course, decimating the enemy forces using the blimp’s airstrike attack.

The game contains 20 beautiful, hand-drawn, levels scattered around dark forests, mines, red rocks and snowy mountains. This, together with an original soundtrack and blimp’s innovative flight mechanics, create an experience like no other.

Get ready to take off for an adventure!